100th Infantry Division "Century"

Divisional information

Constituted 23.07.1918
Organized 00.10.1918
Demobilized 30.11.1918
Reconstituted 24.06.1921 (in the Reserves)
Organized 27.09.1921
Into active military service 15.11.1942
Inactivated 11.01.1946

Commanding General (CG)
15.11.1942 Maj.-Gen. Withers A. Burress
22.09.1945 Brig.-Gen. Andrew C. Tychsen

Assistant Division Commander
15.11.1942 Brig.-Gen. Maurice L. Miller
19.12.1944 Brig.-Gen. John S. Winn (Jr.)
04.01.1945 Col. Andrew C. Tychsen
12.04.1945 Brig.-Gen. Andrew C. Tychsen

Artillery Commander

00.10.1943-13.08.1945 Brig.-Gen. John B. Murphy
15.11.1942-00.10.1943 & 13.08.1945-00.11.1945 Brig.-Gen. Theodore E. Buechler

Chief of Staff

20.10.1944 Col. Richard G. Prather

Assistant Chief of Staff G-1 (Personnel)
20.10.1944 Maj. William V. Rawlings
01.12.1944 Lt. Col. William V. Rawlings

Assistant Chief of Staff G-2 (Operations & Training)
20.10.1944 Lt. Col. Paul S. Reinecke (Jr.)

Assistant Chief of Staff G-3 (Intelligence)
20.10.1944 Lt. Col. Kenneth E. Eckland

Assistant Chief of Staff G-4 (Supply & Evacuation)
20.10.1944 Lt. Col. Robert M. Stegmaier

Adjutant General
20.10.1944 Lt. Col. Byron C. De La Mater


Divisional troops

397th Infantry Regiment 15.11.1942-10.01.1946
398th Infantry Regiment 15.11.1942-08.01.1946
399th Infantry Regiment 15.11.1942-29.01.1946

Field Artillery (FA)
373rd FA Battalion (155mm) 15.11.1942-12.01.1946
374th FA Battalion (105mm) 15.11.1942-12.01.1946
375th FA Battalion (105mm) 15.11.1942-12.01.1946
925th FA Battalion (105mm) 15.11.1942-11.01.1946

Other troops
325th Medical Battalion 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
325th Engineer Combat Battalion 15.11.1942-14.01.1946
100th Infantry Division Hq Company 15.11.1942-10.01.1946
100th Quartermaster Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
100th Signal Company 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
800th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company 08.10.1942-11.01.1946
100th Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized) 15.11.1942-11.01.1946
100th MP Platoon 00.00.0000-00.00.0000
100th Divisional Band 00.00.0000-00.00.0000


Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA)
898th AAA Battalion 07.11.1944-11.05.1945
1st Platoon, 5th AAA Company 21.11.1944-24.11.1944

A Company, 753rd Tank Battalion 07.11.1944-26.11.1944
1st Platoon, D Company, 753rd Tank Battalion 07.11.1944-26.11.1944
A Company, 47th Tank Battalion, 14th Armored Division 03.12.1944-06.12.1944
781st Tank Battalion 07.12.1944-21.12.1944 & 23.02.1945-23.04.1945
A Company, 23rd Tank Battalion, 12th Armored Division 01.01.1945-07.01.1945
B Company, 749th Tank Battalion 08.01.1945-18.01.1945

A & C Company, 83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion 07.11.1944-26.11.1944 
D Company, 99th Chemical Mortar Battalion 02.12.1944-03.12.1944 
2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion 03.12.1944-23.12.1944 & 15.03.1945-22.03.1945
99th Chemical Mortar Battalion 21.03.1945-25.03.1945
C Company, 83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion 31.03.1945-24.04.1945
163rd Chemical Mortar Company 05.04.1945-24.04.1945
69th Chemical Mortar Company 06.04.1945-24.04.1945
B Company, 83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion 09.04.1945-20.04.1945

157th Engineers Battalion 17.03.1945-20.03.1945

Field Artillery (FA)
69th Armored FA Battalion 08.11.1944-26.11.1944
495th Armored FA Battalion (12th Armored Division) 05.12.1944-06.12.1944 & 02.01.1945-07.01.1945
250th FA Battalion (105mm) 05.12.1944-31.12.1944 & 01.03.1945-19.03.1945
131st FA Battalion, 36th Division (105mm) 01.01.1945-04.01.1945 & 18.01.1945-23.01.1945
40th Armored FA Battalion 07.01.1945-18.01.1945
377th Parachute FA Battalion, 101st Airborne Battalion 25.01.1945-28.01.1945
342nd Armored FA Battalion 11.02.1945-23.02.1945 & 28.02.1945-13.03.1945
991st FA Battalion (155mm) 12.03.1945-16.03.1945
802nd FA Battalion (105mm) 21.03.1945-30.03.1945
18th FA Battalion (105mm) 21.03.1945-30.03.1945
242nd FA Battalion (105mm) 31.03.1945-24.04.1945

255th Infantry Regiment, 63rd Division 31.12.1944-19.01.1945
141st Infantry Regiment, 36th Division 01.01.1945-04.01.1945 & 18.01.1945-23.01.1945
274th Infantry Regiment, 70th Division 29.01.1945-09.02.1945
254th Infantry Regiment, 63rd Division 09.02.1945-18.02.1945
5th Infantry Regiment, 71st Division 11.03.1945-14.03.1945
66th Infantry Regiment, 71st Division 12.03.1945-14.03.1945

Reconnaissance (Recon)
117th Cavalry Recon Squad 07.11.1944-26.11.1944 & 18.04.1945-23.04.1945
36th Recon Troop, 36th Division 18.01.1945-23.01.1945

Tank Destroyer
B Company, 636th Tank Destroyer Battalion (SP) 07.11.1944-26.11.1944
824th Tank Destroyer Battalion (SP) 26.11.1944-24.04.1945
1st Platoon, A Company, 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion (SP) 08.01.1945-12.01.1945
B Company, 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion (SP) 09.01.1945-18.01.1945

20.11.1944 6th Army Group
01.11.1944 VI Corps, 7th Army, 6th Army Group
27.11.1944 XV Corps, 7th Army, 6th Army Group
22.03.1945 XXI Corps, 7th Army, 6th Army Group
25.03.1945-25.04.1945 VI Corps, 7th Army, 6th Army Group

Unit Attached to

100th Reconnaissance Troop 45th Division 28.11.1944-05.12.1944
399th Infantry Regiment 45th Division 02.11.1944-09.11.1944
398th Infantry Regiment 45th Division 06.11.1944-09.11.1944
397th Infantry Regiment 45th Division 06.11.1944-09.11.1944 & 28.11.1944-05.12.1944
E Company, 398th Infantry Regiment 3rd Division 17.11.1944-18.11.1944
3rd Battalion, 398th Infantry Regiment 10th Armored Division 03.04.1945-04.04.1945

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