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Commanding General (CG):
00.06.1943-00.07.1944 Maj.-Gen. John E. Dahlquist
00.07.1944-00.08.1944 (acting) Brig.-Gen. Peter P. Rodes
00.08.1944-00.08.1945 Maj.-Gen. Allison J. Barnett
10.12.1944-03.05.1945 (acting) Brig.-Gen. Thomas W. Herren
00.08.1945-11.10.1945 Brig.-Gen. Thomas W. Herren


Divisional troops

274th Infantry Regiment 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
275th Infantry Regiment 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
276th Infantry Regiment 15.07.1943-11.10.1945

Field Artillery (FA)
725th FA Battalion (155mm) 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
882nd FA Battalion (105mm) 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
883rd FA Battalion (105mm) 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
884th FA Battalion (105mm) 15.07.1943-11.10.1945

Other troops
370th Medical Battalion 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
270th Engineer Combat Battalion 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
70th Infantry Division Hq Company 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
70th Quartermaster Company 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
570th Signal Company 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
770th Ordnance Company 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
70th Reconnaissance Troop 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
70th MP Platoon 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
70th Counterintellegence Corps Detachment 15.07.1943-11.10.1945
70th Infantry Division Band 15.07.1943-11.10.1945


Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA)
433rd AAA Battalion (Mobile) 12.02.1944-20.07.1945

C Company, 753rd Tank Battalion 28.12.1944-02.01.1945
B Company, 191st Tank Battalion 29.12.1944-01.01.1945
3rd Platoon, 636th Tank Battalion 29.12.1944-01.01.1945
A Company, 753rd Tank Battalion 29.12.1944-02.01.1945
781st Tank Battalion (less A and D Companies) 03.01.1945-16.01.1945
714th Tank Battalion, 12th Armored Division 12.02.1945-17.02.1945
749th Tank Battalion (less A Company) 16.02.1945-15.03.1945
Combat Command A, 12th Armored Division 02.03.1945-08.03.1945
740th Tank Battalion 15.03.1945-16.03.1945
772nd Tank Battalion 22.03.1945-24.03.1945

C Company, 83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion 13.01.1945-15.02.1945
99th Chemical Mortar Battalion (less A Company) 16.02.1945-15.03.1945

2755th Engineer Combat Battalion 18.01.1945-08.02.1945

Field Artillery (FA)
69th Armored FA Battalion 01.01.1945-05.01.1945 & 15.01.1945-08.02.1945
160th FA Battalion, 45th Division (105mm) 05.01.1945-07.01.1945
158th FA Battalion, 45th Division (105mm) 08.01.1945-12.01.1945
499th FA Battalion 08.01.1945-12.01.1945
17th FA Battalion 08.01.1945-13.01.1945
501st Armored FA Battalion, 14th Armored Division 10.01.1945-13.01.1945
93rd Armored FA Battalion 13.01.1945-08.02.1945
494th Armored FA Battalion, 12th Armored Division 10.02.1945-13.02.1945 & 17.02.1945-09.03.1945 & 13.03.1945-17.03.1945
495th Armored FA Battalion, 12th Armored Division 11.02.1945-12.02.1945 & 17.02.1945-09.03.1945 & 13.03.1945-17.03.1945
493rd Armored FA Battalion, 12th Armored Division 13.03.1945-17.03.1945

Tank Destroyer
C Company, 882nd Tank Destroyer Battalion (SP) 08.02.1945-19.02.1945
648th Tank Battalion (T) 20.02.1945-31.03.1945

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