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T.P.P.F. Fagan  to  D.J. Furner
Thomas Philip Patrick Feltrim
T.P.P.F. Fagan

Fulham district, London
P/O 06.01.1925 [19111]
Sq.Ldr. 01.04.1937
Gp.Capt. 01.01.1946 (retd 07.01.1951; retaining rank of A/Cdre.)

qualified at specialist signals course
George Ferdinand Hay
G.F.H. Faithfull
Middlesborough district, Yorkshire
Oxford, Oxfordshire
Sq.Ldr. (retd)
Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE

Joseph Stewart Temple
J.S.T. Fall J.S.T. Fall

Hillbank, British Columbia, Canada
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
F/Lt. ? [02135]
(A) F/Cdr. (1917)
Sq.Ldr. 25.05.1929
W/Cdr. 01.01.1936 (retd 11.03.1945; retaining rank of Gp.Capt.)
(T) Gp.Capt. 01.09.1940
Distinguished Service Cross DSC 23.05.1917 ?
Distinguished Service Cross DSC 19.12.1917 ?
Distinguished Service Cross DSC 19.12.1917 ?
Air Force Cross AFC 01.01.1919 ?
Mentioned in Despatches MID 11.06.1942 ?
1915 - 1918 served, Royal Naval Air Service
01.04.1918     transferred, RAF (General Duties Branch)
      served mostly North Africa
1943 - 1945 Commanding Officer, Air Force Training Camp, Carberry, Manitoba
Eric Edward *
E.E. Fallick
* changed name (post-war?) to:
Falloch, Eric Edward Sutton
Edmonton, Essex
Farley Hill, Luton, Bedfordshire
P/O (prob)
14.03.1925 [19155]
(T) W/Cdr.
01.07.1947, seniority 01.10.1946 (retd 30.06.1954; own request)

first commission, RAF )General Duties Branch) [short service commission]

permanent commission

qualified at specialist engineering course

transferred to Technical Branch
William Reginald
W.R. Farnes
Son (with one sister) of William Farnes (1886-1963), and Charlotte Rosina Bone (1883-1965).
Married 1st (14.12.1944, King's chapel of St John the Baptist, Westminster, London) Rosemary Daphne Sotham (20.11.1919 - 06.12.2009), daughter of Bernard Sotham (1883-1953), and Mary Jewison (1887-); one son, one daughter.
Married 2nd (06.1966, Westminster, London) ... Sinclair Searby.
Married 3rd (12.1968, St Marylebone district, London) Diana M. Knox.
Summerfield, Bovy Tracey
Bath district, Somerset (formerly of Chippenham, Wiltshire)
(A) P/O (prob) 07.09.1937 [40097]
P/O 12.07.1938
(WS) F/O 03.12.1939
(A) F/Lt. 04.04.1939
(WS) F/Lt. 01.08.1940
(T) Sq.Ldr. 30.11.1942 (reld 24.11.1947, retaining rank of W/Cdr.)
Sq.Ldr. 24.11.1947
(A) W/Cdr. ? (reld 24.11.1957)
Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE 02.06.1943 ?
Mentioned in Despatches MID 01.01.1943 ?
07.09.1937     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
(1943)     8 Sector Operations Room (OBE)
24.11.1947     commissioned, Royal Auxiliary Air Force (Reconstituted) (General Duties Branch) & to command No. 3507 (County of Somerset) A.D.U.
Company director. Sales director of Bristol Aircraft Ltd. since 1956.
Edwin Jocelyn
E.J. Ffoulkes-Jones
Corwen district, Denbighshire / Merionethshire
Wrexham district, Clwyd / Wales
Sq.Ldr. 01.06.1936 [03249]
W/Cdr. 01.03.1940 (retd 27.10.1945)

Bernard William
B.W. Finn (Photo courtesy of Mr David F. Boath)
Ldg.Acm. ? [580785]
(A) P/O (prob) 15.08.1941, seniority 25.06.1941 [46386]
... ...
? - 08.1941 No. 76 Course, Officers' School RAF
15.08.1941     commissioned, RAF (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Brendan [Eamonn Fergus]
B. Finucane

Son of Thomas Andrew and Florence Louise Finucane, of Richmond, Surrey.
Dublin, Ireland
English Channel
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 64]
(A) P/O (prob)
29.10.1938 [41276]
P/O (prob)
(A) F/Lt.
(A) S/Ldr.
(A) W/Cdr.
Distinguished Service Order DSO
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
* Recently, during two sorties on consecutive days, Flight Lieutenant Finucane destroyed 5 Messerschmitt 109's bringing his total victories to at least 20. He has flown with this squadron since June, 1941, during which time the squadron has destroyed 42 enemy aircraft of which Flight Lieutenant Finucane has personally destroyed 15. The successes achieved are undoubtedly due to this officer's brilliant leadership and example.
** This officer has shown great keenness in his efforts to engage the enemy and he has destroyed at least 5 of their aircraft. His courage and enthusiasm have been a source of encouragement to other pilots of the squadron.
*** This officer has led his flight with great dash, determination and courage in the face of the enemy. Since July, 1941, he has destroyed three enemy aircraft and assisted in the destruction of a further two. Flight Lieutenant Finucane has been largely responsible for the fine fighting spirit of the unit.
**** This officer has fought with marked success during recent operations over Northern France and has destroyed a further six enemy aircraft. Of these, three were destroyed in one cfay and two in a single sortie on another occasion. His ability and courage have been reflected in the high standard of morale and fighting spirit of his unit. Flight Lieutenant Finucane has personally destroyed fifteen hostile aircraft.

joined RAF
65 Squadron (Hornchurch)
mid 1941
Flight Commander, 452 Squadron [19 victories]
CO, 602 Squadron [with 65 & 602 Squadron total 13 victories]

in combat with Fw 190 bear Mardyck; crashed [602 Squadron, BL548] & wounded
Hornchurch Wing Leader (Wing Commander (Flying))

hit by AA fire on a sweep over the French coast & crashed with his Spitfire Vb [154 Squadron, BM308] in the English Channel

32 victories
Literature: Doug Stokes, Paddy Finucane, fighter ace : a biography of Wing Commander Brendan E. Finucane, D.S.O., D.F.C. and Two Bars (1992)
Eric Alfred *
E.A. Fisher
* also known as: Alfred Eric Fisher
Married (26.09.1945, Rhodesia) Ann Augusta Sang (died 18.06.1981); three daughters, two sons.
St Faiths district, Norfolk
? [649300]
P/O (prob)
21.06.1944 [54975]
(WS) F/O
(WS) F/Lt.
21.06.1946 (reld 07.11.1946)

commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
Isaac John
I.J. Fitch
Son of Frank and Mary Redfern Fitch; husband of Florence Fitch.
Bedford district, Bedfordshire
[Bourail New Zealand War Cemetery, 8.1]
Sq.Ldr. 01.04.1937 [22162]
A/Cdre. ?
Education: psa

qualified at specialist signals course
John Charles
J.C. Fitzgerald
Married Grace ...; ... children.
Wt.Offr. ? [332852]
F/O (prob) 25.04.1940, seniority 29.02.1940 [43331]
F/O 25.04.1941
(T) F/Lt. 01.09.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 17.01.1945
(A) Sq.Ldr. ?
F/Lt. 01.11.1947, seniority 01.09.1945 (retd 13.05.1948; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
25.04.1940     commissioned, RAF (Equipment Branch) [emergency commission]
Donald Malcolm
D.M. Fleming (Photo courteys of Mr Tony Fleming)
Son of William Fleming (1862-1936), and Elizabeth Mary McKechnie (1872-1956).
Married (03.06.1932, Fountains Abbey, Skipton district, West Riding of Yorkshire; divorced 1946/47) Hilda "Susan" Foden; one son, one daughter.
Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland
in a RAF home, Devonshire
2nd Lt. 10.01.1918 [07087] (Unemployed List 05.07.1919)
F/O 14.06.1920
F/Lt. ?
Sq.Ldr. 01.02.1936
W/Cdr. 01.01.1939 (retd 22.08.1946; retaining rank of Gp.Capt.)
(T) Gp.Capt. 01.06.1941
Mentioned in Despatches MID 11.07.1940 ?

In 1925 commended by the Air Council for his courage and determination when a flash grenade prematurely exploded in his machine during a display at Wembley. Although his hand was injured, he extinguished a smouldering cushion and successfully piloted the machine back to Northolt.

08.1917     enlisted, 28th London Regiment (Artists Rifles)
      flying training at Reading & Oxford
10.01.1918     temporary commission, RFC (General List)
14.06.1920     short service commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
18.04.1923     32 Squadron RAF (Kenley)
27.05.1925     permanent commission, RAF (General Duties Branch)
18.11.1925     HQ RAF Iraq
07.02.1927     Aircraft Depot, Iraq
09.07.1927     30 Squadron RAF (Iraq)
16.10.1927     RAF Depot, Uxbridge
05.04.1928     No. 3 Flying Training School RAF (Grantham)
10.03.1930     22 Squadron RAF (Martlesham Heath)
15.09.1930     Experimental Section, Royal Aircraft Establishment, South Farnborough
03.11.1930     22 Squadron RAF (Martlesham Heath)
23.01.1932     Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment RAF (Martlesham Heath)
29.12.1933     45 (Bomber) Squadron RAF (Helwan, Egypt)
? - 14.04.1936 No. 4 Flying Training School (Abu Sueir, Egypt) (for flying duties)
14.04.1936 - 01.09.1936 Commanding Officer, 29 Squadron RAF (North Weald)
01.09.1936     No. 4 Flying Training School (Abu Sueir, Egypt) (for flying duties)
10.09.1937     Commanding Officer, 25 (Fighter) Squadron RAF (Hawkinge)
      Posted to Drem and Turnhouse in Scotland in the early days of WW2. Was at Hawkinge in Kent, and probably a controller during the Battle of Britain. Posted to Peshawar and Chittagong during the latter part of WW2.
William Brown
W.B. Fleming
Married ...; ... children.
Bromley, Kent
(A) P/O (prob) 02.09.1932 [32222]
P/O (prob) 02.09.1933
P/O 28.11.1933
F/O 02.04.1935
F/Lt. 02.04.1937
Sq.Ldr. 01.08.1939
25.02.1947, seniority 01.08.1940
06.05.1947, seniority 01.08.1939
(T) W/Cdr. 01.09.1941
W/Cdr. 01.07.1947, seniority 01.10.1946
01.01.1949 (retd 03.03.1958)
02.09.1932     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
02.09.1943     transferred, Reserve of Air Force Officers (and called up for air force service)
23.01.1946     extended service commission
Francis Driscoll
F.D. Flinn F.D. Flinn
Son of ... Flinn, and ... Driscoll.
Married ((03?).1962, Southport district, Lancashire) Jean Mackenzie.
Romford district, Essex
Sgt. ? [580008]
P/O (prob) 04.07.1940, seniority 02.05.1940 [44130]
(WS) F/O 04.07.1941, seniority 02.05.1941
(WS) F/Lt. 04.07.1942, seniority 02.05.1942 (reld 22.01.1946; medical unfitness)
04.07.1940     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
(1938) - 04.10.1940 42 (TB) Squadron RAF (Coastal Command)
[shot down flying Beaufort L4488 with in the North Sea (near IJmuiden); captured]
      POW in German captivity; 3 attempts to escape from Colditz before feigning madness and being repatriated
Ran a shop with his wife in Southport, Merseyside.
Maxwell Charles William Craig
M.C.W.C. Flint
Edinburgh, Scotland
Umtali, Rhodesia
Sq.Ldr. 01.04.1937
W/Cdr. 03.1940 (retd 05.1946)
Military Cross MC
Military Cross, G.V.R.; British War and Victory Medals (2 Lieut. M. C. W. C. Flint); General Service 1918-62, 1 clasp, Iraq (Lieut. M. C. W. Flint); India General Service 1908-35, 1 clasp, Waziristan 1925 (F./O. M. C. W. C. Flint, R.A.F.),

M.C. London Gazette 21 January 1920:
‘For a gallant attack on one of the enemy strong points, which he captured with the support of very few men, in spite of very heavy machine-gun and rifle fire; and also for the manner in which he handled his platoon during the subsequent counter-attack by the enemy. He set a fine example to his men.’

qualified at specialist signals course

Maxwell Charles William Craig “Max” Flint, who was born in Edinburgh in September 1898, enlisted in the Royal Scots in March 1917 and was appointed to a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 3rd Battalion, Gordon Highlanders in June 1917. First embarked for the French theatre of war in the following year, on attachment to the 7th Battalion, he was afterwards employed in North Russia as a Lieutenant in the 45th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, in which capacity he won his MC for gallant deeds in Murmansk Command. Having then been demobilised in December 1919, he was appointed to a commission on the Indian Army Reserve of Officers, in which role he witnessed further active service in the Iraq operations of December 1919 to November 1920.
Flint then appears to have applied for employment in the Colonial Service, but in June 1922, he was actually appointed to the Royal Air Force in the rank of Pilot Officer. Advanced to Flying Officer & Observer in December 1923, in which latter month he joined No. 5 (Army Co-operation) Squadron) at Kohat, a unit of No. 1 Indian Wing, he served in the same capacity during the Waziristan operations of March-May 1925, under Wing Commander R. C. M. Pink, C.B., thereby qualifying for his rare India General Service 1908-35 Medal - one of just 260 such clasps issued.
Following these operations, Flint was transferred to the aircraft depot at Karachi, but in July 1928, he gained an appointment in No. 6 (Army Co-operation) Squadron in Mosul, Iraq, and was advanced to Flight Lieutenant a year later. Returning to the U.K. in the early 1930s, he was next appointed - in March 1933 - to No. 4 (Army Co-operation) Squadron at Farnborough, which unit was commanded by Squadron Leader M. F. “Freddie” West, V.C. And in April 1937, on West being posted to a special assignment in Finland, he himself was appointed to the command of No. 4 in the rank of Squadron Leader.
Flint was advanced to Wing Commander in the General Duties Branch in March 1940, and to Group Captain in June 1941, and was finally placed on the Retired List in May 1946.

John Patrick
J.P. Foley (Photo courtesy of Mrs Bronwen Foley)
? [635064]
P/O (prob)
21.05.1945 [56847]
(WS) F/O
01.11.1947, seniority 21.05.1946 (reld 03.06.1950)
27.09.1950 (reld 28.04.1951)

served in the ranks, RAF

83 Squadron RAF

88 Squadron RAF (Normandy invasion)

commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]

RAF Reserve of Officers (03.06.1955 extension of service for 5 years)
commissioned, RAFVR (Training Branch)
Personal pilot after the war, finishing in service to Air Vice Marshal Wragg. Was also pilot for the Commonwealth War Graves commission.
Richard James Alexander
R.J.A. Ford
Elder son of Gen. Sir Richard Vernon Tredinnick Ford, KCB, CBE, RM (1878-1949), late Commandant-General Royal Marines, and Diana Pollard (?-1911), of Folkestone.
Married ((09?).1937, Westminster district, London) Ena Constance Broadbent (Mrs Richardson), younger daughter of Spencer Broadbent, of Whitehaven, Cumberland.
Portsmouth district, Hampshire
Ringwood and Fordingbridge district, Hampshire
P/O 17.12.1924 [16151]
... ...
Sq.Ldr. 01.04.1937
(T) W/Cdr. 01.03.1940
(T) Gp.Capt. 01.06.1942
Gp.Capt. 01.10.1946 (retd 03.07.1954)
Commander of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) CBE 01.01.1953 New Year 53
Education: RAF College, Cranwell (1923-1924).
17.12.1924     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch)
      served with fighter & bomber squadrons at Hawkinge and Martlesham
1931 - 1935 five years' duty in Egypt & Palestine (10.02.1933 14 (B) Squadron RAF)
09.11.1936 - 1937 Experimental Section Royal Aircraft Establishment, South Farnborough
05.07.1937     Commanding Officer, 211 (B) Squadron RAF (Mildenhall)
04.1938     Commanding Officer, 104 Squadron RAF (Hucknall)
1940 - 1941 Commanding Officer, 99 (Bomber) Squadron RAF
1941 - 1942 on staff of Commander-in-Chief Air Headquarters, Western Desert
1942     Senior Air Staff Officer East Africa
1947 - 1949 deputy head, RAF Delegation to Greece
Member Burley parish council and Ringwood and Fordingbridge RDC from 1958. Justice of the Peace (JP), Hampshire (1963).
Myles Lonsdale
M.L. Formby (Photo courtesy of Mr David Clare) M.L. Formby (Photo courtesy of Mr David Clare)
M.L. Formby (Photo courtesy of Mr David Clare) M.L. Formby (Photo courtesy of Mr David Clare)
Son (with one sister) of Capt. Myles Lonsdale Formby (1874-1914), and Winifred Powys Stone (1881-1915).
Married 1st (1939, Wokingham district, Wiltshire / Berkshire) Patricia M. Nagle ((06?).1919 - ); two sons.
Married 2nd ((06?).1951, Westminster district, London) Barbara Mary Therese Corballis (1917 - 1997); three daughters
Andover, Hampshire
Causeway Hospital, Doleraine (formerly of Portballintrae, County Antrim, Northern Ireland)
P/O (prob) 12.03.1934 [70221]
F/O 12.09.1935 (reld 01.01.1938)
01.01.1938, seniority 12.09.1935
(T) F/Lt. 06.04.1941
F/Lt. 01.11.1947, seniority 01.03.1945 (02.03.1948 cancelled)
(T) Sq.Ldr. ?-01.11.1947
(WS) Sq.Ldr. 10.01.1943-01.01.1948
Sq.Ldr. 22.08.1946, seniority 01.09.1945
W/Cdr. 01.07.1953 (retd 20.05.1967; own request)
12.03.1934     commissioned, RAF Reserve - Reserve of Air Force Officers (Class AA(ii))
01.01.1938     commissioned, RAFVR (General Duties Branch)
02.10.1940     transferred, RAFVR (Technical Branch)
22.08.1946     extended service commission, RAF (Technical Branch)
29.10.1948     permanent commission, RAF (Technical Branch)
Charles Edward William
C.E.W. Foster
(09?).1896 ?
Plymouth district, Devon ?
Uxbridge district, Middlesex

the Rev. Henry Robert Victor
H.R.V. Foster

Son of John Foster.
Married (06.06.1931, St Mark, Battersea Rise, Wandsworth, London) Dorothy Ethel Brumfit (21.09.1916 - 02.1992); ... children (one daughter?).
Co. Cork, Ireland
Woodbridge, Framlingham, Suffolk
Chaplain to the Forces 4th class 22.03.1930 (reld 19.04.1938)
Chaplain (with relative rank of Sq.Ldr.) 19.04.1938 [90104] (Emgcy List) (reld 10.02.1954; retaining rank of Sq.Ldr.)
Education: Trinity College, Dublin University (BA 1919, MA 1923).
Deacon 1920, priest 1921, Co. Down. Curate of Kilkeel, 1920-1923; St Mary Newry, 1923-1927; St Saviour Westcliff-on-Sea, 1927; Holy Trinity, Cambridge, 1927-1929. Vicar of St Mark, Battersea Rise, Diocese Southwark, 1929-1935; St Peter Bethnal Green, 1935-1950; Caddington, 1950-1956. Rector of Earl Soham, 1956-1957. Vicar of Cretingham, 1956-1967. Rural Dean of Loes, 1962-1967.
22.03.1930 - 19.04.1938 commissioned, Royal Army Chaplains' Department - Territorial Army
19.04.1938 - 1946 commissioned, 600 (City of London) (Fighter) Squadron - Auxiliary Air Force (Chaplains Branch)
C.E.W. Foster
Elder son of James Pearson Foulsham (1877-), and Agnes Emma Still (1882-), of Streatham, London SW16
Married (05.02.1940, Christ Church, East Sheen, Surrey North Eastern district) Lilian Elizabeth "An" Monro (22.07.1916 -  05.2001), younger daughter of Dr  James Donald Rae Monro (1869-1941), and Beatrice Killey, of Richmond, Surrey; three sons.
Wandsworth district, London
(A) P/O (prob) 14.09.1934 [34236]
P/O 14.09.1935
F/O 14.06.1937
(WS) Sq.Ldr. 28.08.1943 (reld 05.08.1946; retaining rank of W/Cdr.)
(A) W/Cdr. (1944)
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Civil Division) OBE ? ?
Military Cross MC 18.12.1936 Palestine 36
Mentioned in Despatches MID 14.01.1944 ?
14.09.1934     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
(1936)     No. 2 Armoured Car Company RAF (Palestine) (MC)
14.09.1937     transferred, Reserve of Air Force Officers - Class C
? - ? ?
(02.1946)     Food Control, Singapore
District Officer, Malaya (1952).
Jack Noel
J.N. Francis J.N. Francis
J.N. Francis J.N. Francis
Son of Edwin Francis (1879-1948), and Emily Butcher.
Married (27.10.1943, Stoney Cross, New Forest district, Hampshire) Evelyn "Eve" Carter (15.05.1923 - 26.03.1998); one son, two daughters.

Reading, Berkshire
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
(T) F/Sgt. ? [634682]
P/O 26.11.1941 [47316]
(WS) F/O (prob) 01.10.1942
(WS) F/Lt. 26.11.1943
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St - & clasp Battle of Britain
Air Crew Europe Star AirC Eur - & clasp ?
Defence Medal Def M - -
War Medal 1939-1945 WM 39|45 - -
Mentioned in Despatches MID 01.01.1945 ?
Bronzen Kruis (Bronze Cross) (The Netherlands) BK 02.09.1949 Arnhem 09.44 [Dutch Royal Decree No. 29 of 10.06.49] *

* During the Airborne Operations near Arnhem having demonstrated a courageous and coherent course of action against the enemy and having shown exceptional devotion to duty.

06.03.1940 - 15.03.1940 Blind Approach Training Development Unit RAF (Boscombe)
20.03.1940 - 19.04.1940 Air Gunner's course (Penrhos)
21.04.1940 - 20.05.1940 236 Squadron RAF (Speke)
21.05.1940 - 28.12.1940 No. 2 School of Army Co-operation RAF (Andover)
13.01.1941 - 07.04.1941 53 Squadron RAF (Thorney Island)
09.04.1941 - 02.07.1941 No. 2 School of Army Co-operation RAF (Andover)
03.07.1941 - 28.07.1941 Central Gunnery School RAF (Castle Kennedy)
01.08.1941 - 30.04.1942 42 Operational Training Unit RAF (Andover)
26.11.1941     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
01.05.1942 - 1944? 297 Squadron RAF (Netheravon, from 06.06.1942 Hurn, from 31.10.1942 Thruxton, from 03.09.1943 Stoney Cross)
1944? - 19.09.1944 wireless operator/air gunner, 299 Squadron RAF (Keevil)
[Stirling EF-319 was hit by Flak and crashed in the woods opposite the Rust Wat café, Kemperbergweg at Arnhem; four of the crew were killed, the other six bailed out in time and were captured, with the exception of one who evaded capture]
19.09.1944 - 04.1945 POW in German captivity (Stalag Luft I, Barth)
Noel Inglis Chalmers
N.I.C. Francis (© Radley College)
Son of Dr James Bernard Chalmers Francis, MRCS (1874-1949), and Marie Johanna Sasse, of Brighton, Sussex.
Married (22.09.1939, Parish Church of St Philip, Aldrington, Hove district, Sussex) Milfred Margaret Hazel Lock (21.09.1918 - (03?).1979), daughter of Ernest Lock (1895-1939), farmer, of Hove, Sussex. Margaret Francis remarried (1950) Victor Edward Dark (1906-1992).

East Brighton, Sussex
[age 23]
[Stoke-upon-Tern (St Peter) Church Cemetery, row F, grave 218]
Gnr. 10.03.1937 [866039] (reld 03.06.1938; on appointment to RAF)
(A) P/O (prob) 04.06.1938 [40817]
P/O (prob) 04.04.1939
P/O 04.07.1939
F/O 03.09.1940
Education: Allhallows, Honiton; St Peter's College, Radley (1932.3-1934.2; Smale's; H.).
10.03.1937 - 03.06.1938 153rd Battery, 51st Anti-Aircraft Brigade Royal Artillery - Territorial Army
04.04.1938 - 03.06.1938 ab initio flying course as pupil pilot (Civil Flying School, Prestwick)
04.06.1938     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
04.06.1938 - 17.06.1938 No. 1 Depot RAF (Uxbridge, London) (awaiting appointment)
18.06.1938 - 13.01.1939 No. 9 Flying Training School RAF (Hullavington) (for flying training)
14.01.1939 - 23.05.1939 School of Navigation Co-operation (RAF Ford) (for flying duties)
24.05.1939 - 23.09.1939 752 Squadron FAA [HMS Peregrine (RN Air Station, Ford, Sussex)] (for flying duties; on loan to RN)
24.09.1939 - 26.01.1940 616 (South Yorkshire) Squadron RAF (Doncaster, from 23.10.1939 Leconfield, East Riding of Yorkshire) (for flying duties)
27.01.1940 - 31.01.1940 No 1 Receiving Centre, RAF Uxbridge (in transit for AASF France
01.02.1940 - 17.05.1940 HQ Advanced Air Striking Force RAF (with British Expeditionary Force, France & Belgium) (for flying duties)
18.05.1940 - 20.07.1940 Fighter Flight Sumburgh RAF (Sumburgh, Shetlands Islands, from 21.07.1940 Roborough, Hampshire) (for flying duties), unit redesignated:
21.06.1940     he was on a routine patrol in Gladiator N5716 when the engine failed; force-landed on the beach at Haroldswick, Isle of Unst but the aircraft ran into shallow water and overturned; Francis escaped unhurt.
21.07.1940 - 22.03.1941 A Flight, 247 Squadron RAF (Roborough, Hampshire (with detachment at St Eval, Cornwall)) (for flying duties)
22.11.1940     crashed on take-off at St Eval, with his Gladiator N5649 being written off
23.03.1941 - 03.05.1941 Central Flying School RAF (Upavon, Wiltshire) (for Flying Instructor's (War) Course No. 21)
04.05.1941 - 09.12.1941 No. 5 Service Flying Training School RAF (Ternhill, Shropshire)
killed when instructing in Master III W8578 of 5 SFTS; it dived into the ground, cause unknown, near Cheswardine, Shropshire; his pupil, LAC RW Hinde, was also killed.]
Robert Aquilla
R.A. Francis (Photo courtesy of Mr David F. Boath)
Son of Alfred Aquilla Francis and Sarah Millard.
Married ...; ... children.

Cardiff, Glamorganshire
(06?).1962 ??
Northampton district, Northamptonshire ??
Wt.Offr. ? [345682]
F/O (prob) 15.08.1941, seniority 02.07.1941 [46370]
(T) F/Lt. 01.09.1942
F/Lt. 01.11.1947, seniority 01.09.1945 (retd 07.07.1948; medical unfitness)
Coal miner.
17.01.1916 - 16.01.1920 served as Able Seaman in the RNVR
20.08.1921     enlisted in RAF (Ruislip)
? - 08.1941 No. 76 Course, Officers' School RAF
15.08.1941     commissioned, RAF (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) (for special duties (marine craft)) [emergency commission]
William Henry
W.H. Franklin
Son of George William and Harriett Franklin.
Husband of Louise Eliza Franklin, of Romford, Essex.
1911 ?
(KIA) [age 29]
[Runnymede Memorial, panel 8]
? [562984]
P/O (prob)
13.10.1940, seniority 18.09.1940 [44753]
Distinguished Flying Medal DFM
shot down a Bf 109 & Bf 110 over Dunkirk
Distinguished Flying Medal DFM
commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
65 Squadron RAF (flying Spitfire I's during the Battle of Britain) [shot down and killed in combat with a Ju 88 near Selsey in his Spitfire (R6978) at 14:20hrs.]

13 victories, with 3 shared
John Gerald
J.G. Franks

P/O 17.12.1924
Sq.Ldr. 01.12.1936
Air Vice Marshal 01.01.1954 (retd 04.04.1960)


qualified at specialist armament course
John Connell
J.C. Freeborn J.C. Freeborn
J.C. Freeborn J.C. Freeborn

Middleton, Yorkshire
Southport, Merseyside
(A) P/O (prob) 26.03.1938 [70854]
P/O 17.01.1940
F/O 03.09.1940
(WS) F/Lt. 03.09.1941
F/Lt. 01.11.1947, seniority 01.09.1945
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.01.1944
(WS) Sq.Ldr. 30.04.1944-01.01.1948
(A) W/Cdr. ?
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 13.08.1940 *
* This officer has taken part in nearly all offensive patrols carried out by his squadron since the commencement of the war, including operations over the Low Countries and Dunkirk, and, more recently, engagements over the Channel and S.E. of England. During this period of intensive air warfare he has destroyed four enemy aircraft. His high courage and exceptional abilities as a leader have materially contributed to the notable successes and high standard of efficiency maintained by his squadron.
26.03.1938     commissioned, Reserve of Air Force Officers (General Duties Branch) [Class A]
1939?     transferred, RAF
(1940)     74 Squadron RAF (DFC)
16.01.1945     transferred to Reserve of Air Force Officers (and called up for air force service)
14.11.1948     transferred from Class C to Class A
James Laurence Fuller
J.L.F. Fuller-Good

01.02.1937 [16110]
(T) W/Cdr.
14.04.1942, seniority 01.03.1940
(T) G/Capt.
14.04.1942, seniority 01.03.1940
Air Vice Marshal
01.07.1954 (retd 29.03.1959)
Derek Jack
D.J. Furner
Son of Vivian J. Furner.
Married (1948) Patricia Donnelly; three sons.

[Cromer, Norfok ?]
Air Vice Marshal
01.01.1974 (retd 31.01.1976)

CBE (1973), OBE (1963), DFC (1943), AFC (1953)

Education: Westcliff High School, Essex

first commission RAF
Joined RAF, 1941; commissioned as navigator, 1942; Bomber Comd (2 tours), 1942-1944; Transport Command, Far East, 1945-1947; Navigation Instructor, 1948-1950; trials flying, Boscombe Down, 1951-1953 and Wright­Patterson, Ohio, 1953-1956; Air Min., 1957; OC Ops Wing, RAF Waddington, 1958-1960; Planning Staff, HQ Bomber Comd, 1961-1963 and SHAPE, Paris, 1964-1965; Dep. Dir Manning, MoD (Air), 1966-1967; OC RAF Scampton, 1968; AOC Central Reconnaissance Establishment, 1969-1970; Sec., Internat. Mil. Staff, NATO, Brussels, 1970-1973; Asst Air Secretary, 1973-1975. Gen. Manager, 1976-1981, Dir, 1977-1981, Harlequin Wallcoverings. FIPD (FIPM 1975); FIMgt (FBIM 1975). Mem., Mensa, 1989.

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