1st British Airborne Division
Arnhem, September 1944
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The service number of each person is (when known) given after the date of commissioning. Most officers had only a wartime career, but when no indication is given about a Territorial Army commission or an emergency commission, the officer involved served as a Regular Army officer, with in most cases an active army career before and after the war. For explanations & abbreviations you can look at the help page.

Clifford Mervin
C.M. Aasen (Photo courtesy of Mr Paul Pariso)
Son (with five sisters and one brother) of Edward Aasen (1890-1961), and Eva Mary Fisher (1891-1942).
Married Leona Blanche Hartley; one son.
Montreal, Que.
2nd Lt. ?
Lt. 20.11.1943
?     commissioned, Canadian Infantry Corps
 ? - 20.11.1943 No. A-16 Canadian Infantry Training Centre, Calgary, Alta.
20.11.1943 - 14.03.1944 Prince Albert & Battleford Volunteers
14.03.1944 -   No. A-34 Training Centre (Reinforcements) CIC
      Canloan scheme: CDN/285
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, 8 Platoon (A Company), 1st Battalion The Border Regiment (Arnhem [wounded, POW])
Lino operator in the newspaper printing business.
Norman Vere Maxwell
N.V.M. Adams N.V.M. Adams

Eldest son (with one brother) of Dr. Daniel Vere Maxwell Adams (1875-1953), and Edith Anne Williams, of Lanark.
Married ((03?).1942, Bromwell district, Kent) Hilda Mary Cook, of Hunstanton, Norfolk; one son.

Boroughmuirhead district, Edinburgh City, Scotland
(KIA) [age 27]
[Groesbeek Memorial, panel 8]
Cadet Gnr. ?
2nd Lt. 27.04.1940 [129156]
WS/Lt. 27.10.1941
Education: Cargilfield Preparatory School; Fettes College (Glencorse House; 1932-07.1936; Va mods.); Edinburgh University (completed two years as a medical student).
      122nd Officer Cadet Training Unit, RA
27.04.1940     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery [emergency commission] (served with Lanarkshire Yeomanry)
25.03.1942     transferred, Glider Pilot Regiment - Army Air Corps
      wounded in the Sicily operations
(09.1944)     Section Commander, D Squadron (No. 1 Wing), Glider Pilot Regiment (pilot Horsa Cn. 457) (Arnhem [killed in action])
Ronald McCardie Martin
R.M.M. Adams (Photo courtesy of Mr Hugh Adams)
R.M.M. Adams (Photo courtesy of Mr H.J. Broer)
Only son (with one sister) of Dr. Henry Adams (1873-), and Kathleen May Martin (1886-1979), of North Shields.
Married (12.08.1948, Northumberland South district, Northumberland) Aline Hassal Harvey (07.11.1922 - 09.04.2016), daughter (with one brother) of Fredrick William Harvey (1894-1976), and Evelyn Hassall (1897-1980); three sons, one daughter.


Tynemouth district, Northumberland
Tunbridge Wells
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 13.09.1941 [204374]
WS/Lt. 27.10.1941 (reld > 04.1946)
06.1940     served with the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
13.09.1941     commissioned, The South Staffordshire Regiment [emergency commission]
01.11.1942     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1943)     156th Parachute Battalion (Taranto, Italy)
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, Mortar Platoon (Support Company), 156th Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [evacuated]) 
1944 - 1945 served with IS 9, operational section of Military Intelligence (MI) 9 helping escapers in the Netherlands
1945 - 1946 Field Security Officer in northern Ruhr, Germany
Solicitor, National Westminster Bank, London.
John Thompson
J.T. Ainslie
J.T. Ainslie
Son of John Ainslie (1887-), and Elizabeth A. Thompson (1881-).
Married ((09?).1942, Northumberland South district) Joan D. Mearns ((03?).1918 - ), daughter of ... Mearns, and ... Brown; one son, three daughters.
Newcastle upon Tyne district, Northumberland / Tyne and Wear
Toronto Grace Hospital, Ontario, Canada
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 22.02.1941 [174191]
WS/Lt. 22.08.1942
Lt. 01.04.1950, seniority 01.09.1946 (retd 10.06.1952)
A/Capt. 21.06.1949
A/Maj. 01.01.1950
Education: Newcastle Royal Grammar School; Pembroke College, Cambridge University (1937; modern languages; BA 1940, MA 1945).
22.02.1941     commissioned, The Royal Norfolk Regiment [emergency commission]
01.01.1944     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1944)     Administration Officer (HQ Company), 2nd Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 00566/12B) in German captivity (Oflag 79, Brunswick, Lower Saxony)
01.09.1946     commissioned, Territorial Army, General List
(1949)     served Glasgow Academy Contingent, Combined Cadet Force
01.01.1950 - 10.06.1952 Commanding Officer, Glasgow Academy Contingent, Combined Cadet Force
Emigrated to Canada 1952. Teacher in Toronto High Schools.
William Carson

W.C. Alford

Married 1st (1940, Carnlachie district, Scotland) Margaret Falcon Graham; one son, two daughters.
Married 2nd (1979, Inverness district, Scotland) Barbara Courtenay Hyatt-Box (née Linton) (25.02.1922 - 05.2016), former WRNS officer, daughter (with one brother) of Charles Henry Linton (1887-1955), and Emma Beatrix M. Bowen (1897-)

Rutherglen district, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Kincardine district, Sutherland, Scotland
Lt. 09.05.1939 [88813]
WS/Capt. 09.05.1940
T/Maj. 10.12.1941
WS/Maj. 10.08.1943  (reld < 04.1946)
A/L.Col. 06.05.1943
T/Lt.Col. 1944?
Hon. Lt.Col. < 04.1946
Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE 24.08.1944 Italy 09-11.43 [citation available upon request]
Mention in Despatches MID 24.08.1944 Italy 09-11.43
Mention in Despatches MID 20.09.1945 Arnhem 09.44
Education: Rutherglen Academy, Glasgow University 1932-1938 (MB, ChB, 1938); MRCGP.
09.05.1939     commissioned, Royal Army Medical Corps - Territorial Army
24.08.1939     mobilized
      served in France, the Middle East, and the Western Desert (1942-1943)
1943 - 09.1944 Commanding Officer, 133rd Parachute Field Ambulance (Tunisia, Italy; Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 1674) in German captivity (Reserve-Lazarett XI-B, Wolfenbüttel))
? - 31.03.1967 Territorial Army Reserve of Officers
General practitioner, Lairg, Sutherland, 1946-1983. Late hospital physician, Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow. Hosptal surgeon Royal Infirmary, Glasgow. Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Sutherland, 1965.
Peter Sewell
P.S. Allenby
Elder son (with one sister and one brother) of Sq.Ldr. Sewell Allenby (1879-1954), and Nellie Amelia Codrington (1887-1957), of Ealing.
Married (06.05.1944, St Peter's, Parkstone, Poole district, Dorset) Rachel Marita Jolliffe, elder daughter of the late C.H. Jolliffe, Colombo, Ceylon, and of Mrs. Jolliffe, of Parkstone, Dorset; one son, two daughters.

Headington district
Homington Down, Salisbury district, Wiltshire
Lt. 29.01.1944 [306749]
WS/Capt. 29.01.1945 (reld > 04.1946, < 04.1947)
A/Maj. ? ?
Education: MB, BS (London, 1945); St Thomas's Medical School; MRCS (Eng), LRCP (Lond), 1943.
29.01.1944     commissioned, Royal Army Medical Corps [emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Anaesthesist, 16th Parachute Field Ambulance (Arnhem [POW])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 53660) in German captivity (Stalag IX-C, Mühlhausen, Hessen)
General practitioner, Salisbury, Wiltshire. Late ear, nose & throat registrar. Botleys Park Hospital. Clinical Assistant Genito-Urin. Department, St Thomas's Hospital.
D. Allsop
Youngest son of George Allsop (1874-?), and Mary Hutchinson (1876-?), of Woodbine, Bakewell.
Married (01.05.1943) Sub. Miriam Brook Kaye, ATS (22.05.1917 - 09.1997), elder daughter of Brig. Geoffrey Lancelot Kaye (1890-1959), and Ruth Emerton Fisher (1895-1984), of Canford Cliffs, Bournemouth.

Bakewell district, Derbyshire

Poole, Dorset
A/Cpl. ?
2nd Lt. 29.11.1939 [105457]
WS/Lt. 29.05.1941
T/Capt. 07.08.1943
WS/Capt. 26.12.1944 (reld > 04.1946)
T/Maj. 26.12.1944
Order of the Bronze Lion (Netherlands) BL 31.07.1945 Arnhem 09.44 [citation available upon request]
      served in the ranks, The Manchester Regiment - Territorial Army
29.11.1939     commissioned, The Manchester Regiment [emergency commission]
01.11.1941     transferred, Royal Regiment of Artillery
28.05.1942     transferred, Reconnaissance Corps - Royal Armoured Corps
(09.1944)     Second-in-Command, 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron (Arnhem [evacuated])
(1945)     Officer Commanding, 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron (Norway)
Transport & dairy manager, Pontesbury nr. Shrewsbury.
Dermod Green
D.G. Anderson

Son of John Jarrold Armitage Anderson (1874-1938), and Mary Pinkerton Woodside (1877-).
Married ((03?).1940, St Marylebone district, London) Caroline A. Cooke.

(KIA) [age 29]
[Groesbeek Memorial, panel 8]
2nd Lt. 15.03.1940 [123868]
WS/Lt. 15.09.1941
Education: University of Liverpool.
Architect clerk. Served RAFVR (air crew, Eltham) pre-war.
15.03.1940     commissioned, The Gloucester Regiment [emergency commission]
09.04.1942     transferred, Glider Pilot Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1944)     Section Commander, B Squadron (No. 1 Wing), Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem [killed in action])
Patrick Anchitel Richmond
P.A.R. Anson

Only son of Capt. Henry Percy Richmond Anson (1877-1915, killed in action ), The Middlesex Regiment, and of Lilian Mary Daw (1888-1977), of Alderney, Channel Islands.

Staines district, Middlesex
(DOW in Stalag XI B at Soltau) [age 30]
[Becklingen War Cemetery, 4.E.12]
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 01.02.1934 [62643]
Lt. 01.02.1937
T/Capt. 25.07.1940
Capt. 01.02.1942
T/Maj. 27.04.1943
Education: Royal Military College, Sandhurst (1932-1933).
01.02.1934     commissioned, The Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own)
(01.1937) - (01.1939) 1st Battalion The Middlesex Regiment (Malaya)
(09.1943) - (09.1944) Officer Commanding, A Company, 10th Parachute Battalion (Italy; Arnhem [died of wounds])
Thomas Wilfred Welburn
T.W.W. Armstrong
Son (with one brother and one sister) of Clement Armstrong, and Ruby Welburn (1886-1965).
Married (1941, Blythswood district, Scotland) Joan Girdwood Steel; two sons.

Tarras House in Glen Tarras, Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Glen Taras, Lanark, Scotland
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 26.10.1940 [153958]
WS/Capt. 13.08.1942
T/Maj. 13.08.1942-... & 20.08.1945-... (reld > 04.1946)
Joined the Merchant Navy in the early 1930s and after completing his apprenticeship, joined the Scots Guards and later the police in Wishaw.
26.10.1940     commissioned, The Border Regiment [emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, B Company, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment (Arnhem [wounded, captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 91199) in German captivity (Oflag 79, Braunschweig, Niedersachsen)
Rose to the rank of inspector in the Motherwell and Wishaw police before leaving to becoming head of security for the British Steel Corporation in Scotland, based at the Ravenscraig Steel Works in Motherwell.
William Frank
W.F. Arnold
Son of Spencer Arnold (1871-1935), and Constance Cooper, of Blundeston, nr Lowestoft.
Married ((06?).1942, Westminster district, London) Priscilla Edith Matilda Ryan (14.08.1915 - 11.01.2010), younger daughter of the late Sir Thomas Ryan, CIE (1879-1934), and of Edith Mary Stanley, of Burley, nr Ringwood; ... children (two sons, one daughter?).
Wife resided (1944): Burley, Ringwood, Hampshire.

Great Yarmouth, Yarmouth district, Norfolk
East Dereham district, Norfolk
Cadet L/Cpl. ?
2nd Lt. 13.05.1931 [50329]
Lt. 13.05.1934
Capt. 01.06.1937
Maj. 13.07.1939
Lt.Col. 01.05.1951
Bt. Col. 01.05.1954
Efficiency Decoration TD 10.10.1947 ?

late Cadet Lance-Corporal, Gresham's School Contingent, Junior Division, Officer Training Corps

13.05.1931     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery - Territorial Army
(06.1933) - (06.1937) 412th (Suffolk Yeomanry) Battery, 108th (Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry) Army Field Brigade, RA
(12.1938) - (01.1939) 55th (Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry) Anti-Tank Regiment
24.08.1939     mobilized TA
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, 1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 52772) in German captivity (Oflag IX A/H, Spangenberg, Hessen)
? - (1954) served on in Territorial Army - Royal Regiment of Artillery (Officer Commanding, 358th (Suffolk Yeomanry) Medium Regiment RA (TA))
? - 27.08.1966 Territorial Army Reserve of Officers [age limit]
Bertram Percival
B.P. Ash
Son of ... Ash, and ... Jones.
Married 1st ((06?).1935, Westminster district, London) Minnie Ivey.
Married 2nd ((09?).1943, Gosport district, Hampshire) Barbara Helena D. Hudson (05.09.1923 - 07.1989).
Brentford district, Middlesex
Surrey North-Western, Surrey
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 21.12.1940 [164720]
01.1942, seniority 21.06.1941
WS/Lt. 21.12.1941 (reld > 04.1946)
21.12.1940     commissioned, The Hampshire Regiment [emergency commission]
17.07.1942     transferred, Royal Armoured Corps
15.07.1943     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, 3 Platoon (A Company), 3rd Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 565/XIIB) in German captivity (Oflag 79, Brunswick, Lower Saxony)
Served in the London Fire Brigade (1950s).
Norman Constantine de Courcy
N.C. de C. Ashe
Elder son (with four brothers [one died in infancy] and one sister) of Capt. Wellesley St. George Ashe (1881-1958), and Hon. Estelle Emily Spencer de Courcy (1889-1984).
Married (15.07.1944) Bertha Frances Deirdré McCormick, youngest daughter of Canon & Mrs Francis J. McCormick, Ardcarne Rectory, Boyle, Eire; two sons.
Cheltenham district, Kent
New Jersey, USA
(flying accident)
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 06.12.1941 [219857]
WS/Lt. 01.10.1942 (reld > 04.1946)
Education: Kelly College, Tavistock.
Civil air pilot.
06.12.1941     commissioned, The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers [emergency commission]
      served in North Africa
18.12.1943     transferred, Glider Pilot Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1944)     Section Commander, E Squadron (No. 2 Wing), Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem [evaded])
Cyril John
C.J. Ashley

Son of ... Ashley, and ... Thomas.
Married ((06?).1945, Bakewell district, Derbyshire) Elsie Jones; two sons.

Bristol, Gloucestershire
care home, Bridgnorth
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 22.04.1943 [273042]
WS/Lt. 22.10.1943 (reld > 04.1946)
22.04.1943     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery [emergency commission]
22.01.1944     transferred, King's Own Scottish Borderers
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, 8 Platoon (B Company), 7th Battalion The King's Own Scottish Borderers (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 91003) in German captivity (Oflag 79, Braunschweig, Niedersachsen)
Norman Hugh Harry
N.H.H. Ashmore N.H.H. Ashmore (Photo courtesy of Mr Bob Gerritsen)
N.H.H. Ashmore N.H.H. Ashmore
N.H.H. Ashmore
Son of Harry Walter Ashmore (1900-1988), and Mary E. Dyer (1900-).

SE England
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 20.01.1941 [168938]
WS/Lt. 20.07.1942 (reld > 04.1946)
MC 09.11.1944 Arnhem 09.44 [citation available upon request]
Junior clerk.
20.01.1941     commissioned, The Welch Regiment [emergency commission]
05.02.1944     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
(1944) - (1945) Officer Commanding, 3 Platoon, 21st Independent Parachute Company (UK, Arnhem [evacuated], Norway)
Played as an actor. Worked for British Council.
Charles Frederick
C.F. Ashworth

Son of Lt.Col. Hugh Stirling Ashworth, killed in action in Egypt, 26th March, 1917, while commanding 4th Battalion The Royal Sussex Regiment, and Elsie Madeleine Ould (1880-).
Brother of Lt.Col. J.B. Ashworth, The Royal Sussex Regiment.

East Preston district, Sussex
(KIA) [age 35]
[Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, 5.D.11]
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 02.11.1940 [156502]
WS/Capt. 08.06.1943
T/Maj. 08.06.1943
Education: Wellington College (The Hill, 1922.3-1926).
Went into business.
02.11.1940     commissioned, The Royal Sussex Regiment [emergency commission]
01.01.1943     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps (served North Africa & Sicily)
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, HQ Company, 10th Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [killed in action])
Joseph Peter
J.P. Astbury
Son of the Rev. Frank Llewellyn Davies Astbury (1871-1925), and Albinia Esther Donne (1892-1984).
Married Elisabetta (née ...).
Sleaford district, Lincolnshire
Islington, London
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 24.05.1941 [187989]
WS/Lt. 05.05.1942
T/Capt. 05.05.1942 (reld > 04.1946)
Education: Christ's College, Cambridge University (1935-1938).
24.05.1941     commissioned, Royal Corps of Signals [emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, HQ Squadron, General Headquarters Liaison Regiment ("Phantom") (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 90867) in German captivity (Oflag 79, Brunswick, Lower Saxony)
Joined the Communist Party in 1936, and was a member of the Apostles. Enlisted in the army in 1940, coverage of Party Headquarters in connection with the SPRINGHALL case showed ASTBURY to be passing information to SPRINGHALL knowing he was working for the Russians. When questioned in December 1943 ASTBURY lied. He worked for Professor BLACKETT at Manchester University on atomic energy, and researched cosmic rays at the Jungfrau High Altitude Laboratory in Switzerland.
Astbury was a Communist Party member during his time as a student at Cambridge. He maintained that membership through his military service and beyond, eventually admitting his allegiance. The Security Service first began to take an interest in him in 1936 when his name began to appear in intercepted correspondence of other suspects. There is a summary of his early career at serial 36g. He did, however, manage to join the Army and gain a commission before the Service could intervene, and so Captain Astbury served out the war in the GHQ Liaison regiment. The file details how he was captured at Arnhem on 17 September 1944 and after his release he seems to have courted publicity and given press interviews detailing his claims to have been involved with 'phantom' communication systems on D-Day and thereafter. The file reveals he was in regular contact with prominent Communists such as Douglas Springhall. In 1947, Astbury joined Manchester University to work as part of the "cosmic ray team." Astbury made his communist views public knowledge in November 1950, which also documents growing disagreements between him and the leader of the Manchester team. Astbury's name became closely linked to the Cambridge spy ring when a letter from him to Guy Burgess was found among the latter's possessions in New Bond Street on 7 June 1951 shortly after Burgess defected (copy at serial 141a). Despite a close watch being kept on his activities and contacts, no evidence seems to have emerged of Astbury passing information about his research to the Soviets. At this time, Astbury frequently travelled to Switzerland for research purposes and the Service continued to gather information on his work and contacts through to 1958.
Frederick Cuthbert
F.C. Aston (Photo courtesy of Mr Guy Aston) F.C. Aston

Eldest son (with one brother) of John Clifford Aston (1884-1943), and Minnie Cartmel Ellis (1885-1970).
Married ((03?).1943, Doncaster district, Lincolnshire / Nottinghamshire / West Riding of Yorkshire) Evelyn Hugill ((12?).1918 - 01.07.2008), daughter of Norman Hugill (1893-1950), and Kate Fitzsimmons (1891-1972); two sons, two daughters.
Glasgow, Scotland
Ipswich General Hospital, Ipswich, Suffolk
2nd Lt. 07.06.1939 [90059]
WS/Lt. 01.01.1941
T/Capt. 1944?
WS/Capt. 12.02.1946 (retd 18.07.1949)
T/Maj. 12.02.1946
Fl.Lt. 18.07.1949, seniority 01.09.1945 [500788]
Sq.Ldr. 01.07.1953 (retd 29.03.1958)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 16.08.1945 Rhine crossing
Efficiency Decoration TD 21.04.1950 & 1st clasp
Education: Brigg Grammar School (01.1933-07.1936).
07.06.1939     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery - Territorial Army
24.08.1939     mobilized TA
      served Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA (France)
24.02.1942     transferred, Glider Pilot Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1944)     Officer commanding, .. Flight, (C Squadron, No. 2 Wing), Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem)
18.07.1949     joined RAF Regiment [short service commission]
01.04.1952 - 29.03.1958 permanent commission
L. Atkinson
(12?).1919 ??
Auckland district, Durham ??
A/Sgt. ?
2nd Lt. 17.01.1941 [167910]
WS/Lt. 17.07.1942
A/Maj. 09.03.1942
      served in the ranks
17.01.1941     commissioned, Pioneer Corps [emergency commission]
19.10.1943     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1944)     Motor Transport Officer (HQ Company), 11th Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 2161) in German captivity (Oflag IX-A/4)
13.06.1946     transferred, Royal Army Pay Corps
George Norman
G.N. Austin

Son of Robert Blacow Austin (1888-), and May Bretherton, of St. Anne's, Lytham St. Anne's, Lancashire. 

Preston district, Lancashire
(KIA) [age 24]
[Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, 20.C.18]
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 02.11.1940 [155378]
WS/Lt. 02.05.1942
Commendation Comdn 27.08.1942 act of gallantry
02.11.1940     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery [emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Battalion HQ (attached RA), 2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment (Arnhem [killed in action])

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