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Harold Arthur
H.A. Upton (Photo courtesy of Delyse Upton)
H.A. Upton)
Son (with one sister) of Thomas William Upton (1866-1959), and Sarah Ann Sherwin (1874-1899).
Married ((06?).1925, Staines district, Middlesex) Doris Victoria Bax (09.04.1901 - 31.07.1977), daughter (with four sisters and one brother) of John William Bax (1844-1923), and Phoebe Elizabeth Elliott (1863-1946); one daughter, three sons.
Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire
Feltham, Surrey
S.Sgt. (12.1931)
Assistant Ordnance Mechanical Engineer (with rank of Lt.) 15.04.1941 [OW 125] (reld > 04.1946, < 04.1947)
T/Capt. (12.1943)
A?/Maj. ? (1946?)
Mention in Despatches MID 23.12.1943 SW Pacific
(12.1931)     Heavy Repair Shop, Quetta
15.04.1941     commissioned, Indian Army Departments [emergency commission]
      served Indian Army Ordnance Corps
(1944)     31st Indian Mobile Workshop Company, Indian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (Paiforce) (despatches)
22.01.1945 - (04.1946) a Deputy Assistant Director of Mechanical Engineering, Master-General of the Ordnance Branch, India Headquarters Staff

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