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R.E.G. Van der Kiste   to   A.E. Vivian
Van der Kiste,
Robert Edgar Guy
R.E.G. Van der Kiste R.E.G. Van der Kiste
R.E.G. Van der Kiste R.E.G. Van der Kiste (Photo courtesy of Mr Andrew Wilson)
Youngest son (with three brothers) of
Lt.Col. Freegift William Van der Kiste,
DSO (1875-1948), Royal Artillery, and
Evelyn Grace Shipley (1876-1939), of
Salisbury, Wiltshire.
Married (06.11.1939, Norwich district,
Norfolk) Nancy Kathleen "Jummy"
Holman ((09?).1921 - ), elder
daughter of Dr Alec George Holman,
MRCS, LRCP (1891-1956), and Grace
Kathleen Brown (1899-1985), of
Aylsham, Norfolk; one son, two
daughters (and one son deceased).
Brother-in-law of F/Lt. Charles Patrick
Holman, DFC, RAFVR.
Limerick, Ireland
Ivybridge, South Hams district, South Devon
(A) P/O (prob) 02.11.1936 [39248]
P/O 31.08.1937
F/O 31.03.1939
F/Lt. 03.09.1940
(T) Sq.Ldr. 01.12.1941
(WS) Sq.Ldr. 23.05.1942
Sq.Ldr. 01.09.1945
25.02.1947, seniority 01.01.1945
(T) W/Cdr. 23.02.1942
W/Cdr. 01.10.1946 (retd 31.08.1959)
W/Cdr. RAuxAF 12.01.1960, seniority 05.12.1959
Distinguished Service Order DSO 30.05.1941 gallantry displayed in flying operations against the enemy *
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE 13.06.1957 HM's birthday 57
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St - -
Atlantic Star Atl St - & France & Germany clasp
Defence Medal Def M - -
War Medal 1939-1945 WM 39|45 - -
Mention in Despatches MID 24.09.1941 ?
Mention in Despatches MID 01.01.1945 ?
General Service Medal GenSM - & Malaya clasp
Order of the Cloud and Banner (with special badge & knot) (China) CBD 15.03.1946 ?
Order of the Sublime Commencement (China) Sub C ? ?
* In April this officer was the captain of an aircraft which carried out a
reconnaissance of the Norwegian coast from Hammerfest to Harstad, entailing
a flight of many hours. The greater part of the reconnaissance had to be
carried out at less than 2,000 ft., but Flight Lieut. Van Der Kiste made a skilful
use of the low cloud and the topographical features of the country that very
little oppostion from the ground was encountered. At Harstad, where there was
no cloud, he approached the twon flying just above the water level and,
despite anti-aircraft fire, flew right in and completed his reconnaissance. By
skilful low flying among the fjords he was able to avoid any damage to his
aircraft. On a previous occasion Flight Lieut. Van Der Kiste carried out a
reconnaissance at a low altitude under extremely trying conditions. Although
his aircraft was damaged by enemy fire, he completed his mission and skilfully
flew back to base.
Education: Cheltenham College (Jones and Boyne House; 05.1926-04.1929).
Worked as an engineer for Renault first in Paris and then as one of their Field service engineers in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries.
02.11.1936     commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission] (RAF Depot, Uxbridge)
14.11.1936 - 29.06.1936 No. 7 Flying Training School (Peterborough)
30.06.1937 - 18.06.1939 206 (General Reconnaissance) Squadron (Bircham Newton)
19.06.1939 - 17.07.1939 flying-boat conversion course, Calshot
18.07.1939 - 07.07.1941 210 Squadron RAF (Pembroke Dock) [carried out 156 sorties]
01.08.1941 - 15.11.1941 31 Squadron of America (Toronto, Canada)
16.11.1941 - 03.12.1941 RAF Ferry Command
03.12.1941 - 22.02.1942 HQ RAF Coastal Command
23.02.1942 - 01.05.1943 Air Ministry (attended Staff College from 14.11.1942)
04.05.1943 - 15.07.1944 Commanding Officer, 201 Squadron RAF (Castle Archdale, then Pembroke Dock) [carried out 12 sorties]
15.07.1944 - 11.1944 HQ 19 Group RAF
01.09.1945     permanent commission
20.12.1945 - 06.03.1946 RAF Mission to China
30.03.1946 - 18.12.1946 No. 3 Officer Advanced Training School RAF (Kandy)
19.12.1946 - 04.02.1947 Commanding Officer, 88 Squadron RAF (Hong Kong)
04.02.1947 - 01.1948 Commanding Officer, No. 2 Staging Post RAF (Saigon)
15.01.1948 - 20.08.1948 Commanding Officer, RAF Sembawang (Malaya)
26.10.1948 - 24.04.1949 Joint Services Staff Course (Latimer)
01.05.1949 - 10.07.1949 No. 1 Air Navigation School RAF (Toppcliffe)
11.07.1949 - 10.09.1950 No. 1 Air Navigation School RAF (Hullavington)
12.09.1950 - 30.05.1952 Air Ministry
04.06.1952 - 26.09.1954 Air Element, Military HQ (Chatham) [attached to 201 A.F.S Tarrant Rushton No 16 Jet Familiarisation Course 24.06.1953-24.07.1953]
27.09.1954 - 25.08.1957 HQ RAF Coastal Command (for air staff duties)
26.08.1957 - 31.09.1959 HQ 19 Group RAF
12.01.1960     commissioned, RAuxAF (Reconstituted) (General Duties Branch)
12.01.1960 - 12.01.1964 Commanding Officer, No. 3 (County of Devon) Maritime Headquarters Unit
Director, Plymouth Incorporated Chamber of Trade and Commerce, 1974-1980 (Secretary, 1964-1974).
Victor Bosanquet [Strachan]
V.B. Verity V.B. Verity
V.B. Verity
Son of Mr & Mrs C.S. Verity, Cave, South Canterbury, New Zealand.

Timaru, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand
(A) P/O (prob)
13.05.1939 [42164]
P/O (prob)
(WS) F/Lt.
06.11.1941 (reld 15.12.1943)
? (reld 11.1945)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
* Squadron Leader Verity has shown a fine example by the skill with which he has intercepted enemy aircraft at night and the determination he has displayed in his attacks. He has destroyed at least two and damaged two other hostile aircraft. In most of his combats, Squadron Leader Verity has been accompanied by Sergeant [Frederick William] Wake [who got the DFM] who, as an air gunner, has displayed great skill, determination and courage.
Education: Timaru Boys’ High School (1932-1934.
Worked on father's farm.
sailed in "Tainui" to UK to join RAF

commissioned, RAF (General Duties Branch) [short service commission]
229 Squadron RAF (patrols in Blenheims over the North Sea fishing fleet, then flying Hurricanes in France)
[on 20.05.1940 shot down 2 Heinkel He 111, got shot up himself, but managed to crash land and make it safe back to his base; over Dunkirk on 31.05.1940 he destroyed a Messerschmitt Bf 110, shot down himself and picked out of the sea; shot down a Heinkel He 111 and damaged a Messerschmitt Bf 110 on 10.09.1940 and shot down a Junkers Ju 88 on 04.10.1940 in battles over London]
422 Flight RAF (Shoreham) (experimental fighter unit)
[damaged a Junkers Ju 88 06.11.1940, and again on 13.11.1940, while sharing destruction of a Junkers Ju 88 that same day]
96 Squadron RAF (Shoreham) (flying Hurricanes & Defiants)
[15.03.1940 probable destruction of a Junkers Ju 88; 08.05.1941 destroyed one Ju 88; 11.05.1941 destroyed a He 111, and probably destroyed a Ju 88; 08.07.1941 destroyed a He 111]
73 Squadron RAF (Western Desert) (flying Hurricanes)
Aircraft Delivery Unit (flying Beaufighters)
89 Squadron RAF (Egypt, then squadron’s detached flight at Luga in Malta)
108 Squadron RAF (Malta)
[destroyed a He111 off Trapani, Sicily; when posted away he had flown 375 sorties overall]

night intruder controller at HQ Fighter Command in the UK

transferred, RNZAF

1622 Flight RAF
Commanding Officer, 650 Squadron RAF (engaged in target towing for Army personnel being trained for anti-aircraft duties)
Squadron Leader Flying at 62 Operational Training Unit RAF training navigators (RAF Hereford)
Resumed farming until 1959, and went back to the UK to form a roofing business, returning again to New Zealand 10 years later.
Timothy Ashmead
T.A. Vigors T.A. Vigors
2nd son of Capt Ludlow Ashmead Cliffe Vigors, of Coolmore, Fethard, Co Tipperary.
Married 1st (1942) Jan ...; three daughters.
Married 2nd (1963) Alice Devin Atalanta Clifford (Mrs Richard Fairey); one son.
Married 3rd (1972) Heidi Bohlen; two daughters.
Married 4th (1982) Diana Bryan.

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
23.12.1939 [33554]
(WS) Sq.Ldr.
24.01.1944 (retd 08.11.1946)
(A) W/Cdr.
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
destroyed 9 enemy aircraft
Education: Eton; Cranwell
      see: Australian War Memorial
Published: Life's too short to cry : the inspirational memoir of an ace Battle of Britain fighter pilot (2006)
Archibald Elgar
A.D. MacDonald
Wt.Offr. ? [519713]
P/O (prob) 13.03.1944 [54350]
(WS) F/O 13.09.1944
13.03.1944     commissioned, RAF (Administrative and Special Duties Branch) [emergency commission]
      navigator on PBY Catalina flying boats
(08.1945)     stationed in Rangoon, Burma
Alexis Peter
see: RAFVR officers' section  

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