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 Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS) Officers


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Note. In naval circles it is custom to refer to the commander of a vessel as Captain. The Navy List bears the phrase "in command". Strictly out of practical considerations CO (Commanding Officer) is used here on this site. Some abbreviations: Dir = Director, Supt. = Superintendent,C/O = Chief Officer, 1/O = First Officer, 2/O = Second Officer, 3/O = Third Officer. More explanation & other abbreviations can be found at the help page

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Elfrida Audrey
E.A. Eden  
Daughter of Charles Eden, and Evelyn Adelaide Murray.
Married (05.07.1947, Tiverton district, Devon) Robert Potter (1909 - ); two daughters.
Kingston district, Surrey
A/3/O 04.06.1944
3/O 1945?, seniority 04.06.1944 (reld 13.08.1946)
04.06.1944 - 1944 HMS Wildfire (RN base, Sheerness)
(10.1944)     no appointment listed
14.11.1944 - (10.1945) HMS Bherunda (RN Air Station, Colombo, Ceylon)
08.01.1946 - (04.)1946 HMS Dinosaur (Combined Operations base, Troon)
Worked for the Foreign Office and was based in Berlin as Part of the League of Nations British Team, 1946-1947. Migrated to Australia, 1957.
Eleanor [Mary] Graham
"Nell" (née Whelan)
E.G. Egerton (Photo courtesy of Mr Russell Patterson) E.G. Egerton (Photo courtesy of Mr Russell Patterson)
Daughter (with seven siblings) of Richard Griffith Whelan, inspector Department of Agriculture of Ireland, and Margaret Walsh.
Married 1st  ((09?).1939, Chelsea district, London; divorced) Lt.Cdr. Thomas Graham Egerton, RN (retd).
Married 2nd ... Patterson; two sons.
Lower Newtown, Waterford, Ireland
A/3/O 09.05.1943
3/O 18.02.1944, seniority 09.05.1943
2/O 03.06.1944 (for disperal 28.05.1946) (reld  23.07.1946; Class A, abroad)
16.05.1943 - (10.1944) HMS Vectis (RN base, Seaview, Isle of Wight)
31.01.1945 - 31.03.1946 HMS Wildfire (RN base, Sheerness)
01.04.1946 - 14.04.1946 HMS Pembroke III (WRNS accounting base, London) (for quarters' duties at Shelley House on Chelsea Enbankment)
15.04.1946 - 23.07.1946 HMS Golden Hind III (RN depot, Sydney, NSW, Australia) (for passage & dispersal)
Doris Hilda
D.H. Ellis (Photo courtesy of Mrs Anne S. Litten)  
Eastbourne district, Sussex
11.04.1944, seniority 14.09.1943 (reld < 04.1946)
HMS Volcano (bomb disposal training establishment, Holmrook, Cumberland)

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