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7th (Galloway) Battalion The King's Own Scottish Borderers

Constituted 17.06.1939 as a duplicate of the 5th Battalion The King's Own Scottish Borderers (Territorial Army). Disbanded 28.11.1945.

Commanding Officer    
  17.06.1939 Lt.Col. The Earl of Galloway
  28.03.1940 Lt.Col. L.F. Machin
  17.07.1942 Lt.Col. G. Ilderton
  12.10.1943 Lt.Col. R.P. Reid
  28.12.1944 Lt.Col. R.D. Sellon

  (09.1939) Maj. J.S.A'D. Coke

Battalion HQ    


(09.1944) Capt. D. Clayhills [Henderson]
Regimental Medical Officer (RMO) (09.1944) Capt. B. Devlin
Chaplain (09.1944) Capt. the Rev. J.G. Morrison
Forward Observation Officer (09.1944) Capt. J.W. Walker
Intelligence Officer (IO) (09.1944) Lt. A. MacKenzie
Loading Officer (09.1944) Lt. R.F. Wilson

HQ Company    
Officer Commanding (OC) (09.1944) Maj. A.V. Cochran
Signals Platoon (09.1944) Lt. W.J.M. Lamond
Pioneer Platoon (09.1944) Lt. J. Chrystal

Support Company    

Officer Commanding (OC)

(09.1944) Maj. H.R. Hill
Mortar Group   Capt. G.W. Steer
  1 Platoon   Lt. C.M. Pelissier
  2 Platoon   Lt. A.K. Crighton
Medium Machine Gun Group   Capt. J.W. Coulthard
  1 Platoon  (09.1944) Lt. A.W. Robertson-Durham
  2 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. T.E. Donaldson
Anti-Tank Group  (09.1944) Capt. R. Bannatyne
  1 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. A. Hannah
  2 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. A.D.L. Sharples

A Company    

Officer Commanding (OC)

(09.1944) Maj. R.G. Buchanan
Second-in-Command (09.1944) Capt. J.F. McCourt (Canloan)
1 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. L. Kane (Canloan)
2 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. D.A. Cameron (Canloan)
3 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. G.S. MacDonald (Canloan)
4 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. J.H. Strang

B Company    

Officer Commanding (OC)

(09.1944) Maj. M.B. Forman
Second-in-Command (09.1944) Capt. J.S. Dundas
5 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. A.D.M. Murray
6 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. E.R.E. Carter (Canloan)
7 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. C. Doig
8 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. C.J. Ashley

C Company    

Officer Commanding (OC)

(09.1944) Maj. G.M. Dinwiddie
Second-in-Command (09.1944) Capt. J.S. Livingstone
9 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. A.R. Hunter
10 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. A.E.F. Wayte (Canloan)
11 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. M.L. Kaufmann (Canloan)
12 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. J.W. Taylor (Canloan)

D Company    

Officer Commanding (OC)

(09.1944) Maj. C.G. Sheriff
Second-in-Command (09.1944) Capt. G.C. Gourlay
13 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. J.M. Hunter
14 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. W.G. Beddoe
15 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. A.E. Kipping (Canloan)
16 Platoon (09.1944) Lt. P.B. Mason (Canloan)


Served under:
44th Infantry Brigade 03.09.1939-05.10.1942
228th Independent Infantry Brigade 12.10.1942-14.07.1943
207th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home) 15.07.1943-03.12.1943
1st Airlanding Brigade 10.12.1943-31.08.1945




Title  Off at last : an illustrated history of the 7th (Galloway) Battalion The King's Own Scottish Borderers, 1939-1945
Author Robert Sigmond
Robert N. Sigmond (born 1950) is a volunteer at the Airborne Museum at Oosterbeek, (privately) publishing mainly on the Battle of Arnhem
Foreword  Lt.-Col. G.M. Dinwiddie
Published Renkum : R. Sigmond, 1997
Printed Ede : Veenman Drukkers
Collation 221 pages; photographs throughout; 28 x 22 cm
Appendices  commanding officers, orders of battle, roll call Nijmegen (26.9.1944), awards, nominal list (17.9.1944), roll of honour, sources & bibliography, index


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