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Lieutenant-General Sir Archibald Edward Nye

GCSI (1947), GCMG (1951), GCIE (1946), KCB (1946; CB 1942), KBE (1944), MC           

Born  23.04.1895  (Dublin, Ireland)
Died  13.11.1967

Education: Duke of York's School, Dover; Staff College, Camberley (1924-1925)
07.10.1914                      enlisted in ranks
05.12.1915 commissioned, Leinster Regiment
WWI served, 3rd Battalion Leinster Regiment (France & Belgium 1.4.1915-9.5.1916, 5.12.1916-1.1.1917, 21.6.1918-11.11.1918) (from 3.8.1917-... A/Capt.)
18.03.1917-20.11.1917 Adjutant, Special Reserve
13.01.1919-11.01.1922 Adjutant, Leinster Regiment (A/Capt.)
01.05.1926-30.04.1928 General Staff Officer 3rd grade (GSO3), RAF Co-operation Aldershot (UK)
01.05.1928-30.04.1930 Brigade Major, Eastern Command (UK)
14.04.1931-31.07.1932 General Staff Officer 2nd grade (GSO2), War Office (London, UK)
01.08.1932-31.12.1935 General Staff Officer 2nd grade (GSO2), Staff College (Camberley, UK) (to 30.6.1934 local Lt.Col.)
10.12.1936-22.11.1937 General Staff Officer 2nd grade (GSO2), Directorate of Military Training, War Office (London, UK)
23.11.1937-00.00.1939 Commanding Officer, 2nd Battalion The Royal Warwickshire Regiment (Aldershot, UK)
05.05.1939-19.05.1939 specially employed (local Brig.)
20.05.1939-06.01.1940 Commander, Nowshera Brigade (India) (T/Brig.)
05.02.1940-31.10.1940 Deputy Director of Staff Duties, War Office (London, UK) (from 5.2.1940-31.10.1941 T/Brig.)
01.11.1940-04.12.1941 Director of Staff Duties, War Office (London, UK) (from 1.11.1940-31.10.1941 A/Maj.Gen., from 1-17.11.1941 T/Maj.Gen.)
05.12.1941-00.00.1946 Vice­Chief of the Imperial General Staff (London, UK) (from 5.12.1941-4.12.1942 A/Lt.Gen., from 5.12.1942-13.9.1944 T/Lt.Gen.)
29.03.1946 retired

00.00.1932 Barrister­at­law, Inner Temple
05.05.1946-00.00.1948 Governor of Madras [appointed 28.11.1945]
00.08.1948-00.00.1952 High Commissioner for the UK in India
00.00.1952-23.05.1956 High Commissioner for the UK in Canada
-00.00.1967 Colonel, Madras Regiment
a Rhodes Trustee
Director, Royal Bank of Canada

05.12.1915 2nd Lieutenant
05.09.1916 Lieutenant
02.08.1922 Lieutenant [Royal Warwickshire Regiment]
20.06.1923 Captain
01.07.1930 Brevet/Major
08.09.1935 Major [The Prince of Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire)]
01.07.1934 Brevet/Lieutenant-Colonel
23.11.1937 Lieutenant-Colonel [Royal Warwickshire Regiment]
20.05.1939 (sen. 01.07.1937) Colonel
18.11.1941 Major-General
14.09.1944 Lieutenant-General

Decorations WWI: 1914-1915 Star; British War Medal; Victory Medal; Military Cross; WWII: Companion of the Order of the Bath (1942); Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (1944); Post-war: Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (1946); Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire (1946); Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Star of India (1947); Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (1951)
Honours: Hon. DCL Bishop's University; Hon. LLD McGill, Toronto and McMaster Universities; Freeman of City of Ottawa
Papers: Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975