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Richard Arthur
R.A. Abbott
Son of Richard Abbott, waiter, and Annie Abbott.
Married (07.12.1943, Darley Dale Church, Bakewell district, Derbyshire) Mary Evelyn Wood; ... children (one daughter?).
Westminster, St George Hanover Square district, London
Colchester district, Essex
(A) P/O (prob) 03.08.1940 [83497]
P/O (prob) 27.09.1940
(WS) F/O (prob) 13.07.1941
(WS) F/O 03.08.1941
(T) F/Lt. 01.01.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 24.12.1944 (emgcy) (reld 27.10.1955; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
(A) Sq.Ldr. (1943)
Education: Polytechnic Day Boys' School, Regent Street, London (19.09.1922-18.07.1929); Dulwich College (1929-1933).
03.08.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (Equipment Branch) [emergency commission]
Clarence George
C.G. Abel C.G. Abel
Son of John Abel, and Victoria May Nutting.
Married 1st ((06?).1942, Stourbridge district) Marian Fisher; ... children.
Married 2nd (1972, Shopshire / Somerset) ... Jones; ... children (one daughter?).
Stourbridge district, Shropshire / Staffordshire / West Midlands / Worcestershire
Roden Hall Nursing Home (formerly of Wellington and Rowton, Shropshire)
F/Sgt. ? [1214691]
P/O (prob) 29.07.1943 [155463]
(WS) F/O 29.07.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 29.07.1945
F/O 24.07.1952, seniority 24.11.1951
29.07.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
24.07.1952     commissioned, RAuxAF (Fighter Control Branch)
02.11.1956     transferred to reserve
Alfred George
A.G. Abraham (Photo courtesy of Mr David F. Boath)
(A) P/O (prob) 15.08.1941 [103306]
... ...
? - 08.1941 No. 76 Course, Officers' School RAF
15.08.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Equipment Branch) [emergency commission]
Edward Melville
E.M. Ackery
Middle son (with two brothers) of Henry Melville Ackery, MIEE (1870-1950), an electrical engineer serving with the Admiralty, of Gomshall, Surrey, and Mary Elizabeth Magee (1867?-1927).
Married (06.06.1922, St Marylebone district, Middlesex) Dorothy Amy Williams, daughter of George Chisholm Waldemar Williams, FRCS, LRCP (1866-1928), and Elizabeth Mottram Aikin (1880-), of Bristol; two daughters.
Brother of Cdr. Alan Melville Ackery, RN, and W/Cdr. William Melville Ackery, RAFVR.
Cousin of Lt. (E) John Esmond Ackery, RN.

Portsmouth, Portsea Island district, Hampshire
Surrey South Western district, Surrey
(T) Flight Offr. (prob) 29.07.1917
(T) Flight S.Lt. 12.01.1918
(T) Lt. (A & S) 24.05.1918 (reld 05.1919)
P/O (prob) 28.02.1939 [72595]
P/O 30.07.1939
(WS) F/O 30.07.1939
(WS) F/Lt. ?
(WS) Sq.Ldr. 01.09.1943 (engcy) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of W/Cdr.)
(T) W/Cdr. ?
Air Force Cross AFC 01.05.1919 ?
Education: Dulwich College Preparatory School (1910-1912); Dulwich College (19.09.1912-07.1917; 2nd XV 1916/17); Imperial College of Science and Technology (1918-1921; Mech. E. & MP); City and Guilds College, University of London (ACGI; BSc 1921).
Sulzer Brothers, Winterthur, Switzerland, engineers, 1921 (London office, 1923).
28.06.1917     commissioned, RN Air Service [temporary commission]
24.05.1918     commissioned, RAF (Flying Branch) [temporary commission]
28.02.1939     commissioned, RAFVR (Special Duties Branch)
Served with British Electrical Development Associaion (heating engineer).
William Melville
W.M. Ackery
Eldest son (with two brothers) of Henry Melville Ackery, MIEE (1870-1950), an electrical engineer serving with the Admiralty, of Gomshall, Surrey, and Mary Elizabeth Magee (1867?-1927).
Married (05.04.1923, Kensington district, London) Ruth Frances Carlisle, daughter of Henry Carlisle, superintendent E Telegraph Co., of Southsea; ... children (one daughter?).
Brother of Cdr. Alan Melville Ackery, RN, and W/Cdr. Edward Melville Ackery, RAFVR.
Cousin of Lt. (E) John Esmond Ackery, RN.
Lived at Portsmouth (1926), Kingsbridge, Devon (1948).

Portsmouth, Portsea Island district, Hampshire
(T) 2nd Lt. 17.03.1915
(T) Lt. 1916
(T) F/O 14.11.1917
(T) F/Cdr. ? (reld 1919)
P/O (prob) 02.10.1939 [74044]
P/O 19.09.1940
(WS) F/Lt. 02.04.1940
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.06.1942
(WS) Sq.Ldr. 25.07.1943 (emgcy) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of W/Cdr.)
(T) W/Cdr. ?
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 01.01.1919 ?
Croix de Guerre with star (France) CdeG 08.02.1919 ?
Education: Alleyn's School (1907-1908); Dulwich College (08.04.1908-07.1914).
Accountant. Edmonds, Clover & Ackery, chartered accountants, at Portsmouth (articled 03.1919; clerk 1923; ACA 1923).
09.1914     University and Public Schools Battalion, Epsom
17.03.1915     commissioned, 10th Reserve Battalion, East Surrey Regiment
01.1916     seconded, 6th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers
20.04.1916     transferred, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
10.1916     seconded, 16th Trench Mortar Battery
14.11.1917     transferred, Royal Flying Corps (General List) (served Egypt & Salonica; despatches)
15.04.1921     restored to active list for temporary duty
02.10.1939     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
25.07.1942     transferred, RAF Regiment
R. Adcock

Son of Cecil Philip Adcock, and Violet Marianne Bartholomew, of Redhill, Surrey.
Married ((12?).1940, Kensington district, London) Penelope Creighton Dormehl (15.12.1912 - 10.1999); one son. Penelope Adcock remarried (1946) Edward C.W. Fowler.
(MPK) [age 30]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 31]
Ldg.Acm. ? [1268352]
P/O (prob) 23.08.1941 [106142]
23.08.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 07.12.1941 61 Squadron RAF
[Manchester I L7494 (QR-) took off 17:42 hrs 07.12.1941 from Woolfox Lodge for an operation against Boulogne, France. The aircraft exploded and crashed into the sea off Boulogne. All seven crew memebers were lost.]
the Hon. Gurth Louis Francis
G.L.F. Addington

Fourth son (with five brothers & three sisters) of Maj. the Hon. Raymond Anthony Addington (6th Viscount Sidmouth) (1887-1976), and Gladys Mary Dever Hughes, of Highway Manor, Calne, Wiltshire.
Married (10.05.1950, Church of the Holy Family, Nairobi, Kenya) Patience Gillian Travers, second daughter of Col. L.E. Travers, and Mrs Travers, of 53, Baronsmede, London W5; nine children.
Sydney, Australia
Wt.Offr. ? [1339541]
P/O (prob) 07.07.1945 [199543]
(WS) F/O 07.01.1946
Education: RN College, Dartmouth (Admiralty No. 1330; 5th term, 09.1935; 7th term, 01.1936, unplaced; 9th term, 09.1936, unplaced); Downside School.
Awarded studentship by the Council of the Law Society, 07.1938, proposed to be articled to Arnold, Fooks Chadwick and Co., of London.
      Class SE-42-G; washed out of pilot training in an Arnold Scheme primary flying school as well as British Flying Training School No. 6 (Ponca City, Okla.), but was later qualified as an air bomber in Canada
07.07.1945     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
      37 Squadron RAF
Ambrose James van Someren
G.P.W. Austin
Son of William Judson Addis (1867-1934), secondary school master, and Annie Florence Fisher.
Brother of 2nd Lt. Jasper Jocelyn John Addis, The King's Regiment.
Married ((12?).1933, Camberwell district, Surrey) Ethel Kate Linda Kanaar ((03?).1907 - ), daughter of Leo Stanley Kanaar (1869-1942), and Kate Elizabeth Shilling (1872-1960).
Croydon district, Surrey
P/O (prob) 05.08.1940 [83156]
(WS) F/O (prob) 05.05.1941
(WS) F/O 05.08.1941
(T) F/Lt. 01.09.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 22.12.1943 (emgcy) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
Education: Dulwich College Preparatory School; Dulwich College (05.1918-07.1924; Spenser (athletic house); Junior Scholar 1918; Senior Scholar 1922; editor "Alleynian" 1923-1924; 3rd XV 1923-1924; VIII 1924).
05.08.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative Duties Branch)
Hubert John
H.J. Adkins
Bromsgrove district, Hereford and Worcester / Shropshire / Staffordshire / Worcestershire
[Saint Andrew Churchyard
Cranwell, Lincolnshire]
01.04.1918 [13054]
01.07.1927 (retd 27.05.1933) (reactivated 01.09.1939) (retd 28.03.1945; retaining rank of W/Cdr.)
(T) W/Cdr.


first commission RAF (General Duties Branch)
served RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) (for Special Duties)
Jack Charles Stanmore
J.C.S. Agazarian J.C.S. Agazarian
J.C.S. Agazarian
Son (with three brothers and two sisters) of Berdj Rupen Agazarian (1887?-1944), and Jacqueline Marie-Louise le Chevalier (1889?-1954).
Brother of F/Lt. Levon Berdj Agazarian, RAFVR, and F/O Noel le Chevalier Agazarian, RAFVR.
Married ((12?).1941, Holborn district, Middlesex) Francine Isabelle André (08.05.1913 - 06.1998), the daughter of a French civil servant. She remarried (1956) John C. Cais.

further biographical material (obituaries, reference works) might be available upon request

Hendon district, Middlesex
(murdered while in captivity) [age 29]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 265]
Hon. P/O 10.09.1942 [71106]
Hon. F/Lt. ?
Mentioned in Despatches MID 13.06.1946 ? [posthumously]
Légion d'Honneur (France) LegH ? ?
Croix de Guerre avec palme (France) CdeG ? ?
Education: preparatory school, France; Dulwich College (1927-1932).
Joined his father in business, travelling much in Spain and America, being director of a company before joining the RAFVR.
1940     enlisted, RAFVR
10.09.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch)
      liaison officer on special duties in the Intelligence Branch
? - 30.07.1943 F Section, Special Operations Executive (SOE); captured
30.07.1943 - 29.03.1945 POW in German captivity (Flossenbürg); murdered
Levon [C] Berdj
L.C.B. Agazarian
Son (with three brothers and two sisters) of Berdj Rupen Agazarian (1887?-1944), and Jacqueline Marie-Louise le Chevalier (1889?-1954).
Brother of F/Lt. Jack Charles Stanmore Agazarian, RAFVR, and F/O Noel le Chevalier Agazarian, RAFVR.
Married (24.07.1948, Armenian Church of the Holy Cross, New York, USA) Sonia Izmirlian, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs Sarkis Izmirlian, of Khartoum, and of Strathray Gardens, Hampstead.
Kensington district, London
Sgt. ? [655652]
P/O (prob) 19.07.1942 [133264]
(WS) F/O (prob) 19.04.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 19.10.1944
Education: Dulwich College (1927-1931).
19.07.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
Noel le Chevalier
N. le C. Agazarian N. le C. Agazarian
N. le C. Agazarian
Son (with three brothers and two sisters) of Berdj Rupen Agazarian (1887?-1944), and Jacqueline Marie-Louise le Chevalier (1889?-1954).
Brother of F/Lt. Jack Charles Stanmore Agazarian, RAFVR, and F/Lt. Levon Berdj Agazarian, RAFVR.

further biographical material (obituaries, reference works) might be available upon request

Kensington district, London
(KIA) [age 24]
[Knightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma, Libya, 3.G.22]
P/O 14.02.1939 [72550]
F/O 14.08.1940
Education: Dulwich College (1927-1935; in First XV for two years, in boxing & swimming teams for three years, captain of both his last year and Victor Ludorum in 1935); Wadham College, Oxfrod (honours degree in jurisprudence 1935-1938; boxed for Oxford; Univeristy Air Squadron).
14.02.1939     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
      No. 15 Flying Training School RAF (Lossiemouth)
      No. 1 School of Army-Cooperation RAF (Old Sarum)
? - 07.1940 5 Operational Training Unit RAF
07.1940 - 25.01.1941 pilot, 609 Squadron RAF (Battle of Britain) [combat report]
26.01.1941 - 16.05.1941 pilot, 274 Squadron RAF (Middle East)
      7 victories, 2 shared, 4 damaged, 1 shared damaged
Harold Patrick [M?]
H.P. Aiken
Married Joan Rosamond D'Esterre (died 15.04.2008); one daughter, three sons.
10.11.1909 ?
02.2001 ?
Bangor, Caernarvonshire ?
P/O (prob)
29.10.1939 [75680]
(WS) F/O
27.02.1941, seniority 27.02.1941 (reduction)
(WS) F/Lt.
27.05.1942 (reld 30.03.1946; medical unfitness for air force service)

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
George Shadforth
G.S. Aird (Photo courtesy of Revd Wendy Aird) G.S. Aird (Photo courtesy of Revd Wendy Aird)
G.S. Aird (Photo courtesy of Revd Wendy Aird) G.S. Aird (Photo courtesy of Revd Wendy Aird)
Son (with two sisters and one brother) of Robert Anderson Aird (1867-1935), and Isabel Dawson (1877-1948).
Married (01.06.1940, St John's Monkseaton Methodist Church, Whitley Bay) Winifred May Peart (01.06.1912 - 01.06.2003); one daughter, one son.
Seaham Harbour, Durham
North Tyneside district, Tyne and Wear
Ldg.Acm. ? [1107391]
(A) P/O (prob) 29.07.1942, seniority 30.06.1942 [125891]
P/O (prob) 29.09.1942, seniority 30.08.1942
(WS) F/O (prob) 29.003.1943 (Emgcy List) (reld 10.02.1954, retaining rank of F/O)
29.07.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
His daughter writes: "Our father was called up in 1940, I believe, just after he married, and served in the UK at Stranraer and Tarrant Rushton amongst others. At some point later in the war he was posted to India and Burma, but we don't know very much about that."
H. Alderson (Photo courtesy of Mr Derek Greenwood) H. Alderson (Photo courtesy of Mr Derek Greenwood)
Hartlepool, Co. Durham
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Ldg.Acm. ? [1489291]
(A) P/O (prob) 26.11.1942 [133916]
P/O (prob) 26.01.1943
(WS) F/O (prob) 26.07.1943 (Emgcy List) (reld 09.02.1955; retaining rank of F/Lt.)
26.11.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
  03.1944 - 04.1945 served on Socotra
1945     RAF Khorma Kbar (Burma)
Eric Stanley
E.S. Aldous
Son (with two sisters) of Stanley George Aldous (1880-1939), and Winifred Mary Reade (1879-1950), of Sanderstead, Surrey.

further biographical material (obituaries, reference works) might be available upon request

Wandsworth district, London / Surrey
(KIA) [age 23]
[Flushing (Vlissingen) Northern Cemetery, the Netherlands, A.30]
Sgt. ? [745796]
P/O (prob) 27.07.1940 [82708]
(WS) F/O 27.07.1941
(A) F/Lt. ?
Education: Dulwich College (1931-1935; boarder in Ivyholme and in the Second XI 1935).
Worked for Messrs. Charringtons, coal merchants.
09.1938     volunteered for RAFVR
05.1939 - 07.1940 started training (attending lectures after office hours and flying at week-ends); continued training after the outbreak of the war at Cambridge and elsewhere; obtained his wings 07.1940
27.07.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
27.07.1940 - 11.09.1940 pilot, 610 Squadron RAF
[24.08.1940 his Spitfire (R6641) was damaged in combat off Dover, but he returned safely to base; 30.08.1940 claimed a He 111 destroyed]
12.09.1940 - 28.09.1940 pilot, 41 Squadron RAF
[Following combat over Charing 28.09.1940, he was slightly injured when he crash-landed his Spitfire (X4345) at Pluckey]
29.09.1940 - 08.1941 instructor, 55 Operational Training Unit RAF (in Hurricanes in the North of England)
08.1941 - 16.10.1941 pilot, 615 Squadron RAF (Manston)
[Took off from in Hurricane IIB [Z3028 KW-] on a sortie to attack storage tanks at Flushing. He was shot down by Flak and killed. Report on this loss (partly in Dutch, in English and in German)]
David James
D.J. Alexander
Third son of Dr. John Budge Alexander, MD, DPH (1881-1961), and Hilda W. Bailey.
Brother of Maj. Ian Stafford Alexander, Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Married ... Primrose.
Sudbury, Suffolk
Ldg.Acm. ? [913778]
P/O (prob) 25.01.1941, seniority 19.01.1941 [60337]
(WS) F/O 25.01.1942, seniority 19.01.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 25.01.1943, seniority 19.01.1943
25.01.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Obtained civil aviator's licence (No. 22017) on 28.10.1946 while being a qualified service pilot.
Napier George Henry Sturt;
3rd Baron
3rd Baron Alington
Only son of Humphrey Napier Sturt, 2nd Baron Alington and Lady  Feodorowna Yorke (died 1934), daughter of 5th Earl of Hardwicke.
Succeeded father, 30.07.1919.
Married (27.11.1928) Lady Mary Sibell Ashley­Cooper (died 1936), eldest daughter of 9th Earl of  Shaftesbury; one daughter.

St Marylebone district, London
Cairo, Egypt
[Cairo New British Protestant Cemetery, Egypt, E.221-222]
P/O (prob) 02.07.1940 [83058]
WW I     served as a Captain in the RAF
02.07.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch)
? - 16.09.1940 possibly serving as a staff officer at HQ Middle East (died on active service of a short illness after pneumonia)
William Herbert
W.H. Allen
Lisbon, Portugal
Sgt. ? [760407]
(A) P/O (prob) 08.08.1941, seniority 17.03.1941 [102751]
P/O (prob) 08.10.1941
(WS) F/O (prob) 01.10.1942, seniority 17.05.1942
(T) F/Lt. 01.01.1945 (emgcy) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of F/Lt.)
Member of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) MBE 01.01.1946 New Year 46
08.08.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
William Ezekiel
W.E. Allison (Photo courtesy of Mr Christopher Hobbs)
Son of John Setter Allison, and Mary Thornton.
W.E. Allison (Photo courtesy of Mr Christopher Hobbs)Married (10.1942, Durham South Eastern district) Barbara Matthews (02.10.1921 - 31.03.2013), Auxiliary Territorial Service, of Acomb, Yorkshire.
Chester le Street district, Durham
(flying accident) [age 23]
[Greatham Church Cemetery, Durham, South East corner]
(T) F/Sgt. ? [999393]
P/O (prob) 30.01.1942 [115784]
(WS) F/O (prob) 01.10.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 20.01.1943
(A) Sq.Ldr. ?
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 20.04.1943 ?

W.E. Allison's grave (Photo courtesy of Mr Christopher Hobbs)

30.01.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1943)     424 (RCAF) Squadron (DFC)
? - 28.11.1943 pilot instructor, 16 Operational Training Unit RAF
[Wellington Mk. III X3923 had taken off from Upper Heyford for a night exercise, during which a mid-air collision occured at 23:55 hrs, over Oxfordshire, with another of the unit's aircraft. Debris from the two machines were scattered in the vicinity of Baynard's Green (on the NE side of the airfield). Six of the crew died, one was injured.]
Leslie Ethelbert George
L.E.G. Ames L.E.G. Ames
L.E.G. Ames L.E.G. Ames
Son (with one sister) of Harold Ames (1875-), accountant, and Edith Broadbridge (1878-).
Married 1st (30.04.1930, Elham district, Kent) Leonie Muriel File (10.05.1907 - (12?).1978); one son.
Married 2nd (29.01.1980, Wallasey district, Cheshire) Jane Burgoyne Templeton Dingwall (29.10.1909 - 01.1995), who was earlier married to Richard Arnold.

Elham, Kent
Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury, Kent
P/O (prob)
26.01.1940 [77316]
(T) F/Lt.
(WS) F/Lt.
(A) Sq.Ldr.
Commander of the Order of the British Empire (Civil Division) CBE 1973 for services to cricket
Education: Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone.

commissioned, RAF (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) (for Physical Training Duties)

Commanding Officer, RAF Harrogate (for flying training?)
Famous cricket player. After his final playing season in 1951, Ames became a successful manager and administrator. He managed MCC tours to the West Indies in 1967–8 and Sri Lanka and Pakistan in 1968–9. He was also the first professional to be appointed as a selector in 1950, continuing until 1956 and serving again in 1958. He was the secretary and manager of Kent County Cricket Club, taking Kent to win the County Championship in 1970.
Robert Lionel
R.L. Ames
Son of Robert Ames, and Agnes M.E. Wells.
Married ((06?).1948, Norwich district, Norfolk) Betty K. Collins, daughter of Lt. (E) Percy Sydney Collins, RNVR, of Wroxham, Norfolk; ... children (one son?).
Yarmouth district, Norfolk
Norwich district, Norfolk
Acm. 2nd cl. ? [1725460]
(A) P/O (prob) 11.11.1943 [159177]
P/O (prob) 09.03.1944
(WS) F/O 09.09.1944
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St - -
Atlantic Star Atl St - -
Africa Star Afr St - -
Italy Star It St - -
Pacific Star Pac St - & clasp Burma
War Medal 1939-1945 WM 39|45 - -
Electrical design engineer in Norwich. Served in local Home Guard at Stalham, Norfolk.
(10.1943)     No. 61 Officers' Course
11.11.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (Technical Branch) [emergency commission]
      served in the Far East, Italy & North Africa
Returned to LSE Norwich.

Linton Hennell
L.H. Amsden
Son (with two brothers) of Stanley Thomas Amsden (1865-1921), secretary and director of Olney, Amsden & Sons Ltd., manufacturers and warehousemen, and Clara Rosalie Hennell (1864-1950), of Sydenham, London SE26.
Lewisham district, London
Greenwich district, London
(A) P/O (prob) 31.12.1941 [114667] (reld 10.12.1942; ill-health)
Education: The Hall, Sydenham; Dulwich College (01.1920-07.1923; Grenville (athletic house)).
31.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
06.05.1942     transferred, RAFVR (Equipment Branch)
Company director.
A. Anderson

Dundee, Scotland
(KIA) [age 26]
[Protestant Churchyard Appeltern, around 1970 reinterred at Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, the Netherlands, XXII.F.3]
Ldg.Acm. ? [973515]
P/O (prob) 03.02.1943 [138155]
(WS) F/O (prob) 03.08.1943
(A?) F/Lt. ?
03.02.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 21.09.1944 pilot, 190 Squadron RAF (Fairford)
[Stirling bomber LJ833 was hit by Flak and then attacked by German fighters on return from a resupply dropping in aid of the airborne forces at Arnhem. The aircraft crashed at 16:00 hrs 21.09.1944 between Demen and Batenburg on the river Maas. Only three of the nine-man crew survived. See Dutch account of the crash.]
John James Nowell
J.J.N. Anderson
Greenwich district, London
(A) P/O (prob) 04.03.1942 [117950]
P/O (prob) 04.05.1942
(WS) F/O (prob) 04.10.1942 (reld 14.01.1944; ill-health)
Education: Dulwich College (1927-1931).
04.03.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Flight Lieutenant, Rhodesian Air Force.
Leonard Stanley
L.S. Andrews
Son of ... Andrews, and ... Bryan (?).
(03?).1922 ?
Hammersmith district, Greater London ?
? [1309009]
P/O (prob)
14.02.1942 [116961]
(WS) F/O (prob)
(WS) F/Lt.
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]

45 Squadron RAF
Richard Brown
R.B. Applewhite (Photo courtesy of Mr David F. Boath)
Lincoln district, Lincolnshire
(A) P/O (prob) 31.03.1941 [62768]
... ...
31.03.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 08.1941 No. 76 Course, Officers' School RAF
Stanley Keith
S.K. Archer

Son (with one brother and one sister) of Hermann Woods Archer (1875-1941), and Sarah Ann Stallard (1877-).
Married (25.07.1936, Godalming, Surrey South-western district, Surrey) Daisy Violet Mollie Towills ((09?).1913 - ), daughter of William G. Towills, and Sarah Freeman; one son.
Godalming, Guildford district, Surrey
Milford, Godalming, Surrey South-western district, Surrey
(A) P/O (prob) 19.12.1941 [114197]
P/O (prob) 19.02.1942
(WS) F/O (prob) 01.10.1942 (emgcy 09.02.1946) (reld 13.02.1954)
19.12.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      Officers' School, RAF Cosford
      main service was in the Middle East and Malayan Auxiliary Air Force (involved in codes & cyphers)
Bank clerk.
see: Civilian officers serving under the Admiralty  
Dennis Lockhart
D.L. Armitage
Son of ... Armitage, and ... Topp.
Bolton district, Lancashire
Winchester, Hampshire
12.1937 [741076]
10.12.1939 [76573]
(A) F/Lt.
(WS) F/Lt.
(A) Sq.Ldr.
1941? (reld late 1945)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
destroyed a Junkers Ju 88 12.08.40

joined the RAFVR at Hythe as "Airman under training to be Pilot"

called up for full-time service, RAF, General Duties Branch
flying training at No. 2 Flying Training School, Brize Norton



266 Squadron RAF (Sutton Bridge, from 03.1940 Martlesham Heath, from 05.1940 Wittering)
'A' Flight Commander
CO 129 Squadron RAF (Leconfield)
[on a Wing-escort for bombers attacking targets in France, he was hit and baled out and taken PoW, No. 3800]

relinquished commission on the RAFVR Emergency List as Flight Lieutenant, retaining the rank of Squadron Leader
T.R. Ashton

Son of ... Armstrong, and ... Entwisle ?
14.07.1920 ?
Bolton, Lancashire
12.1986 ?
Epping Forest district, Essex ?
Sgt. ? [1207831]
P/O (prob) 25.09.1941 [109946]
(WS) F/O 25.09.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 25.09.1943
25.09.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]

Captured after Wellington 1C DV667 of 108 Squadron developed engine trouble over mission target (Tobruk) on 10/11 Aug 1942. Bailed out and became POW. Imprisoned in Stalag Luft 3 . Was 6oth out of tunnel in Great Escape March 1944. Recaptured and survived. Reportedly killed in a traffic accident.

Francis Xavier John
F.X.J. Armstrong
Changed last name from Abraham to Armstrong c. 1931.
Married ((06?).1937, Hampstead district, London) Mary Swales.
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
Uxbridge, Middlesex
P/O (prob) 21.11.1939 [76218]
P/O 21.11.1940
(WS) F/O 06.06.1940
(A) F/Lt. (1941)
(T) F/Lt. 01.03.1942
F/Lt. 17.06.1943 (reld 23.07.1944; ill-health; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
(T?) Sq.Ldr. ?
Mentioned in Despatches MID 01.01.1941 ?
Radio engineer for the BBC. Aviatior's certificate (No. 10135), 30.09.1931 taken on a Redwing 85 h.p. Genet IIA at Eastern Counties Areo Club.
21.11.1939     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
24.04.1940     transferred, RAFVR (Technical Branch) (Signals Officers)
Philip Sydney
P.S. Arnold (Photo courtesy of Mr Tony Arnold)

Son of Robert William and Jennie Evelyn Arnold, of Ilford, Essex.
Married Marie Eileen Arnold; two sons.

some memories of his son

Ilford, Essex
(KIA) [age 39]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 204]
? [846159]
(A) P/O (prob)
22.07.1942, seniority 13.06.1942 [125382]
P/O (prob)
22.09.1942, seniority 13.08.1942
(WS) F/O (prob)
(WS) F/O
Education: Cranbrook College, Ilford, Essex.

served in the ranks, RAFVR (possibly served some time in Air Sea Rescue duty)

first commission, RAFVR (Balloon Branch) [emergency commission]

transferred (at own request) to General Duties Branch with rank of Pilot Officer
mid upper gunner, 106 Squadron RAF
[his Lancaster III [ND680 ZN-P] took off from Metheringham at 0030 hrs to bomb communications in the area around Coutances when it became a casualty; F/O P.S. Arnold & Sgt. E.E.J. Wiggins lost their lives; five others survived]
Philip Lintott
P.L. Arnott

Newcastle upon Tyne district, Northumberland / Tyne and Wear
Bridport, Dorset
Ldg. Aircraftman
? [1259148]
P/O (prob)
23.03.1941 [63090]
? (retd 01.06.1963; own request)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
* This officer has completed a very large number of operational missions, including sorties over Holland, Northern France and Brittany. He is a skilful leader whose zeal and fine fighting qualities have set a praiseworthy example.

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]

130 Squadron RAF

234 Squadron RAF (escorted glider tugs for the Normandy landings)
Andrew Richard
A.R. Ashby (Photo courtesy of Mr David Ashby)
Son of Richard H. Ashby, and Elizabeth Wiglesworth.
Married ((12?).1941, Uxbridge district, Middlesex) Eileen Olive Pippard (04.07.1914-12.2002); two sons.

Staines district, Middlesex
Hillingdon district, London
Sgt. ? [1181295]
(A) P/O (prob) 08.07.1943 [147063]
P/O (prob) 02.09.1943
(WS) F/O 02.03.1944 (emgcy) (reld 13.06.1959; retaining rank of F/Lt.)
Mentioned in Despatches MID 08.06.1944 ?
08.07.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      navigator on Hampdens, later Lancasters, probably with 44 Squadron RAF (at some point based at Waddington, Lincolnshire)
Peter Leonard Osborn
P.L.O. Ashenden (Photo courtesy of Mrs Lucy Ashenden-Trigg) P.L.O. Ashenden (Photo courtesy of Mrs Lucy Ashenden-Trigg)
P.L.O. Ashenden (Photo courtesy of Mrs Lucy Ashenden-Trigg)
Son of Leonard Ashenden (1890-1977), and Dorothy Mary E. Starr (1897-1982).
Married 1st ((12?).1945, Ashford district, Kent; divorced c. 1962) Margaret M. Cowhie; three daughters, two sons.
Married 2nd (c. 1965) Jill ...
Bridge district, Kent
Sgt. ? [1800491]
P/O (prob) 07.12.1943 [170179]
(WS) F/O 09.06.1944
(A) F/Lt. 1945?
(WS) F/Lt. 09.12.1945 (reld 25.02.1949)
Distinguished Flying Cross` DFC 06.11.1945 ?
07.12.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1945)     170 Squadron RAF (DFC)
Herbert Leonard
H.L. Ashman

Son of Leonard Ashman, and Florence May Harrison.
Husband of Mabel Ashman, of Norbury, Surrey.
Kingston district, Middlesex / Surrey
(KIA) [age 30]
[Rheinberg War Cemetery, Germany, collective grave 7.A.1-6]

? [964919]
P/O (prob)
24.08.1941 [106567]
(WS) F/O
(WS) F/Lt.
Mentioned in Despatches MID



commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
air bomber, 7 Squadron RAF
[Lancaster JB313 MG-H was airborne 2256 hrs 24.05.1944 from Oakington for an operation against Aachen. Crashed at Schophoven some 5 km SE of Jülich.]
Francis Henry John
F.H.J. Ashton

Son of ... Ashton, and ... Hooper.
Married ((06?).1940, North Cotswald district, Gloucestershire) Gertrude I. Edwards.
Tewkesbury district, Gloucestershire / Worcestershire
(MPK) [age 26]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 68]
Sgt. ? [1163368]
P/O (prob) 29.10.1941 [112541]
29.10.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 31.05.1942 pilot, 124 Squadron RAF
[Spitfire Mk. Vb (EN891) undertook a fighter sweep without bombers [Rodeo mission] in the afternoon. The plane was hit by Unteroffizier Steinhage of the Flugwachkommando and crashed in the Veerse Gat near Veere, Walcheren, the Netherlands. See crash report.]
Thomas Reginald
T.R. Ashton

[Bergen op Zoom War Cemetery, The Netherlands, 31.A.4]

Ldg. Aircraftman
? [1282891]
P/O (prob)
15.08.1941 [104333]

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, 408 (RCAF) Squadron
[the Hampden I (AT139 EQ-A Bar) took off at Balderton 23.41 hrs 21.07.1944 for an operation against Duisburg; the plane crashed in the Waddenzee, off Den Burg, Texel]
Frank Joseph George
F.J.G. Askew (Photo courtesy of Mr Stephen Green)
Son (with three brothers) of Hudson Francis Askew (1888-1974), and Ethel Stephens (1885-).
Married ((12?).1941, Northumberland South district) Nora Isabella Pearson (13.12.1920 - 12.1996), daughter (with one brother) of Andrew Dickinson Pearson (1877-1962), and Isabella Alice Usher (1888-); two sons, one daughter.
Tynemouth district, Cumberland
Gateshead district, Durham
F/Sgt. ? [1357999]
P/O (prob) 07.05.1944 [182567]
(WS) F/O 07.11.1944
30.06.1940     called up for air force service
      completed training as wireless operator/air gunner (Sgt.)
12.1941     38 Squadron RAF ((Middle East) (full tour of 30 operations on Wellington bombers)
1942     117 Squadron RAF (close support transport on Hudsons with 8th Army, Middle East, later Sicily & Italy, later changing to Dakotas DC3 at Burma)
07.05.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Frederick John
F.J. Askham (Photo courtesy of Mr David F. Boath)
Wellingborough district, Northamptonshire

Reading district, Berkshire
(A) P/O (prob) 15.08.1941 [104735]
... ...
? - 08.1941 No. 76 Course, Officers' School RAF
15.08.1941     commissioned, RAF (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Cyril Robert
C.R. Atfield (Photo courtesy of Mr David F. Boath)
1909 ?
Mansfield district, Nottinghamshire
(A) P/O (prob) 15.08.1941 [104736]
... ...
? - 08.1941 No. 76 Course, Officers' School RAF
15.08.1941     commissioned, RAF (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Roland John
R.J. Atkin (Photo courtesy of Mr Michael Oxley) R.J. Atkin (Photo courtesy of Mr Michael Oxley)

Son (with two brothers and three sisters) of William Edwin Atkin (1887-1955), and Mary Pashley (1885-1963).
Married (25.08.1941, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire) Mary Ellen Cox (1920- ); three daughters.
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
hospital, Leicester district, Leicestershire
(lately of Knighton)
Ldg.Acm. 10.1941 [1245322]
F/Sgt. 04.1942
Wt.Offr. 06.1943?
P/O (prob) 06.06.1943 [148385]
F/O 12.1943
(A) F/Lt. 04.1944
(WS) F/Lt. 06.06.1945
Distinguished Flying Medal DFM 11.06.1943 *
* "This airman has at all times displayed navigational ability of the highest order. His skill and efficiency have been invaluable on numerous operational missions, some of them against heavily defended targets such as Berlin, Spezia and Cologne." By the time of the award he had flown 35 sorties, with a total of 208 flying hours. Recommendation read: "This N.C.O. has carried out 35 operational sorties against Germany, Italy and enemy occupied territory, 19 of which have been carried out with this Squadron. He has at all times shown navigational ability of the highest order and assisted his Captain in a very able manner by taking great pains in identifying and attacking the targets. Sergeant Atkin by his skill, navigational ability and devotion to duty has set a very high example to the squadron."
06.06.1943     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      45 operations culminating in 3 raids on Hamburg July 1943:
      navigator, 50 Squadron RAF
      navigator, 156 Squadron RAF (Pathfinders)
Donald Charles [Seymour]
D.C. Atkins (Photo courtesy of Pat Atkins)
Son (with four brothers and one sister) of John Charles Atkins (1888-1951), and Madeline Moss R. Seymour Howell (1895-1951).
Married ((03?).1947, Brighton district, Sussex) Vera M. Early; five sons, one daughter.
Uckfield district, Hampshire
Brighton, Lewes district, Sussex
F/Sgt. (1944) [1331986]
(A) Wt.Offr. 10.1944
Wt.Offr. 12.1944
P/O (prob) 02.1945, seniority 04.11.1944 [189696]
(WS) F/O (prob) 04.05.1945
      flying training Pensacola, Florida
08.1944     624 (Special Duties) Squadron RAF
10.1944     148 (Special Duties) Squadron RAF
04.11.1944     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      Flew 36 operations in all, flying Stirlings & Halifaxes, being employed carrying out low-level drops of supplies and personnel into Occupied France and mostly the Balkans
Eric Granville [Albert]
E.G. Atkins
Son of Albert Atkins, and Harriett M. Boot.
Married ((03?).1950, Ealing district, London) Sheila I.P. Finley-Day; one son, one daughter.

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
F/Sgt. ? [1377261]
P/O (prob) 11.07.1942 [127846]
(WS) F/O 11.01.1943
(WS) F/Lt. 11.07.1944
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 20.10.1944 *
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 03.04.1945 ?
* This officer has set a fine example of skill, courage and devotion to duty. He has completed a large number of sorties during which he has attacked a variety of targets including enemy airfields in France, Germany, Belgium and Holland. His determination to make every sortie a success has won the greatest praise.
11.07.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
(1945) - (1945) 305 Squadron RAF (DFC & Bar)
Leslie Roy
L.R. Aust

Son of Alfred Fredrick Aust, and Beatrice Fry.
Husband of Joyce Eileen Aust, of Moorland, Somerset.
Bath district, Avon / Somerset
(MPK) [age 24]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 201]
? [544626]
P/O (prob)
01.05.1942 [48957]
(WS) F/O (prob)
(A) F/Lt.
(WS) F/Lt.
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
Distinguished Flying Medal DFM
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St
Atlantic Star Atl St
British War Medal 1939-1945 BWM 39|45
* This officer has a most outstanding operational record. He has completed 3 tours of duty and is now engaged on a fourth. In daylight sorties over enemy territory, he has been attacked 10 times by fighters and on four occasions has flown back to base in aircraft, severely damaged in long and strenuous combats. Since joining his present squadron, he has taken part in 22 anti-submarine patrols and has with his captain made 3 attacks on U-boats. Flight Lieutenant Aust is an extremely capable wireless operator/air gunner who has also filled the post of squadron signals leader with great success.
** This airman has been engaged on operational flying since May, 1940. He served in France and took part in several sorties whilst his squadron was based there. Since then as wireless operator/air gunner has been of a high standard. On 2 occasions, when his aircraft was intercepted by an enemy fighter his well directed fire drove off the attacker each time.

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
wireless operator/air gunner, 59 Squadron RAF
224 Squadron RAF (his Liberator failed to return from a Channel patrol)
Guy Paul Wentworth
G.P.W. Austin
Son of Mr. and Mrs. R.G.L. Austin, of Roundebosche, Cape Province, South Africa.
1914 ?
(KIA) [age 26]
[Berlin 1939 - 1945 War Cemetery, Germany, 9.E.15]

(A) P/O (prob)
15.01.1940 [77130]
P/O (prob)

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
9 Squadron RAF [his Wellington bomber IC T2464 WS-K crashed while on an operation against Magdeburg at Salzwedel (74 km NNW of Magdeburg); all 6 crew members were killed]
John Beech
J.B. Austin
Son of ... Austin, and ... Beech.
Walsall district, Staffordshire
Sgt. ? [748364]
P/O (prob) 21.08.1941 [104448]
(A) F/O (1942)
(WS) F/O 21.08.1942
(A) F/Lt. (1943)
(WS) F/Lt. 21.08.1943
(A) Sq.Ldr. 09.1943-01.1944
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 13.02.1942 ?
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 09.07.1943 *
Vliegerkruis (Flying Cross) (The Netherlands) VK 09.10.1945 special operations over enemy territory [date of Dutch Royal Decree 03.07.1945]
* Since the award of the DFC, Flt. Lt. Austin has completed numerous operations. On one occasion, while he was still several hundred miles from base, his aircraft developed trouble with its flaps which caused it to become practically out of control. After a considerable effort, FIt. Lt. Austin was able to regain control, and by his determination and skill he eventually flew back to base. In May, 1943, this officer again returned to this country safely, although his aircraft had been severely damaged by anti-aircraft fire and one engine was not functioning.
21.08.1941     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1942) - (1943) 138 Squadron RAF (DFC and Bar)
 09.1943 - 01.1944 acting Commanding Officer, 624 (Special Duties) Squadron RAF (Dutch Flying Cross)
Peter Eric
P.E. Axon P.E. Axon
Only son of Thomas Wilfred Axon (1886-1961), and Constance Evelyn Southgate (1890-1979), of Teignmouth.
Married ((09?).1941, Westminster district, London) Yvonne Pamela Temperley, younger daughter of the late C.J. Temperley, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and Mrs E.G. Temperley, of London SW1; two sons, one daughter.
Residence: (1970s) Wargrave on Thames, Berkshire.
Plymouth, Devon
Henley district, Oxfordshire
(A) P/O (prob) ? [77800]
P/O (prob) 26.02.1940
F/O (prob) ?
F/O 26.02.1941
(WS) F/O 01.1941, seniority 16.08.1940
(T) F/Lt. 01.03.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 31.10.1942
(WS) Sq.Ldr. 01.03.1944
(A) W/Cdr. (1944)
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE 01.01.1945 New Year 45
Member of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) MBE 07.02.1941 *
Mentioned in Despatches MID 08.06.1944 ?
* One day in September, 1940, high explosive bombs were dropped on a Royal Air Force Station by an enemy aircraft. A building which was occupied at the time by personnel on duty was seriously damaged. Flight Lieutenant Axon showed great courage and coolness in the face of suspected unexploded bombs and was continuously engaged throughout the night effecting repairs under
trying conditions. The re-establishment of operational service and the high standard of morale possessed by the station personnel reflects great credit upon Flight Lieutenant Axon. This officer has exhibited courage and devotion to duty of a high standard and has maintained the efficiency of his station in a praiseworthy manner.
Education: BSc; ARCS; PhD; DIC; MSc Lond 1938 (Imperial College).
15.01.1940     commissioned, RAFVR (Administrative and Special Duties Branch)
24.04.1940     transferred, RAFVR (Technical Branch)
Served Engineering Research Department BBC (Head of the Recording Group), 1947-1958. Lecture, Electrical Engineering Department, Imperial College. Joined Ampex 1958 (Managing Director Ampex GB Ltd & Ampex Electronics Ltd.). Director, Stone-Platt Industries. MIEE.
Kenneth Arthur Charles
K.A.C. Ayling
Son of Alfred Ayling (1888-), and Beatrice Emma Clemson (1889-1975).
Married ((12?).1937, Surrey North Eastern district) Zana Smith; four children. Zana Ayling remarried (1950) William J.P. Canning.
Fulham district, London
(KIA) [age 29]
[Durnbach War Cemetery, Bayern, Germany, 5.E.5]
Ldg.Acm. ? [1338652]
P/O (prob) 19.09.1942 [129173]
(WS) F/O (prob) 19.03.1943
19.09.1942     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
? - 06.09.1943 air bomber, 196 Squadron RAF (RAF Witchford, Ely, Cambridgeshire)
[Stirling Mk. III EE964 (ZO-F) had taken off 20:00 hrs 05.09.1943 for an operation over Mannheim. The aircraft crashed at 01:00 hrs 06.09.1943 at Bachenau, 16 km NNW of Heilbronn. Of the crew, seven were killed, one was taken POW.]
Harold Edgar Cecil
H.E.C. Aylward
Son of John Augustus Samuel Aylward, and Hilda Janet Aylward, of Grahamstown, Cape Province, South Africa. Native of Southern Rhodesia.
(KIA) [age 20]
[Milan War Cemetery, Italy, II.E.12]
Acm. 2nd cl.
? [710267]
P/O (prob)
20.11.1943 [160124]
20.05.1944, seniority 20.11.1943
(WS) F/O
Education: Gaul House, Plumtree School, Matabeland, Southern Rhodesia (01.1937-12.1940). After sitting his Beit Bursary examination in 1941, he went to Rhodes University College to take up law.
joined RAFVR (preliminary training in Rhodesia)

commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch) (went to Middle East)
237 Squadron RAF
[his Spitfire [PT 960] exploded in flight above Pizzighettone west of Cremona]

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