Divisional information
Divisional troops
Command Posts

Divisional information

Activated 03.06.1940
Arrived ETO 28.01.1944
Arrived Continent (D-day) 06.06.1944
Entered Combat 06.06.1944

Days in Combat 299
Prisoners of War Taken 75377

Casualties (Tentative)
Killed 4488
Wouded 16985
Missing 860
Captured 121
Battle Casualties 22454
Non Battle Casualties 13091
Total Casualties 35545
Percent of T/O Strength 252.3%

Individual Awards


Commanding General (CG)

28.01.1944 Maj.-Gen. Raymond O. Barton
18.09.1944 Brig.-Gen. Harold W. Blakeley
21.09.1944 Maj.-Gen. Harold R. Bull
30.09.1944 Brig.-Gen. James A. Van Fleet
05.10.1944 Maj.-Gen. Raymond O. Barton
27.12.1944 Brig.-Gen. Harold W. Blakeley
18.03.1945 Maj.-Gen. Harold W. Blakeley

Assistant Division Commander
28.01.1944 Brig.-Gen. Henry A. Barber
09.07.1944 Col. George A. Taylor
01.08.1944 Brig.-Gen. George A. Taylor
19.09.1944 Brig.-Gen. James A. Van Fleet (acting)
10.10.1944 Col. James S. Rodwell
07.12.1944 Brig.-Gen. James S. Rodwell

Artillery Commander
28.01.1944 Brig.-Gen. Harold W. Blakeley
28.12.1944 Col. Richard T. Guthrie

Chief of Staff
28.01.1944 Col. James S. Rodwell
02.07.1944 Lt.-Col. Richard S. Marr
28.07.1944 Col. Richard S. Marr

Assistant Chief of Staff G-1
28.01.1944 Maj. William E. Walkup
15.03.1944 Lt.-Col. Garlen R. Bryant

Assistant Chief of Staff G-2
28.01.1944 Lt.-Col. Harry F. Hansen

Assistant Chief of Staff G-3
28.01.1944 Lt.-Col. Orlando C. Troxel (Jr.)
13.07.1944 Maj. David B. Goodwin
16.07.1944 Lt.-Col. David B. Goodwin
31.08.1944 Maj. John L. Delaney
27.09.1944 Lt.-Col. John L. Delaney
10.04.1945 Lt.-Col. Dee W. Stone

Assistant Chief of Staff G-4
28.01.1944 Lt.-Col. Richard S. Marr
02.07.1944 Maj. Guy O. Deyoung (Jr.)
20.10.1944 Lt.-Col. Guy O. Deyoung

Assistant Chief of Staff G-5
10.04.1944 Maj. Philip A. Hart (Jr.)
31.05.1944 Lt.-Col. Dee W. Stone

Adjutant General
28.01.1944 Lt.-Col. Garlen R. Bryant
15.05.1944 Maj. George H. Garde
28.08.1944 Maj. Frank C. Castagnetto
28.09.1944 Lt.-Col. Frank C. Castagnetto

Divisional troops


8th Infantry Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
12th Infantry Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
22nd Infantry Regiment 00.00.0000-00.00.0000

Field Artillery (FA)
29th FA Battalion (105mm Howizter) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
42nd FA Battalion (105mm Howizter) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
44th FA Battalion (105mm Howizter) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
20th FA Battalion (155mm Howizter) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000

Other troops
4th Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized) 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
4th Quartermaster Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
4th Engineer Combat Battalion 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
4th Medical Battalion 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
4th Signal Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
704th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
Band 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
Headquarters Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
Military Police Platoon 00.00.0000-00.00.0000


Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA)
377th AAA AW Battalion (Mobile) 14.06.1944-22.03.1945 & 23.03.1945-27.03.1945 & 06.04.1945-09.05.1945
B Battery, 453rd AAA AW Battalion (Mobile) 18.06.1944-03.07.1944
129th AAA Gun Battalion (Mobile) 09.07.1944-10.07.1944
D Battary, 129th AAA Gun Battalion (Mobile) 11.07.1944-15.07.1944
B Battery, 413th AAA AW Battalion (SP) 30.07.1944-05.08.1944
A & B Batteries, 486th AAA AW Battalion (SP) 30.07.1944-05.08.1944

899th Tank Battalion (less one Company) 07.06.1944-08.06.1944 & 14.06.1944-28.06.1944
Task Force Barber, 6th Armored Group 09.06.1944-12.06.1944
70th Tank Battalion (less C Company) 09.06.1944-13.06.1944
70th Tank Battalion (less one Platoon) 13.06.1944-16.06.1944
70th Tank Battalion 18.06.1944-16.07.1944 & 10.07.1944-10.03.1945 & 20.03.1945-21.03.1945 & 27.03.1945-09.05.1945
CC Boudinot, 3rd Armored Division 30.07.1944-05.08.1944
33rd Armored Regiment, 3rd Armored Division 30.07.1944-05.08.1944
759th Tank Battalion 11.08.1944-21.08.1944
3rd Armored Group (less 741st Tank Battalion) 30.08.1944-07.09.1944
CC A, 5th Armored Division 02.09.1944-03.09.1944
D Company, 10th Tank Battalion, 5th Armored Division 06.10.1944-13.10.1944
C Company, 709th Tank Battalion 21.11.1944-02.12.1944
A Company, 5th Armored Division 29.11.1944-12.12.1944
C Company, 774th Tank Battalion 03.12.1944-07.12.1944
B Company, 774th Tank Battalion 07.12.1944-10.12.1944
A Company, 19th Tank Battalion 16.12.1944-17.12.1944
B Company, 737th Tank Battalion 21.12.1944-23.12.1944
Task Force Rhino 07.03.1944-10.03.1944
C Company, 772nd Tank Battalion 09.04.1945-18.04.1945

4th Cavalry Group 16.06.1944-17.06.1944
F Company, 24th Cavalry Recon. Sqaudron 16.06.1944-29.06.1944
4th Cavalry Recon. Squadron 11.07.1944-15.07.1944 & 29.07.1944-31.07.1944 & 13.08.1944-14.08.1944
38th Cavalry Recon. Squadron 23.08.1944-25.08.1944 & 17.09.1944-27.09.1944
102nd Cavalry Group 23.08.1944-25.08.1944 & 05.09.1944-06.09.1944 & 10.09.1944-17.09.1944
B Troop, 102nd Cavalry Group 07.10.1944-15.10.1944
24th Cavalry Recon. Squadron 15.11.1944-05.12.1944
A & C Troops, 89th Cavalry Recon. Squadron, 9th Armored Division 07.12.1944-13.12.1944
5th Recon. Troop, 5th Infantry Division 21.12.1944-24.12.1944
101st Cavalry Group 31.03.1945-07.04.1945
101st Cavalry Recon. Squadron 31.03.1945-07.04.1945
116th Cavalry Recon. Squadron 31.03.1945-07.04.1945


87th Chemical Mortar Battalion 08.06.1944-11.06.1944 & 13.06.1944-15.06.1944
C & D Companies, 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion 18.06.1944-29.06.1944
D Company, 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion 04.07.1944-15.07.1944 & 23.11.1944-04.12.1944
B Company, 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion 20.07.1944-11.08.1944 & 14.08.1944-25.08.1944
81st Chemical SG Company 26.08.1944-19.09.1944
C Company, 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion 10.11.1944-03.12.1944
A & B Companies, 91st Chemical Mortar Battalion 22.12.1944-05.01.1945
A Company, 91st Chemical Mortar Battalion 11.01.1945-27.01.1945
99th Chemical Mortar Battalion 27.03.1945-29.03.1945 & 01.04.1945-03.04.1945
99th Chemical Mortar Battalion (less three Companies) 30.03.1945-31.03.1945
C Company, 99th Chemical Mortar Battalion 03.04.1945-19.04.1945
B Company, 99th Chemical Mortar Battalion 28.04.1945-03.05.1945

B & D Companies, 23rd Armored Engineer Battalion, 3rd Armored Division 30.07.1944-05.08.1944
1st Platoon, 9th Engineer Combat Battalion 07.08.1944-09.08.1944
15th Engineer Combat Battalion, 9th Infantry Division 08.08.1944-09.08.1944
1121st Engineer Combat Group 02.09.1944-04.02.1944
Hq & Hq Company, 1121st Engineer Combat Group 02.09.1944-04.02.1944
112th Engineer Combat Battalion 02.09.1944-04.02.1944
146th Engineer Combat Battalion 02.09.1944-04.02.1944
254th Engineer Combat Battalion 02.09.1944-04.02.1944
996th Engineer Treadway Br. Company 02.09.1944-04.02.1944
610th Engineer Light Equipment Company (less one Platoon) 02.09.1944-04.02.1944
One Platoon & Light Equipage Platoon, 502nd Engineer Light Pon. Company 02.09.1944-04.02.1944
298th Engineer Combat Battalion 10.11.1944-15.11.1944
B Company, 308th Engineer Combat Battalion, 83rd Infantry Division 03.12.1944-07.12.1944
294th Engineer Combat Battalion 23.11.1944-05.12.1944
159th Engineer Combat Battalion 16.12.1944-23.12.1944
B Company, 7th Engineer Combat Battalion, 5th Infantry Division 21.12.1944-23.12.1944
C Company, 63rd Engineer Combat Battalion, 44th Infantry Division 09.04.1945-18.04.1945

Field Artillery (FA)

13th FA Obsn. Battalion 06.06.1944-08.06.1944
B Battery, 980th FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 06.06.1944-08.06.1944 & 14.06.1944
B Battery, 65th Armored FA Battalion 06.06.1944-08.06.1944
915th FA Battalion, 90th Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 06.06.1944-08.06.1944
183rd FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 18.06.1944-21.06.1944 & 23.06.1944-24.06.1944 & 12.08.1944-17.08.1944
951st FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 06.07.1944-09.07.1944 & 27.07.1944-28.07.1944 & 09.11.1944-04.12.1944
690th FA Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 29.07.1944-01.08.1944
391st Armored FA Battalion, 3rd Armored Division 30.07.1944-05.08.1944
87th Armored FA Battalion 30.07.1944-05.08.1944
26th FA Battalion, 9th Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 07.08.1944-09.08.1944
18th FA Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 11.08.1944-13.08.1944
196th FA Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 11.08.1944-13.08.1944 & 13.10.1944-23.10.1944 & 09.11.1944-02.12.1944
186th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 26.08.1944-31.08.1944
190th FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 30.08.1944-31.08.1944
17th FA Obsn. Group 30.08.1944-31.08.1944
955th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 13.09.1944-05.10.1944
987th FA Battalion (less one Battery) (155mm Gun) 07.10.1944-28.10.1944
Hq & Hq Battery, 188th FA Group 08.11.1944-11.11.1944
172nd FA Battalion (4.5 inch Gun) 09.11.1944-04.12.1944
981st FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 09.11.1944-04.12.1944
B Battery, 285th FA Obsn. Battalion 09.11.1944-04.12.1944
323rd FA Battalion, 83rd Division (105mm Howitzer) 03.12.1944-07.12.1944
C Battery, 559th FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 07.12.1944-08.12.1944
322nd FA Battalion, 83rd Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 07.12.1944-10.12.1944
442nd FA Group 09.12.1944-22.12.1944
81st FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 09.12.1944-22.12.1944
174th FA Battalion (155mm Gun) 09.12.1944-22.12.1944
Two Batteries, 285th FA Obsn. Battalion 16.12.1944-17.12.1944
290th FA Battalion 18.12.1944-21.12.1944
Hq & Hq Battery, 285th FA Battalion 18.12.1944-22.12.1944
46th FA Battalion, 5th Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 21.12.1944-23.12.1944
66th Armored FA Battalion, 4th Armored Division 12.01.1945-30.01.1945 & 05.02.1945-23.02.1945
512th FA Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 26.01.1945
236th FA Battalion 26.01.1945
752nd FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 27.01.1945-11.02.1945
58th Armored FA Battalion 27.01.1945-11.02.1945 & 27.02.1945-05.03.1945
771st FA Battalion (4.5 inch Gun) 27.02.1945-04.03.1945
257th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 27.02.1945-06.03.1945
177th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 06.03.1945-10.03.1945
522nd FA Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 30.03.1945-09.04.1945 & 20.04.1945-24.04.1945 & 28.04.1945-03.05.1945
686th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 30.03.1945-09.04.1945
220th FA Battalion, 44th Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 09.04.1945-18.04.1945
217th FA Battalion, 44th Infantry Division (105mm Howitzer) 13.04.1945-18.04.1945
630th FA Battalion (8 inch Howitzer) 26.04.1945
969th FA Battalion (155mm Howitzer) 28.04.1945-03.05.1945


359th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division (less 2nd Battalion) 01.06.1944-11.06.1944
39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division 11.06.1944-15.06.1944
26th CT, 1st Infantry Division 29.07.1944-30.07.1944
36th Armored Infantry Regiment, 3rd Armored Division (less 3rd Battalion) 30.07.1944-05.08.1944
83rd Armored Recon. Battalion, 3rd Armored Division 30.07.1944-05.08.1944
2nd Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division 01.08.1944-25.08.1944
39th CT, 9th Infantry Division 07.08.1944-09.08.1944
2nd Platoon, 9th Recon. Troop, 9th Infantry Division 07.08.1944-09.08.1944
2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion 11.08.1944-13.08.1944
5th Ranger Infantry Battalion 11.08.1944-13.08.1944
99th Infantry Battalion 11.08.1944-13.08.1944
330th CT, 83rd Infantry Division 03.12.1944-07.12.1944
329th CT, 83rd Infantry Division 07.12.1944-10.12.1944
C Company, 52nd Armored Infantry Battalion, 9th Armored Division 07.12.1944-10.12.1944
10th CT, 5th Infantry Division 21.12.1944-23.12.1944
347th Infantry Regiment, 87th Infantry Division 14.01.1945-16.01.1945
346th Infantry Regiment, 87th Infantry Division 14.01.1945-16.01.1945
319th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division 25.01.1945-26.01.1945
318th CT, 80th Infantry Division (less 1st Battalion) 26.01.1945-25.02.1945
3rd Battalion, 317th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division 26.01.1945-25.02.1945
324th Infantry Regiment, 44th Infantry Division 09.04.1945-18.04.1945
506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division 02.05.1945-03.05.1945

Tank Destroyer (TD)

A & C Companies, 899th TD Battalion (SP) 09.06.1944-13.06.1944
801st TD Battalion (SP) 13.06.1944-08.10.1944 & 30.10.1944-08.11.1944
C Company, 634th TD Battalion (SP) 11.07.1944-13.07.1944 & 23.07.1944-13.08.1944
B & C Companies, 703rd TD Battalion (SP) (less 3rd Platoon, C Company) 30.07.1944-05.08.1944
A Company, 899th TD Battalion (SP) 08.08.1944-09.08.1944
893rd TD Battalion (SP) 23.08.1944-29.09.1944
B Company, 893rd TD Battalion (SP) 30.09.1944-15.10.1944
C Company, 893rd TD Battalion (SP) 01.10.1944-13.10.1944
A Company, 893rd TD Battalion (SP) 06.10.1944-07.10.1944 & 15.10.1944
801st TD Battalion (SP) (less B Company) 09.10.1944-15.10.1944
C Company, 801st TD Battalion (SP) 22.10.1944-29.10.1944
803rd TD Battalion (SP) 09.11.1944-25.12.1944
802nd TD Battalion (SP) 09.12.1944-27.01.1945
C Company, 808th TD Battalion (SP) 21.12.1944-23.12.1944
610th TD Battalion (SP) 25.01.1945-10.03.1945 & 17.03.1945-09.05.1945
776th TD Battalion (SP) 09.04.1945-18.04.1945


Date Assigned to Corps Assigned to Army Attached to Army Assigned to Army Group Attached to Army Group
10.01.1944   First Army   ETOUSA  
14.01.1944 V Corps First Army      
02.02.1944 VII Corps First Army      
16.07.1944 VIII Corps First Army      
19.07.1944 VII Corps First Army      
01.08.1944 VII Corps First Army   12th Army Group  
22.08.1944 V Corps First Army   12th Army Group  
08.11.1944 VII Corps First Army   12th Army Group  
07.12.1944 VIII Corps First Army   12th Army Group  
20.12.1944 III Corps Third Army   12th Army Group  
21.12.1944 XII Corps Third Army   12th Army Group  
27.01.1945 VIII Corps Third Army   12th Army Group  
10.03.1945     Seventh Army 12th Army Group 6th Army Group
20.03.1945 VI Corps Seventh Army   6th Army Group  
25.03.1945 XXI Corps Seventh Army   6th Army Group  
08.04.1945   Seventh Army   6th Army Group  
02.05.1945   Third Army   12th Army Group  
06.05.1945   Third Army   12th Amry Group  


Unit Attached to  
4th Divisional Artillery 90th Infantry Division 29.06.1944-05.07.1944
22nd CT 2nd Armored Division 19.07.1944-02.08.1944
44th FA Battalion 2nd Armored Division 19.07.1944-02.08.1944
1 Platoon, C Company, 4th Engineers (C) Battalion 2nd Armored Division 19.07.1944-02.08.1944
4th Recon. Troop Task Force Welborn 07.08.1944
12th CT 30th Infantry Division 07.08.1944-13.08.1944
42nd FA Battalion 30th Infantry Division 07.08.1944-13.08.1944
4th Engineers Combat Battalion Task Force Welborn 07.08.1944-23.08.1944
8th CT 9th Infantry Division 10.08.1944-11.08.1944
29th FA Battalion 9th Infantry Division 10.08.1944-11.08.1944
3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment 2nd Armored Division 11.08.1944-14.08.1944
A Company, 12th Infantry Regiment V Corps 13.10.1944-22.10.1944 & 25.10.1944-07.11.1944
4th Recon. Troop V Corps 25.10.1944-05.11.1944
12th CT 28th Infantry Division 07.11.1944-10.11.1944
42nd FA Battalion 28th Infantry Division 07.11.1944-10.11.1944
1 Platoon, B Company, 4th Engineers (C) Battalion 28th Infantry Division 07.11.1944-10.11.1944
22nd Infantry Regiment 83rd Infantry Division 03.12.1944-07.12.1944
8th CT 83rd Infantry Division 07.12.1944-12.12.1944
29th FA Battalion 83rd Infantry Division 07.12.1944-12.12.1944
A Company, 4th Engineers (C) Battalion 83rd Infantry Division 07.12.1944-12.12.1944
12th Infantry Regiment 87th Infantry Division 09.01.1945-18.01.1945
3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment 5th Infantry Division 15.01.1945-17.01.1945
1st & 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment 12th Armored Division 21.03.1945-02.04.1945

Command Posts

Date Town Region Country
26.01.1944 Tiverton (Collepriest House) Devonshire England
15.05.1944 Southbrent   England
06.06.1944 Utah Beach Manche France
06.06.1944 Road U 5 Manche France
06.06.1944 Audouville-la-Hubert Manche France
08.06.1944 Beuzeville-au-Plain Manche France
10.06.1944 Le Bisson Manche France
20.06.1944 Bois de Montebourg Manche France
20.06.1944 La Tardiverie Manche France
24.06.1944 Bois du Coudray Manche France
28.06.1944 Chateau de Tourlaville Manche France
30.06.1944 Gourbesville Manche France
05.07.1944 Groult Manche France
06.07.1944 Cantepie Manche France
08.07.1944 Meautis Manche France
17.07.1944 Lenauderie Manche France
20.07.1944 Charlemenerie Manche France
26.07.1944 La Couture Manche France
27.07.1944 Bas Marais Manche France
29.07.1944 Le Bourg Manche France
30.07.1944 Chasse-Doriere Manche France
02.08.1944 La Landerie Manche France
03.08.1944 La Beltiere Manche France
05.08.1944 Les Loges-sur-Brecey Manche France
09.08.1944 Travigny Manche France
10.08.1944 Buais Manche France
11.08.1944 Le Teilleul Manche France
12.08.1944 Nantrail Mayenne France
17.08.1944 Rouairie Orne France
24.08.1944 Ablis Seine-et-Oise France
24.08.1944 Bruyere Seine-et-Oise France
25.08.1944 Epinay-sur-Orge Seine-et-Oise France
27.08.1944 Paris (Bois de Vincennes) Seine France
28.08.1944 Montfermeil Seine-et-Oise France
30.08.1944 Montge Seine-et-Marne France
30.08.1944 Nanteuil-le-Haudoin Oise France
01.09.1944 Villers-Cotterets Aisne France
01.09.1944 Coeuvres-et-Valsery Aisne France
02.09.1944 Nampcel Oise France
03.09.1944 Urvillers Aisne France
05.09.1944 Tremblois Ardennes France
06.09.1944 Hargnies Ardennes France
07.09.1944 Graide (vic) Luxembourg Belgium
08.09.1944 Libin Luxembourg Belgium
09.09.1944 St-Hubert (vic west) Luxembourg Belgium
10.09.1944 Givroulle Liege Belgium
11.09.1944 Behe Liege Belgium
13.09.1944 Gruflange (vic east) Liege Belgium
13.09.1944 Bois de St-Vith ( mi north of Schlierbach) Liege Belgium
15.09.1944 Auw Rhineland Germany
15.09.1944 Schonberg Liege Belgium
04.10.1944 Bullingen (vic southwest) Liege Belgium
07.11.1944 Zweifall Rhineland Germany
08.12.1944 Luxembourg   Luxembourg
27.12.1944 Senningen   Luxembourg
17.01.1945 Heffingen   Luxembourg
22.01.1945 Fels   Luxembourg
28.01.1945 Trione   Luxembourg
28.01.1945 Durler Liege Belgium
02.02.1945 Lommersweiler Liege Belgium
04.02.1945 Amelscheid Liege Belgium
07.02.1945 Bleialf Rhineland Germany
04.03.1945 Prum Rhineland Germany
06.03.1945 Schwirzheim Rhineland Germany
13.03.1945 Gerbevillers Moselle France
20.03.1945 Batzendorf Bas-Rhin France
26.03.1945 Mussbach Wurttemberg Germany
30.03.1945 Heppenheim Hessen Germany
30.03.1945 Beerfelden Hessen Germany
01.04.1945 Walldurn Baden Germany
02.04.1945 Tauberbischofsheim Baden Germany
03.04.1945 Kirchheim Bavaria Germany
13.04.1945 Rottingen Wurttemberg Germany
15.04.1945 Creglingen Wurttemberg Germany
18.04.1945 Rothenburg Bavaria Germany
20.04.1945 Wettringen Bavaria Germany
21.04.1945 Maria Kappel Bavaria Germany
22.04.1945 Jagstzell Bavaria Germany
23.04.1945 Huttlingen Wurttemberg Germany
24.04.1945 Ober Kochen Wurttemberg Germany
25.04.1945 Heidenheim Wurttemberg Germany
26.04.1945 Aisingen Bavaria Germany
27.04.1945 Horgau Bavaria Germany
28.04.1945 Gross Aitingen Bavaria Germany
29.04.1945 Egling Bavaria Germany
30.04.1945 Ober Pfaffenhofen Bavaria Germany
01.05.1945 Wolfratshausen Bavaria Germany
06.05.1945 Amberg Bavaria Germany

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