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Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) Officers

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Note. In naval circles it is custom to refer to the commander of a vessel as Captain. The Navy List bears the phrase "in command".
Strictly out of practical considerations CO (Commanding Officer) is used here on this site. Abbreviations and explanations can be found at the help page.

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Tadman, W.K.
Tyson, I.J.

W.K. Tadman  to  I.J. Tyson
William Kilvington
W.K. Tadman
Son of John Edward Tadman (1882-1944), and Ethel Margaret Kilvington (1884-1962).
Sculcoates district, East Riding of Yorkshire

Hull district, East Riding of Yorkshire
Prob. A/S.Lt. 01.09.1933
A/S.Lt. 10.11.1934
S.Lt. 23.02.1937
Lt. 21.09.1939
A/Lt.Cdr. > 09.1943, < 10.1944 (reld > 07.1945, < 04.1946)
Lt.Cdr. 21.09.1947 (retd 22.01.1953)
Royal Naval Reserve Decoration (pre-1941 model) RD 12.06.1945 -
Commenced sea service as an apprentice in 1928 with Ellerman Bucknall & City Line (up to 1936).
11.08.1934 - (11.1934) HMS Hood (battlecruiser) (Home Fleet) (for 3 months' training)
26.01.1935 - 1935 HMS Drake (RN base, Devonport)
03.1935 - 1935 HMS Winchester (destroyer) (Portsmouth)
24.08.1939 - (04.)1940 HMS Rodney (battleship)
04.1940 - (02.)1941 HMS Pangbourne (Hunt class minesweeper)
01.08.1941 - 11.09.1943 Commanding Officer, HMS Peterhead (Bangor class minesweeper)
09.1944 - (07.1945) Commanding Officer, HMS Woodruff (corvette)
Served Merchant Navy with Ellerman's Wilson Line, 21.04.1936-09.1964 (Master of "Rialto").
William Butler
W.B. Tanner
Holyhead, Anglesey
Birkenhead district, Cheshire
Lt. 31.12.1924
Lt.Cdr. 31.12.1932
Cdr. 31.12.1937
Capt. 30.06.1943 (reld 08.1947) (retd 09.02.1953)
Royal Naval Reserve Decoration (pre-1941 model) RD 05.06.1940 -

Joined the Cunard Line 11.1924 as a Junior Officer aboard the Carmania. He has served aboard such famous ships as the old Caronia, Samaria, Antonia and Franconia.

20.04.1929     HMS Victory (RN base, Portsmouth)
21.10.1933     HMS Vivid (RN base, Devonport) (for gunnery course)
16.09.1939 - (04.)1940 Executive Officer, HMS Dunluce Castle (depot ship)
06.08.1940 - (02.)1941 HMS Caroline (RN base, Belfast)
15.10.1941 - 26.04.1943 Commanding Officer, HMS Tenby (Bangor class minesweeper)
27.04.1943 - 01.11.1943 Commanding Officer, HMS Aries (Algerine class minesweeper)
21.09.1944 - (07.1945) Commanding Officer, HMS Venduruth I (RN base, Cochin) & Naval Officer-in-Charge, Cochin
(04.1946)     no appointment listed
09.12.1949 - 09.12.1951 RNR ADC to the King
Chief Officer of the RMS Britannic 08.1947. Then RMS Franconia. Master of cargo vessel Samson 01.1948. Staff Captain RMS Caronia (1949). Then RMS Arabia (± 1954/55).
William Compton
W.C. Taylor (Photo courtesy of Mr Brian Gargate) W.C. Taylor (Photo courtesy of Mr Brian Gargate)
West Hartlepool, Durham
29.08.1940 (reld < 04.1946)
Distinguished Service Cross DSC
good services to the Channel mobile balloon barrage [investiture 23.09.41]
HMS Canton (armed merchant cruiser)

possibly at HMS Carinthia (armed merchant cruiser) when it was lost on 06.06.1940

HMS René le Besnerais (tug; barrage balloon vessel)
HMS Victory III *
HMS Paragon (RN base, Harlepool) *
HMS Paragon (RN base, Harlepool)
no appointment listed
* indexed, but not listed as such
Oakley Norman
O.N. Taylorson
Son of Robert John Taylorson (1862?-1924), and Florence Annie Robinson(1866?-1959).
Married ((03?).1918, Hartlepool district, Co. Durham) Maude Evelyn Foxall (19.12.1894 - (12?).1975), daughter of Thomas and Margaret Foxall, of West Hartlepool, Co. Durham.
West Hartlepool, Hartlepool district, Co. Durham
Chatham district, Kent
T/S.Lt. (E) 20.10.1939
T/Lt. (E) 01.07.1941
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1943 New Year 43
30.10.1939 - (02.)1941 HMS Queen of Thanet (paddle minesweeper)
06.1941 - (08.1942) HMS Queen of Thanet (paddle minesweeper) (despatches)
06.01.1943 - (07.1945) HMS Queen of Thanet (paddle minesweeper)
Edward Wilson
E.W. Temple (Photo courtesy of Mr Paul Temple)

Son of Harry and Margaret Temple.
Married ((12?).1925, Glanford-Brigg, Lincoln) Minnie Rose Tindall, of Bridlington, Yorkshire; two daughters, one son.
(KIA) [age 40]
[Lowestoft Naval Memorial, pan. 11, col. 1]
T/Skpr. 01.04.1941 [TS 995]
(06.1941)     no appointment listed
24.07.1941 - (02.)1942 HMS Sethon (minesweeping trawler)
(04.1942) - (06.1942) HMS Sethon (minesweeping trawler) *
13.07.1942 - 22.10.1943 First Lieutenant, HM Trawler Orfasy (Isle class trawler) (torpedoed)
* indexed, but not listed as such
Robert George
R.G. Thelwell
[1959 still alive]
30.06.1942 (reld 1945/46)
Cdre. 2nd cl. (retd)
Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE
New Year 41
Royal Naval Reserve Decoration (pre-1941 model) RD
Commanding Officer, HMS Pleiades (trawler base, Scapa Flow)
Paul Stamford
P.S. Thirsk (© Imperial War Museum (A 14515)) P.S. Thirsk (© Imperial War Museum (A 14516))
Son of Ernest Stamford Thirsk (1885-1961), and Hilda May Sizer (1890-1973).
Married (1961) Daphne Coster; two sons.
Pocklington district, East Riding of Yorkshire
Surrey North-Western district, Surrey
Prob. T/A/S.Lt. 07.01.1940
T/S.Lt. 1940?, seniority 08.01.1940
T/Lt. 01.05.1942
T/A/Lt.Cdr. > 10.1945, < 04.1946 (reld 30.04.1946)
Distinguished Service Cross DSC 08.02.1944 war patrols Mediterranean [decoration posted]
Joined the Blue Funnel Line after finishing Nautical School, Hull.
07.01.1940 - (10.)1940 HMS Drake (RN base, Devonport) (for gunnery school)
28.03.1940 - (05.)1940 HMS Zaza (armed yacht)
20.05.1940 - (08.)1940 HMS Iron Duke (RN base, Scapa Flow)
(10.1940)     HMS Zaza (armed yacht) *
? - 03.10.1940 HMS Talisman (T class submarine) *
[wounded in the leg by gunfire from a German aircraft while serving on board and spent some time in the hospital]
16.11.1940 - (10.)1941 HMS Forth (submarine depot ship) (for submarines)
20.11.1941 - (12.)1941 HMS Dolphin (submarine depot, Gosport) (for submarines)
19.12.1941 - (06.)1943 Navigating Officer, later First Lieutenant, HMS P-42, renamed HMS Unbroken (U class submarine) (DSC)
05.07.1943 - (10.)1943 HMS Dolphin (submarine depot, Gosport) (for submarines)
10.1943 - 15.02.1944 Commanding Officer, HMS Una (U class submarine) *
15.02.1944 - (01.)1945 Commanding Officer, HMS Vulpine (V class submarine)
21.03.1945 - (10.)1945 Commanding Officer, HMS Saga (S class submarine)
12.10.1945 - (04.)1946 HMS Forth (submarine depot ship)
Colonial service course, University College, Oxford. He joined the Overseas Civil Service and was posted to Nigeria, 1947-1952 (latterly as private secretary to H.E. the Governor). After suffering from tuberculosis in 1952 he joined the Colonial Office as principal. From 1955 to 1963 he held Colonial Service posts in Northern Rhodesia (latterly First Secretary British High Commission, Salisbury (Senior District Officer, Northern Rhodesia). His colonial days came to an end in 1966 when he was deputy Governor of British Guiana before its independence.
Walter Ernest
W.E. Thiselton
[Chatham Naval Memorial, panel 40, column 1]
Prob. Midsh.
1940, seniority 01.01.1939
no appointment listed
HMS Jervis Bay (armed merchant cruiser)
Henry Edmund
H.E. Thompson
Son of Henry Charles Thompson (1880-1966), and Rebecca Warman (1882-1936).
Tynemouth, Northumberland

South Shields district, Durham
Second Hand ? [LT/X 57B]
Skpr. 01.03.1943 [WS 3686] (reld > 07.1945, < 04.1946)
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1941 New Year 41
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1943 New Year 43
(1941) - (1943) HMS Almandine (minesweeping trawler) (despatches twice)
06.04.1943 - (07.1945) HMS Ampulla (armed patrol trawler)
Matthew Percival
M.P. Thompson
Son of Charles Kyme Thompson and Elizabeth Thompson.
Married ((03?).1932, Birkenhead district, Cheshire / Merseyside) Mary Patricia Baragwanath, of Meliden, Flintshire; one daughter.
Birkenhead district, Cheshire / Merseyside

(KIA) [age 33]
[Oban (Pennyfuir) Cemetery, Argyllshire, sec. I, grave 309]
Prob. A/Lt. 26.01.1939
Lt. 11.01.1940
14.09.1939 - (10.)1941 HMS Alaunia (armed merchant cruiser)
(12.1941)     no appointment listed
13.12.1941 - (08.)1942 Navigating Officer, HMS Bridgewater (sloop)
(10.1942)     no appointment listed
? - 02.10.1942 HMS Curacoa (cruiser) [ship lost in collision with liner "Queen Mary" off Bloody Foreland]
Victor James
V.J. Thompson (Photo courtesy of Mr Clive Grant)
Lowestoft, Suffolk
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
09.09.1939 [WS 3003 & TS 122]
05.04.1944 (reld > 04.1946)
Mention in Despatches MID
Operation Neptune (Normandy landings 06.44)
no appointment listed
French Ship "Resound"
Commanding Officer, HM MMS 1004 (motor minesweeper)
Publican from 1958-1968 & then skippered a pleasure cruiser 'Queen of the Broads' and 'Elizabeth Simpson' until 1980. 
William Ansdell
W.A. Thompson

[1959 still alive]
31.12.1937 (retd > 07.1944, < 07.1945)
Royal Naval Reserve Decoration (pre-1941 model) RD
Walter Smith
J.F. Tognola
From Kilbarchan, Scotland.
T/Lt. 08.09.1939
T/A/Lt.Cdr. > 02.1943, < 06.1943
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE 20.03.1945 for fine seamanship and great perseverance in towing a damaged ship ("Cassandra") 160 miles in very severe weather conditions at Kola Inlet
Served Merchant Navy (Anchor Line).
08.09.1939 - (08.)1941 HMS Cilicia (armed merchant cruiser)
13.08.1941 - 12.06.1943 Commanding Officer, HMS Amaranthus (corvette)
12.07.1943 - 07.1943 Commanding Officer, HMS Hadleigh Castle (corvette)
23.07.1943 - (07.)1945 Commanding Officer, HMS Hotham (renamed 11.1943: HMS Bahamas) (frigate) (OBE)
23.07.1945 - 12.1945 Commanding Officer, HMS Loch Tarbert (frigate)
05.12.1945 - (04.1946) HMS Howe (battleship)
Georges Gustave Charles Louis
G.G.C.L. Timmermans (Photo courtesy of Mr Dominique Henrard) G.G.C.L. Timmermans
G.G.C.L. Timmermans G.G.C.L. Timmermans

Son of Eugène Albert Joseph Timmermans, and Floride Emérentienne Thabert.
Married Marie-Louise Tanghe; one son.
Ostend, Belgium

Ostend, Belgium
T/Lt. 14.07.1941
T/A/Lt.Cdr. 14.07.1941?
T/A/Cdr. 10.09.1944
Distinguished Service Cross DSC 28.12.1944 Operation Neptune (Normandy 06.1944): Assault Group J4 [investiture 18.05.1945]
Legion of Merit (US) LM 11.02.1946 ?
Légion d'Honneur (France) LegH 24.12.1946 ?
Commandeur, Orde van Oranje-Nassau (the Netherlands) OON 18.11.1949 ?
The Belgian Government in exile nominated Commandant Georges Timmermans as the senior officer of the Royal Navy Section Belge (RNSB) in April 1941. He had served as captain of cross-channel mailboats, was a member of the Belgian maritime forces, and had distinguished himself at Dunkirk and subsequent evacuations on the French coast. When the Belgian Navy was finally established in 1946 Timmermans served as the navy's first commodore.
(1941)     RN College, Greenwich
(1941)     HMS Osprey (anti-submarine establishment, Dunoon, Argyllshire)
(1941)     HMS Sunflower (Flower class corvette)
(08.1941) - (10.1941) no appointment listed
01.11.1941 - (12.1941) HMS Ferret (RN base, Londonderry)
06.01.1942 - (02.)1943 HMS Buttercup (Flower class corvette)
(04.1943)     no appointment listed
01.04.1943 - (04.1946) HMS Dinosaur (Combined Operations base, Troon) (for major landing craft) *
* In the period 1945-1946 borne as HMS Royal Edmund I (port party, Ostend, Belgium), which is not shown in the regular Navy List.
John Frank
J.F. Tognola
Married ((12?).1928, Hull district, East Riding of Yorkshire) Phyllis E. Nicoll.
Hull district, East Riding of Yorkshire
Beverley district, East Riding of Yorkshire
Prob. T/Lt. 19.08.1940
T/Lt. 03.1941, seniority 19.08.1940 (reld < 04.1946)
Member of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) MBE 11.12.19145 wind up Europe 45
Served Merchant Navy.
(10.1940)     Admiralty [HMS President] *
24.10.1940 - (08.1942) HMS Maid Marion (armed yacht)
04.01.1943 - (06.)1944 HMS Dianella (corvette) [possibly in command from 14.09.1943]
11.08.1944 - (01.)1945 Commanding Officer, HMS Dianella (corvette) (MBE)
15.07.1945 - (07.1945) Commanding Officer, HMS Cuckmere (frigate)
* indexed, but not listed as such
Frank Derek
F.D. Tolfree (Photo courtesy of Mr Sandy Christie) F.D. Tolfree
Son of ... Tolfree, and ... Wheatley.
Married 1st ((06?).1948, Bromley district, Kent) Josephine Greenfield.
Married 2nd ((03?).1958, Surrey South Western district) Peggy E. Turner.

Bromley district, Surrey
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Prob. T/Midsh. 28.04.1942
T/A/S.Lt. 22.08.1944
T/S.Lt. 22.08.1945 (reld > 04.1946)
Education: HMS Worcester (1940-1942).
      RN College, Greenwich
      HMS Nelson (battleship)
(06.1942) - (12.1942) no appointment listed
19.12.1942 - (04.)1945 HMS Westminster (destroyer)
(07.1945)     no appointment listed
07.1945 - (10.1945) Navigating Officer, HMS Tremadoc Bay (Bay class frigate)
(04.1946)     no appointment listed
Eric Cuthbert
E.C. Towner (© Imperial War Museum (A 27003)) E.C. Towner (© Imperial War Museum (A 27004))
Son of William Albert and Grace Towner.
Married (18.10.1919, All Saints, Notting Hill, Kensington, London) Margaret Galloway McIntyre ; ... children.

Eastbourne, Sussex
(missing, presumed drowned whilst serving in 'Fred Borchard' (Fairplay, Towage and Shipping Co. Ltd.) which capsized off Lofoten Islands)
Prob. Midsh. 01.04.1913
A/S.Lt. < 08.1917
S.Lt. 07.01.1918, seniority 11.12.1916
A/Lt. < 01.1919
T/Lt. 01.12.1940
T/A/Lt.Cdr. > 12.1941, < 02.1942 (reld > 10.1946, < 04.1947)

Distinguished Service Cross

DSC 08.06.1943 Inshore Squadron with advance of 8th Army [decoration posted]
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1943 New Year 43: Mersa Matruh
Served Merchant Navy (from 10.01.1910 with Jno. Stewart & Co.).
24.12.1914 - (04.1915) RMS "Laconia"
11.12.1915 - (08.1917) HMS Severn (gun boat)
27.01.1919 - (10.1919) HMS Myngs (torpedo-boat destroyer)
01.12.1940 - 05.12.1940 HMS Cormorant (RN base, Gibraltar) (additional; for various services)
06.12.1940 - (06.)1944 [HMS Nile (RN base, Alexandria, Egypt)] (DSC, despatches):
(02.1941) - (04.)1943 additional; for various services
(06.)1943 - (02.)1944 for duty with Naval Officer-in-Charge, Tripoli
(04.)1944 - (06.)1944 Resident Naval Officer, Tripoli
15.09.1944 - (07.)1945 HMS Fabius (RN base, Taranto, Italy)
26.09.1945 - (10.1946) HMS St Angelo (RN base, Malta) (for miscellaneous duties at Malta)
James Fred
J.F. Trickey (Photo courtesy of Lynn Trickey) J.F. Trickey (Photo courtesy of Lynn Trickey)
J.F. Trickey
Married ...; four children (two born in the UK, two in South Africa).
Hull, Sculcoates district, East Riding of Yorkshire
Durban, South Africa
[given a sea burial by Safmarine]
Midsh. ?
Prob. S.Lt. 02.04.1934
S.Lt. 1935?, seniority 02.04.1934
Lt. 14.02.1936
Lt.Cdr. 14.02.1944
A/Cdr. 15.04.1945 (reld 07.01.1947)
1939-19145 Star 39|45 St - -
Atlantic Star Atl St - & clasp France & Germany
Africa Star Afr St - -
Italy Star It St - -
War Medal 1939-1945 WM 39|45 - -
AfrSM - -
Royal Naval Reserve Decoration (pre-1941 model) RD 23.02.1945 -
Served in the Merchant Navy (Certificate as Master of a foreign-going steamship, No. 33432, dated 14.12.1932). Resigned from The Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company Ltd., 17.12.1938. Passage to Southampton, UK per RMS Edinburgh Castle, 12.1938.
05.05.1934 - 13.06.1934 gunnery course, HMS Drake (RN base, Devonport)
14.06.1934 - 03.08.1934 HMS Rodney (battleship) (to complete 3 months' training)
20.07.1935 - 19.09.1935 HMS Dolphin (submarine depot, Gosport) (training in submarines)
21.09.1935 - 03.11.1935 HMS Dolphin (submarine depot, Gosport) (training in submarines)
04.11.1935 - 21.04.1936 HMS Starfish (submarine) [tender to HMS Cyclops]  (to complete 9 months' training in submarines)
03.09.1938 - 30.09.1938 HMS Dolphin (submarine depot, Gosport, Hampshire) (training in submarines)
26.09.1938 - 06.10.1938 HMS H 50 (submarine) [tender to HMS Titania]
15.01.1940 - 31.01.1940 Lieutenant, South African Seaward Defence Force
[Released to serve in the Royal Navy as Lieutenant, RNR]
01.02.1940 - 23.02.1940 HMS Afrikander I (RN base, Simonstown)
[Sailed to Britain on the Union Castle liner, 'Warwick Castle', arriving at Southampton on 24.02.1940)]
24.02.1940 - 11.03.1940 HMS Dolphin (submarine depot, Gosport) (for dispersal)
12.03.1940 - 31.03.1940 HMS Elfin (submarine base, Blyth) (as spare submarine officer)
01.04.1940 - 29.04.1940 spare officer, HMS Unity (submarine) [tender to HMS Elfin (submarine base, Blyth)] (ship lost in collision off River Tyne)
[After the sinking of HMS Unity James Trickey was singled out for 'special mention' by the Captain Lt. F.J. Brooks for 'his assistance and encouragement of ratings in difficulties in the sea'. This was particularly relevant as Lt. Trickey was unable to swim more than a few yards.]
30.04.1940 - 10.07.1940 HMS Elfin (submarine base, Blyth) (as spare submarine officer)
11.07.1940 - 24.09.1940 HMS H 31 (submarine) [tender to HMS Elfin (submarine base, Blyth), then from 31.08.1940 HMS Cyclops (submarine depot ship)]
25.09.1940 - 24.02.1941 HMS Porpoise (minelaying submarine) [tender to HMS Forth (submarine depot ship)]
25.02.1941 - 03.08.1941 First Lieutenant, H 44 (submarine) [tender to HMS Cyclops (submarine depot ship)] (returned to general service; eyesight defect)
04.08.1941 - 13.08.1941 HMS Drake (RN base, Devonport)
14.08.1941 - 19.08.1942 HMS Lairds Isle (ocean boarding vessel & school ship)
20.08.1942 - 26.10.1942 HMS Manxman (minelayer)
27.10.1942 - 03.05.1943 HMS Lairds Isle (ocean boarding vessel & school ship) [tender to HMS Cochrane II]
04.05.1943 - 09.05.1943 HMS Pembroke (RN base, Chatham)
10.05.1943 - (01.)1945 HMS Hilary (ocean boarding vessel) (06.1944 HQ ship "J" Force off Juno Beach, Normandy) [11.10.1944 discharged from RN and transferred to South African Naval Forces (No. 330783), but remained seconded to the RN]
(07.1945)     no appointment listed
28.03.1946     in South Africa serving at RN shore base, HMS Kongoni, Durban
15.10.1946     secondment to UK Forces terminated
07.01.1947     indefinite release granted
Settled in Durban, 09.1944. Joined Safmarine, a newly established South African merchant marine company. He was appointed Captain and travelled the world for the next 20 years commanding Safmarine ships, retiring in 1968.
Arthur Eric
A.E. Troops
Son of Arthur and Martha Troops.
Husband of Ada Troops, of Walkley, Sheffield.
Isle of Wight
[age 39]
[Sheffield (Crookes) Cemetery, KK.6821]
Royal Naval Reserve Decoration (pre-1941 model) RD
Served in the Merchant Navy [S.41114]. Appointed as Navigating Officer on a Cable Ship serving under the Post Office, 08.12.1933.
HMS H 24 (submarine) (6th Submarine Flotilla)
no appointment listed
Commanding Officer, HMS Monarch (cable ship)
[ship was erroneously shelled by the USS Plunkett while laying cable off Omaha beach at Normandy, causing three fatal casualties]
John Cameron
J.C. Tucker (Photo courtesy of Mr Bill Forster) J.C. Tucker (Photo courtesy of Mr Bill Forster)
J.C. Tucker (Photo courtesy of Mr Bill Forster)
Son of ... Tucker, and ... Cooper.
Married 1st (1940s) ...; one son.
Married 2nd (1972) Muriel...; one stepdaughter.
Kingston district, Middlesex / Surrey
Pangbourne, Reading
Midsh. 31.12.1936
A/S.Lt. 27.08.1940
S.Lt. 27.08.1941
Lt. 27.02.1943 (reld < 04.1946) (retd 01.07.1950)
Distinguished Service Cross DSC 10.11.1942 Operation Pedestal (Gibraltar-Malta convoy 08.42) [investiture 28.09.43]
Mention in Despatches MID 06.07.1943 action with enemy convoy on the French coast 27.04.43
Education: Kingston Grammar School; HMS Worcester (training ship,1933-...).
Cadet apprentice with White Star Line until outbreak of war.
31.07.1939 - (04.)1940 HMS Escort (destroyer)
19.09.1940 - 06.05.1941 HMS Camito (ocean boarding vessel) (ship torpedoed by U-97 west-southwest of Cape Clear)
09.06.1941 - 03.01.1942 Gunnery Officer, HMS Venomous (destroyer) [actually joined 17.06.1941]
22.03.1942 - (08.)1942 HMS Wolverine (destroyer) (DSC)
15.10.1942 - (06.)1944 HMS Goathland (destroyer) (despatches)
(10.1944)     no appointment listed
05.11.1944 - (07.1945) HMS Virago (destroyer)
Moved to South Africa and set up his own export business in Johannesburg, "Export Industries" (?),  exporting tools and crop spraying equipment to Middle East and South America. Returned to the UK after 28 years.
Kenneth Graham
K.G. Tucker
Son (with one brother) of Roderick Ambrose Tucker (1873-1950), and Susanna Newland (1865-).
Married ((06?).1933, Plymouth district, Devonshire) Marion Beal (16.02.1903 - 21.05.1991); one son.

Devonport district, Devonshire

The Dreadnought Seaman's Hospital, Greenwich (formerly of Royal Albert Dock, North Woolwich, London)
Midsh. 01.05.1924
A/S.Lt. 24.04.1928
S.Lt. 14.06.1930
Lt. 31.12.1931
Lt.Cdr. 31.12.1939 (demobilized > 10.1945, < 04.1946) (retd 01.07.1950)
A/Cdr. from 07.1943 till > 10.1944, < 05.1945
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE 01.01.1940 New Year 1940 [investiture 06.02.1940]
05.09.1939 - 10.1940 Commanding Officer, HMS Kingston Beryl (anti-submarine warfare trawler) (OBE)
07.12.1940 - 01.03.1942 Commanding Officer, HMS Kittiwake (patrol vessel)
24.03.1942 - (06.)1943 HMS Eland (RN base, Freetown, Sierra Leone)
07.1943 - (06.)1944 HMS Eland (RN base, Freetown, Sierra Leone)
(10.1944) - (01.1945) no appointment listed
10.02.1945 - (04.)1945 HMS Lucifer (RN base, Swansea)
08.06.1945 - (10.1945) Commanding Officer, HMS Monnow (frigate)
Robert Ernest Tuearsley
R.E.T. Tunbridge

Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
died at sea while travelling as a passenger in the British India Steam Navigation Company's ship "Kenya" (his residence was at Bexhill, Sussex)
Midsh. ?
S.Lt. 02.04.1916
A/Lt. ?
Lt. 02.04.1918
Lt.Cdr. 02.04.1926
Cdr. 30.06.1934
Capt. 31.12.1941 (reld from active service > 07.1945, < 04.1946) (retd 09.12.1947)
Distinguished Service Cross DSC 10.03.1942 Operation Countenance (Abadan Oil Refinery, Kaft-i-Khel Oil Fields and Bandar Shapur) [investiture 16.10.45]
Mention in Despatches MID 02.01.1945 secret operations enemy occupied French-Italian Adriatic *
Royal Naval Reserve Decoration (pre-1941 model) RD 23.03.1928 -
Served Merchant Navy (Second Mate's certificate, 18.04.1914; First Mate's certificate, 20.05.1919; Master's certificate, 22.12.1919). Joined P & O Company as Fourth Officer, 1914. Mobilized in the RNR World War I until 01.1920.
05.09.1939 - 01.1941 Executive Officer, HMS Ranchi (armed merchant cruiser)
01.1941 - (12.1941) [Executive Officer?], HMS Shoreham (sloop) (DSC)
(02.1942)     no appointment listed
01.03.1942 - (02.)1943 Senior Officer, Ceylon Escort Group [HMS Lanka (RN base, Colombo, Ceylon)]
12.02.1943 - (06.)1944 HMS Hannibal (RN base, Algiers) (for Sea Transport duties, Algiers) [in fact he was Senior Officer, African Coastal Flotilla, to carry out clandestine operations on enemy-held shores] (despatches)
09.07.1944 - (07.1945) HMS Byrsa (RN base, Naples, Italy) (for miscellaneous services)
01.11.1946 - 09.12.1947 RNR ADC to the King
Captain of the SS Ranchi, 1948.
* Recommendation from the Deputy Director of the Operations Division (Irregular) (DDOD(I)) for the award of a Mention in Despatches for Capt. R.E.T. Tunbridge: "In connection with the attached list of recommendations for honours and awards to the personnel of the ACF, DDOD(I) desires to submit the work of Captain Tunbridge to the notice of the Commander-in-Chief Mediterranean. Captain Tunbridge succeeded to the command of the African Coastal Flotilla in the spring of 1943 at a time when the fortunes of the flotilla were at a low ebb and the morale of the personnel lowered by the absence of active operations, and the difficulties in obtaining well found ships and suitable equipment. In the face of the overwhelming requirements of regular operations, no priority could be granted to the flotilla in its struggles to effect repairs to the ancient craft available, and no consideration could be given towards the provision of more suitable craft. Moreover, the prestige of the flotilla had been damaged by the depredations of “private navies” operating in the Mediterranean before the advent of DDOD(I). The zealous but unconstitutional conduct of the sponsors of the “private navies” had alienated the sympathy and understanding of local naval authorities who at best regarded irregular operations with amused tolerance and ridicule, or at the worst with impatience and hostility. Captain Tunbridge therefore, fresh from the relatively straightforward business of the sea, was faced with a formidable task with at first nothing to help him beyond directives and signals and letters of encouragement from DDOD(I) coupled with periodical personal visits from the latter and as much equipment as DDOD(I) could scrape together in the UK. In the sixteen months Captain Tunbridge has been in command he has, with the assistance of the Commander-in-Chief’s staff, not only succeeded in building up a highly efficient force, but has restored the confidence of the flotilla in its work; has overcome the prejudices of local naval authorities, with the result that the flotilla now enjoys the maximum assistance in its work, and, above all, Captain Tunbridge has succeeded in removing the convictions of the clandestine authorities in the Mediterranean (since they have been largely deprived of their private navies) that the formation of the African Coastal Flotilla would hamper rather than advance their interests. This last achievement has been won at the expense of an outwardly strictly neutral attitude to all clandestine authorities and the exercise of exceptional patience, cunning and tact, for such is the ‘prima donna’-like temperament of those engaged on underground or subversive activities that had the slightest preference been shown to one more than the other (except as ordered by Allied Forces HQ) the competitors would have immediately seized the opportunity as an excuse to re-embark on private sea-going enterprises, chaos would have again resulted and the just prejudices of local naval authorities never overcome. Thus it will be seen that Captain Tunbridge in addition to his ability as an organizer and seaman has won a diplomatic victory, and it has been necessary for DDOD(I) to set down the record of his achievements in forceful rather than tactful language in order to emphasize this latter point."
Frederick John
F.J. Twomey
Prob. T/Lt.
05.1941, seniority 13.03.1940
T/S.Lt. (Sp.Br.) RNVR
T/Lt. (Sp.Br.) RNVR
25.01.1945 (reld < 04.1946)
Commanding Officer, HMS St Cathan (anti-submarine warfare trawler)

Sea Cadet Corps
Ismay James
I.J. Tyson
[1959 still alive]
31.12.1942 (reld 1945/46?)
Distinguished Service Order DSO
Operation FY (N Russian convoy 03-04.44)
Distinguished Service Cross DSC
New Year 44
Mention in Despatches MID
HM's birthday 41
Mention in Despatches MID
convoy JW59 & RA59A
Royal Naval Reserve Decoration (pre-1941 model) RD

Commanding Officer, HMS Lady Philomena (auxiliary trawler)
Commanding Officer, HMS Buxton (destroyer)
Commanding Officer, HMS Duff (frigate)
Commanding Officer, HMS Keppel (destroyer)

no appointment listed

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