1st British Airborne Division
Arnhem, September 1944
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The service number of each person is (when known) given after the date of commissioning. Most officers had only a wartime career, but when no indication is given about a Territorial Army commission or an emergency commission, the officer involved served as a Regular Army officer, with in most cases an active army career before and after the war. For explanations & abbreviations you can look at the help page.

Michael St John
M.St.J. Packe (© Imperial War Museum H 40960)

Youngest son (with two brothers and one sister) of Lt.Col. Edmund Christopher Packe, DSO, OBE (1877-1961), and Olivia Rachel Nora Maclean (1884-1933), of Leicester.
Married (21.02.1948, London) Mrs Kathryn Wharton Smail, daughter of the late Mr Richard Wharton & Mrs Wharton, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

Upperton, Eastbourne, Sussex
St Anne, Alderney, Channel Islands
2nd Lt. 29.02.1936 [66968]
Lt. 01.03.1939
A/Capt. 12.09.1940
WS/Capt. 11.04.1941
T/Maj. 11.04.1941-12.03.1944
WS/Maj. 13.03.1944 (reld 1946)
Maj. 01.11.1947
A/Lt.Col. 13.12.1943-12.03.1944
T/Lt.Col. 13.03.1944-(04.1946)
A/Col. 10.05.1945-(04.1946)
Bronzen Kruis (Bronze Cross) (Netherlands) BK 08.11.1945 Arnhem 09.44 (date of Dutch Royal Decree 31.07.1945) [recommendation available upon request]

Recommended, but not awarded: OBE.

Education: Wellington College (1929.3-1935.1; Orange Dormitory; VI; School Prefect; Head of D UX; Cricket XI 1932-1934 (Captain 1934); Hockey XI 1934-1935); Scholar, Magdalene College, Cambridge (1935; Hist. Trip. BA 1938; Cricket; Hockey Blue 1938). Played fist-class cricket, 1936-1939.
29.02.1936     commissioned, Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) - Supplementary Reserve, Category B
24.08.1939     mobilized
1939 - 1940 British Expeditionary Force (Dunkirk)
1940 - 1942 instructor RASC, Officer Cadet Training Unit
1942 - 1943 Officer Commanding, 250th Airborne Division Light Company RASC (North Africa, Sicily, Italy)
1943 - (09.1944) Commander Royal Army Service Corps (CRASC), 1st Airborne Division (Arnhem [evcauated], Norway, British Army of the Rhina)
12.03.1947     Regular Army Reserve of Officers
Chairman, Court of Alderney, 1965.
First airborne (1948) [= Winged stallion : fighting and training with the First Airborne (1988)]; The life of John Stuart Mill (1954); The bombs of Orsini (1957); The Alderney story, 1939-1949 (with Maurice Dreyfus; 1971); King Edward III (1983)

Michael Stuart
M.S. Page (Photo courtesy of Mr H.J. Broer) M.S. Page
Son of the Rev. Meaburn Staniland Page, BA, chaplain at Tonbridge, and Marjorie Susan Stuart Darroch, later of Ticehurst, Sussex.
Married Jocelyn Isobel Stevenson, of Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex; two daughters, two daughters, one son.

Remiiscences by his son at page 12

St Thomas Vicarage, Southborough, Tonbridge district, Kent
(KIA) [age 32]
[Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery 28.B.7]
2nd Lt. 10.05.1937 [71844]
WS/Lt. 10.05.1940
A/Capt. 21.12.1940-13.10.1941
T/Capt. 14.10.1941-03.06.1943
WS/Capt. 04.06.1943
T/Maj. 04.06.1943-20.09.1944
Mention in Despatches MID 24.08.1944 Italy 09-11.1943
Mention in Despatches MID 10.05.1945 Arnhem 09.1944
Territorial/Efficiency Decoration TD ? ?
Education: Marlborough College (09.1926-07.1931; B3, Star House; Foundation Scholar; Prefect; Football XV 192801930, Captain); Church College, Cambridge University (BA).
School master at academy staff, Glasgow Academy (taught mathematics), 1935-1940.
10.05.1937     commissioned, General List - Territorial Army (Glasgow Academy Contingent, Junior Division, Officer Training Corps)
(01.1939)     affiliated with the 7th Battalion The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)
24.08.1939     mobilized TA
05.10.1940     transferred, The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) (1940-1941 UK, 1941-1942 India)
01.11.1942     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps (Middle East 1942, Italy 1943, UK 1943-1944)
(09.1944) - 20.09.1944 Officer Commanding, HQ Company, 156th Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [killed in action])
[Geoffrey Powell ("Men at Arnhem") described the death of Page [Major David Unwin in the book] as follows: "It was Major Unwin, killed by a sniper, shot through the forehead as he was peering over the rim of the hollow, trying to locate the whereabouts of a Spandau."]
C. Palmer (Photo courtesy 0f Mr Bob Gerritsen) C. Palmer
C. Palmer (Photo courtesy 0f Mr Bob Gerritsen)
Only son of Charles Palmer, and Fanny Ada E.M. Ursell (1883-1962), of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
Married ((03?).1940, All Saints' Church, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) Doreen Thelma Fogerty (09.12.1917 - 08.2005), daughter (with seven brothers and four sisters) of Harold Fogerty (1859-1947), and Helena Louisa Wells Stark (1871-1950), of Cheltenham. Thelma Palmer remarried (1947) Douglas Lemuel Bown (1908-2002).

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
[Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery 5.C.7]
2nd Lt. 20.11.1943 [300549]
WS/Lt. 20.05.1944
Education: Cheltenham Grammar School.
Chemist (MPS).
20.11.1943     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery [emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Liaison Officer, 2nd Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery RA (Arnhem [killed in action])
Stanley Charles
S.C. Panter S.C. Panter
S.C. Panter S.C. Panter
Son (with one brother) of Charles Henry Panter (1881-1966), and Mabel Mary Tooth (1884-1960).
Married (21.09.1929, Wandsworth district, London) Mary Ellen Bryant (05.04.1909 - 09.1998), daughter of Arthur Bryant, and Elizabeth Sullivan; two daughters, three sons.

Smethwick, King's Norton district, Worcestershire
Westminster district, London
2nd Lt. 28.12.1940 [165617]
WS/Lt. 28.06.1942 (reld > 10.1945, < 01.1946)
A/Capt. (12.1943?)
T/Capt. 24.04.1943-(10.1945)
Hon. Capt. > 10.1945, < 01.1946
Maj. 02.08.1949
Lt. 29.09.1954 (reld 30.04.1958)
MC 23.12.1943 Sicily 07.1943 [recommendation available upon request]
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St - -
Africa Star Afr St - & clasp 8th Army
Italy Star It St - -
France & Germany Star Fr&G St - -
Defence Medal Def M - -
War Medal 1939-1945 WM 39|45 - -
Coronation Medal 1953 Cor M - -
Territorial/Efficiency Decoration TD 25.02.1955 -
08.1939     enlisted, 9th (2nd City of London) Royal Fusiliers
28.12.1940     commissioned, The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) [emergency commission]
01.08.1942     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
(07.1943)     A Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion (Sicily) (MC)
(09.1944) - 21.09.1944 Officer Commanding, Support Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 91002) in German captivity (Stalag XII-A, then Oflag 79, Braunschweig, Niedersachsen)
01.05.1947 - 20.09.1954 Territorial Army
09.06.1948     seconded for service with Army Cadet Force
20.09.1954 - 25.11.1959 Territorial Army Reserve of Officers [exceeded age limit]
29.09.1954 - 30.04.1958 County of London Contingent, Army Cadet Force
He joined the 9th (2nd City of London) Royal Fusiliers as a private soldier just before the outbreak of War in August, 1939, having previously been an active member of the Territorial unit based in Balham High Road, Tooting, South London. He fought in France and Belgium, was evacuated and granted an emergency commission as 2nd Lieutenant on 28 December 1940. In late 1941 Panter volunteered for the 1st Parachute Brigade shortly after its formation, and by July 1942 he was commanding an experimental airborne platoon nicknamed “Panter’s Pirates” before a formal transfer to the Parachute Regiment is recorded as having taken place on 1 August. He served in Tunisia, including Medjez El Bab, and as part of Operation Torch led a successful operational jump with parachute mortars over Tunis in December, 1942 (when he seems to have gained the sobriquet ‘Bombs’ for the first time). He was in Italy from September 1943 to 1 May 1944 before dropping with the A Company in Sicily (Operation Husky), and was awarded an immediate M.C. for Catania Plain. Panter landed near Arnhem on the afternoon of Sunday 17 September 1944 as T/Capt., Officer Commanding Support Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion and was closely involved in the capture and defence of the Arnhem Road Bridge under Frost, based at “Company HQ” to the north of the bridge where they held out until capture by the Germans on Thursday 21st. As Panter was wounded he was sent to a makeshift hospital but succeeded in obtaining boots and a revolver, and walked out of the building during Allied shellfire on the night of the 21st. Unluckily he did not get far, walking straight into a German patrol beside the river, and he was recaptured. Like many Arnhem prisoners he was sent initially to Stalag XIIA at Limburg before transfer to Oflag 79 (Brunswick), via Oflag XIIB; Oflag 79 was as it happened the former home of a German parachute regiment and was to be liberated by the U.S. Ninth Army on 12 April 1945. After the war Panter served with the Territorial Army until 1959, receiving the Territorial Efficiency Decoration in 1955, and he also joined the City of London Special Constabulary. He evidently wore an unofficial bar to his M.C. for Arnhem but it should be reiterated that although he was recommended for this by his unit it was not confirmed at Divisional - or, perhaps, ‘suits’ - level.

S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter  S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter S.C. Panter

the Reverend George Arnold Francis
G.A.F. Pare

Son of George H. Pare, and Ada Robinson.
Derby district, Derbyshire
Upton, Wirral, Birkenhead district, Merseyside
Chaplain to the Forces 4th cl. (with rank of Capt.) 13.03.1941 [175561] (reld 1946)
Hon. Chap. to the Forces 1946
Mention in Despatches MID 22.03.1945 NW Europe (Arnhem 09.1944)
Education: University of Leeds (BA (2nd cl. Hist.) 1936; College of Resurrection, Mirfield, 1936.
Deacon, 1938; priest, 1939. Curate of St Mary, Liscard, 1938-1941.
13.03.1941     commissioned, Royal Army Chaplains' Department [emergency commission] - Church of England
(09.1944)     Chaplain, No. 1 Wing, The Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem [escaped])
Rector, Maids Moreton with Foscot, Buckinghamshire, 1946-1954. Vicar, St James's, Latchford, Cheshire (from 1958 Surrey) [Warrington, Lancashire], 1954-1970. Honorary Canon of Chester Cathedral, 1969. Vicar, St. Bridget's, West Kirby, Cheshire, 1970-1977 (retired).
G.A.F. Pare G.A.F. Pare
John Reginald Charles Robert
J.R.C.R. Park

1921 ?
Colombo, Ceylon
[Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, 21.A.13]
2nd Lt. 17.12.1939 [109575]
WS/Lt. 17.06.1941
T/Capt. 16.01.1944
Education: Upton School, Dover; University College School, Hampstead, London (Athletics Team).
17.12.1939     commissioned, The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders [emergency commission]
27.12.1941     transferred, Reconnaissance Corps - Royal Armoured Corps
? - 24.09.1944 Officer Commanding, D Troop, 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron (Arnhem [killed in action])
Douglas Alfred Sydney
D.A.S. Parker
Son (with one sister) of Ernest William Parker (1886-1934), and Kate Frances Rowley (1885-).
Married (02.04.1940, Brentford district, Middlesex) Clare Doris Ife (11.08.1913 - 02.1996); ... children (one son?).
Willesden district, Middlesex
Peterborough district, Cambridgeshire
2nd Lt. 03.10.1942 [247034]
WS/Lt. 03.04.1943 (reld > 04.1946, < 04.1947)
03.10.1942     commissioned, The South Staffordshire Regiment [emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Loading Officer, 2nd Battalion The South Staffordshire Regiment (preparations for Arnhem)
John Thomas
J.T. Parker J.T. Parker

Lt. QM 06.04.1942 [231320] (reld > 04.1946, < 04.1947)
      served in the ranks
06.04.1942     commissioned, The Leicestershire Regiment [emergency commission]
01.08.1942     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1944)     Quartermaster (HQ Company), 2nd Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [evacuated])
Alan Frank
A.F. Pascal

Son of Henry Philip Pascal, commercial traveller, and Ada Croxford, of Earley, Reading, Berkshire.

Wokingham district
(KIA) [age 20]
[Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery 3.D.1]
2nd Lt. 13.02.1944 [311027]
WS/Lt. 13.08.1944
13.02.1944     commissioned, Reconnaissance Corps - Royal Armoured Corps [emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, 12 Section (D Troop), 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron (Arnhem [killed in action])
George Arthur
G.A. Paull (Photo courtesy of Mr Eugène Wijnhoud) G.A. Paull
G.A. Paull
Son of Arthur and Edith Paull.

Cattistock, Dorchester district, Dorset
Weymouth district, Dorset
2nd Lt. 27.03.1943 [268829]
WS/Lt. 27.09.1943
T/Capt. 24.09.1946-(04.1947)
Lt. 08.05.1950, seniority 03.06.1945
Capt. 16.11.1950
Maj. 08.10.1952 (reld 10.10.1959)
Mention in Despatches MID 23.07.1948 Arnhem 09.1944 [recommendation available upon request]
27.03.1943     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery [emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, X Troop, 2nd Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery RA [supporting 4th Parachute Brigade] (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 90870) in German captivity (Oflag 79, Braunschweig, Niedersachsen)
08.05.1950 - 04.01.1956 Royal Army Service Corps - Territorial Army (01.08.1955 Unattached List)
04.01.1956 - 10.10.1959 Territorial Army Reserve of Officers [exceeded age limit]
Payton Reid,
  see: Reid, Robert Payton  
Hubert Ellis
H.E. Pearson
Son of William Ellis Pearson, congregational minister, and Dora Hodgett, of Cambridge.

St Machar district, Aberdeen, Scotland
(KIA) [age 23]
[Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, 1.B.4]
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 19.09.1942 [245254]
WS/Lt. 19.03.1943
MC 26.07.1945 escape & evasion and/or special operations [posthumously] [recommendation available upon request]
Education: Silcoates School (1930(?)-1940); St. Edmund Hall, Oxford.
19.09.1942     commissioned, Reconnaissance Corps - Royal Armoured Corps [emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Troop Officer, HQ Troop, 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron (Arnhem [killed in action])
Roderick Percy
R.P. Pearson (Photo courtesy of Mr Philip Reinders, via Freddie Kemp) R.P. Pearson
Son (with one sister) of Percy Pearson (1887-1962), and Florence Mary Henderson (1896-1972).
Married ((03?).1945, Cleveland district, North Riding of Yorkshire) Mary Joan Elliott (17.06.1920 - 30.01.2006); two sons, one daughter.

South Otterington, Darlington district, Durham, North Riding of Yorkshire
Durham University Hospital
2nd Lt. 26.09.1942 [245568]
WS/Lt. 26.03.1943 (reld > 04.1946, < 04.1947)
T/Capt. 1945?
King Haakon VII Liberty Medal (Norway) Hkn 19.03.1948 King Haakon VII Liberty Medal (Norway) *

* This officer has been in the Regiment for 2½ years and has served with distinction in the Italy and Arnhem campaigns. He was recommended for an immediate decoration after Arnhem which was not awarded. In both theatres he showed great coolness, cheerfulness and set a fine example in leadership, skill and courage. He is one of the few people who have survived a parachute drop (not in action) when the parachute failed to open: and further, this accident has not in any way shaken his nerve or diminished his enterprise or keenness. Since Arnhem he has maintained a high standard of work and of discipline.

Education: Darlington Grammar School.
1939     joined the Light Infantry and was part of the Army's parachute testing team - surviving a trial jump when his parachute failed to open
26.09.1942     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery [emergency commission]
(1942) - (09.1944) Survey Officer, 1st Airlanding Light Regiment RA (North Africa, Italy, Sicily, Arnhem [evacuated], Norway)
Lived in Lazenby, near Redcar, east Cleveland, where he worked as a surveyor for ICI in Wilton, until their family had grown up. He then took up a calling to enter the church and studied for ordination at Lincoln Theological College (1974). Ordained deacon 1975, ordained priest 1976. He served his curacy in St Cuthbert's Parish, Darlington (1975-1980), before moving to St Michael's Church, Bishop Middleham, County Durham, on a Queen's Appointment (1980-1991). He was an active member of the community for 12 years, including being a school governor and parish councillor. The couple retired to Sherburn House, in Durham, and he continued offering pastoral care to residents and assisting services at Durham Cathedral and in Shincliffe and Blackhall until his death.
Richard De Courcy
R. De C. Peele

Only son of Charles Richard de Courcy Peele , BA (1891-1944), and of Evelyn Margaret Peel, of Chiswick Park, London.

Brentford district, Oxfordshire
(KIA) [age 20]
[Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, 23.A.7]
2nd Lt. 01.04.1944 [314180]
Education: Rugby School (1937.3-1942.2; School Field; head boy, 1941-1942; XXII 1940); Classical Scholar of Trinity College, Oxford (Jex-Blake Exhibition 07.1942).
01.04.1944     commissioned, Parachute Regiment - Army air Corps [emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, 7 Platoon (C Company), 11th Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [killed in action])
Charles Marius

Son (with one brother) of Charles Marius Pelissier (1885-1952), and Alice A. Edwards (1887-1942).
Married ((09?).1940, Wandsworth district, London) Peggy Marchant (25.01.1915 - 01.04.1994); three daughters, one son.
Sheffield, South Yorkshire / Yorkshire - West Riding
New Hebrides, South Pacific [= Vanuatu]
2nd Lt. 25.07.1942 [240283]
WS/Lt. 25.01.1943
      pre-war a Lieutenant in the French Army
25.07.1942     commissioned, The King's Own Scottish Borderers [emergency commission]
22.12.1942 - 1945 Officer Commanding, 1 Platoon, Mortar Group (Support Company), 7th Battalion The King's Own Scottish Borderers (Arnhem [evacuated], Norway)

C.M. Pelissier

A. Percival

Son (with one sister and two brothers) of Thomas Godfrey Percival (1883-1919), and Lily Ann Scholey (1884-1956).
Married ((12?).1945, Pontefract district, West Riding of Yorkshire) Mildred Clay (04.10.1924 - 27.05.2003); ... children (one daughter?).
Residence: (1959) Dewsbury, Yorkshire; (1990s) Battley, West Yorkshire.
Kimberley, Basford district, Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire
Dewsbury district, Yorkshire
[Knottingley Cemetery, West Yorkshire]
Lt. 31.01.1942 [223758]
WS/Capt. 31.01.1943
Mention in Despatches MID 23.09.1943 North Africa 1942-43
Education: Leeds University (MB, ChB, 1941).
31.01.1942     commissioned, Royal Army Medical Corps [emergency commission]
(1942) - (1943) No. 4 Section, 16th Parachute Field Ambulance RAMC (North Africa)
(09.1944)     Regimental Medical Officer, 1st Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 52879) in German captivity (Stalag IX-C, Mühlhausen, Hessen)
Æneas John Martin
AE.J.M. Perkins AE.J.M. Perkins
Only son of Col. Æneas Francis Quinton Perkins (1892-1940), and Dorothy Clare Martin Tomson (1891-1970), of Tancrey, Fordwich, nr Canterbury, Kent.
Married (29.09.1943, St Mark's, Audley Street, Westminster district, London) Assistant Section Officer Ursula Henrietta Westwood Ling, WAAF ((12?).1917 - 11.08.2008), elder daughter of Capt. Herbert Westwood Ling (1889-1969), and Phyllis Henrietta Mary Cooper (from 1933 Mrs John.A. Pendlebury) (1897-1986), of Sonarupa, Assam, India; one son, one daughter.

St Marylebone district, Greater London
Shepway district, Kent
2nd Lt. 25.08.1938 [77568]
Lt. 01.01.1941
A/Capt. 08.02.1942-07.05.1942
T/Capt. 08.05.1942-10.08.1943
WS/Capt. 11.08.1943
Capt. 01.07.1946
A/Maj. 11.05.1943-10.08.1943
T/Maj. 11.08.1943-24.08.1951
Maj. 25.08.1951
Lt.Col. 08.08.1959 (retd 28.11.1961)
Mention in Despatches MID 20.09.1945 Arnhem 09.1944
Education: Wellington College (1932.1-1936.3; Combermere House; VI; School Prefect; XV 1935-1936; Cricket XI; Hockey XI); Magdalene College, Cambridge (BA (Eng.) 1947, MA 1950).
25.08.1938     commissioned, Corps of Royal Engineers
1941     bomb disposal
1942     joined airborne forces
05.06.1944 - (09.1944) Officer Commanding, 4th Parachute Squadron RE (Arnhem [wounded, captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 2198) in German captivity (Oflag 79, Braunschweig, Niedersachsen)
1949     Military Mission to Turkey
Geo. Wimpey and Co., 1961.
C. Perrin-Brown (Photo courtesy of Mr Harvey Grenville) C. Perrin-Brown (Photo courtesy of Mr Harvey Grenville)
C. Perrin-Brown
Son of John Perrin Brown (1885-1945), a doctor, and Annie Beattie (1881?-1965).
Married ((03?).1946, Whitby, North Riding of Yorkshire) Andrée Marie L. Bouchinet (17.11.1925 - 19.08.1987); two sons.

Wetwang, Leeds district, Lancashire
Market Deeping, Bourne district, Lincolnshire
2nd Lt. 11.02.1940 [121945]
WS/Lt. 11.08.1941
WS/Capt. 01.01.1944 (reld > 04.1946)
A/Maj. 01.11.1943-31.12.1943
T/Maj. 01.01.1944-(10.1944),
Distinguished Service Order DSO 20.09.1945 Arnhem 09.1944 [recommendation available upon request]
MC 23.09.1943 North Africa 1942-43 [recommendation available upon request]
Education: Leeds Grammar School; St Mary's Hospital Medical School.
11.02.1940     commissioned, The Manchester Regiment [emergency commission]
01.08.1942     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
(1942) - (1943) T Company, 1st Parachute Battalion (North Africa)
(04.1944)     special appointment
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, T Company, 1st Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 572) in German captivity (Oflag 79, Braunschweig, Niedersachsen) [escaped, but was recaptured]
      joined the training brigade
After the war, he went to live at Folkingham.
Peter John
P.J. Perse
Only son of Horace Frank Perse (1883-1948), and Hilda Constance Couchman (1889-1978), of Richmond, Surrey.
Married (10.01.1948, St Saviour's, Chelsea, London) Cynthia Evelyn Wilcox ((09?).1921 - 07.09.2012), daughter of Mr & Mrs G. Alec Wilcox, of Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough, Leicestershire; three daughters, one son.
Rochester, Medway district, Kent
Pennington, Lyminigton, New Forest district, Hampshire
2nd Lt. 14.09.1940 [148840]
WS/Lt. 14.03.1942 (reld > 04.1946)
T/Capt. 15.07.1944-(10.1944)
Served Metropolitan Police (warrant number 124877; joined 30.03.1936, left 21.05.1939; last posted to N Division as a PC).
14.09.1940     commissioned, The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment) [emergency commission]
12.06.1943     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army air Corps
(09.1944)     Second-in-Command, A Company, 11th Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [wounded; captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 2200) in German captivity (Oflag 79, Braunschweig, Niedersachsen)
the Reverend Edward Leigh
E.L. Phillips E.L. Phillips

Son of Godfrey Phillips, and Clarissa May ...
Married Nancy (? - 1995); five children.

Bangalore, India
Chaplain to the Forces (CF) 4th cl. (with rank of Capt.) 13.01.1941 [163854] (retd 22.07.1946)
CF 4th cl. 06.06.1955
CF 3rd cl. 01.10.1959 (reld 06.07.1967)
Education: Eltham School; St Edmund Hall, Oxford (1930); Wycliffe Hall, Oxford (BA).
Deacon 1936, Probate 1936.
13.01.1941     commissioned into the Royal Army Chaplains' Department [emergency commission] - Church of England
(05.1943) - (09.1943) Chaplain, 10th Parachute Battalion (Italy)
(09.1944)     Chaplain, 3rd Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 558) in German captivity (Oflag 79, Braunschweig, Niedersachsen)
06.06.1955 - 26.08.1960 Territorial Army
26.08.1960 - 06.07.1967 Territorial Army Reserve of Officers [attained age limit]
Vicar, Ide Hill (1946-1949), Moulsecomb (1949-1952), Kingston (1952-1965), Lewes, Sussex (10.1965-...), Kingston & Rodmell, Chichester (1975-1978; retired 1978.

John Etherington
J.E. Phillp
Son of William Etherington Phillp (1881-1961), and Margery Agnes Hinton (1892-1974).
Married ((12?).1939, Surrey Mid Eastern district) Marjorie N.M. Bailey (05.03.1916 - 12.2005); two sons.
Carshalton, Epsom district, Kent
St John, Basingstoke district, Hampshire
2nd Lt. 31.08.1940 [145868]
A/Capt. 06.01.1941
WS/Capt. 10.03.1943
T/Maj. 10.03.1943-(04.1946)
31.08.1940     commissioned, The South Staffordshire Regiment [emergency commission]
(07.1943) - (09.1944) Officer Commanding, D Company, 2nd Battalion The South Staffordshire Regiment (Sicily; Arnhem [wounded, captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 140254) in German captivity (Stalag VII-A, Moosburg an der Isar, Bayern) (another POW card)
Aubrey Earle
A.E. Pickwoad (Photo courtesy of Mr Paul Pariso) A.E. Pickwoad
Younger son of Hugh Frederick Pickwoad (1878-1959), and Sybil L. Curry (1890-1974), of Nassau, Bahamas.
Married (07.10.1946, Holy Cross Church, Crediton, Devon) Margaret Amy Jackson (11.12.1926 - ), only daughter of William Ernest Jackson (1896-1980), and Gladys Georgina Kitching (1894-1993), of Crediton, Devon; one son, one daughter.

Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas

Exeter district, Devon
2nd Lt. 29.03.1941 [180092]
WS/Lt. 29.09.1942
Lt. 10.08.1946, seniority 07.01.1943
A/Capt. 01.10.1944-31.12.1944
T/Capt. 01.01.1945-06.07.1947
Capt. 07.07.1947
T/Maj. 03.11.1947-02.01.1948
Maj. 07.07.1954 (retd 19.07.1958)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 19.10.1944 Normandy 06.1944
      served in the ranks for 198 days
29.03.1941     commissioned, The Devonshire Regiment [emergency commission to 09.08.1946]
29.06.1942     transferred,  Glider Pilot Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, 14 Flight (F Squadron, No. 2 Wing), The Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem)
10.08.1946     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery [permanent commission]
(1952)     served in Korea (wounded)
John William
J.W. Place

Son of  Edmond Byrne Place (1880-1925), and Mary Anastasia Moran (1869-1957).
Married 1st ((12?).1933, Aldershot district, Hampshire) Phyllis Whitehead (17.07.1911 - 27.12.1963); four children.
Married 2nd Catherine ...; four children, one of whom died a day after birth.
Entebbe, Uganda

Foxrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland
[Deansgrange Cemetery, Blackrock, Co. Dublin]
2nd Lt. 06.01.1932 [51885]
Lt. 06.01.1935
A/Capt. 23.01.1940
WS/Maj. 13.11.1943
T/Lt.Col. 13.11.1943
Traveller. Obtained civil aviator's certificate (No. 15339) taken on a D.H. Moth - Gipsy 1 90 h.p. at the Insurance Flying Club, 12.09.1937.
      late Cadet Lance-Corporal, Stonyhurst College Contingent, Junior Division, Officer Training Corps
06.01.1932     commissioned, The North Staffordshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's) - Supplementary Reserve of Officers
24.08.1939     mobilized SRO
06.01.1942     transferred, Reserve of Officers
02.06.1942     transferred, Glider Pilot Regiment - Army Air Corps
(04.1943)     Officer Commanding, 3 Squadron, The Glider Pilot Regiment (North Africa)
(09.1943) - (09.1944) Commanding Officer, No. 2 Wing, The Glider Pilot Regiment (Sicily, UK, Arnhem)
Horace Anthony
H.A. Platt
Son of Horace Frederick Platt, and Edith Mary  Zambra, of Woking, Surrey.
Married (26.12.1942, Bisley) Constance Margaret Corrie (10.03.1922 - 07.1997), of Bisley; one daughter. Constance Platt remarried (1947) James D. Cowen.
Guildford district, Surrey
(DOW sustained as a POW) [age 30]
[Enschede Eastern General Cemetery, 198]
2nd Lt. 31.01.1942 [224694]
WS/Lt. 01.10.1942
T/Capt. 1944?
31.01.1942     commissioned, The Wiltshire Regiment [emergency commission]
22.11.1942     transferred, Reconnaissance Corps - Royal Armoured Corps
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, HQ Troop, 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron (Arnhem [died of wounds])
Thomas Anthony
T.A. Plowman
Second son of Robert Lionel Plowman, sales representative, and Eleanor Williams, of Enfield, Middlesex.
Brentford district, Oxfordshire

(KIA) [age 24]
[Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery 3.C.2]
2nd Lt. 04.07.1940 [138799]
WS/Lt. 04.01.1942
T/Capt. 06.06.1943
Mention in Despatches MID 10.05.1945 NW Europe (Arnhem)
04.07.1940     commissioned, The Northamptonshire Regiment [emergency commission]
09.04.1942     transferredm Glider Pilot Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1944)     Second-in-Command, F Squadron (No. 2 Wing), The Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem [killed in action])
David Arthur
D.A. Polley
Woking, Surrey North-Western
2nd Lt. 01.11.1942 [249748]
WS/Lt. 01.05.1943
Lt. 23.08.1947, seniority 01.10.1945
A/Capt. 25.09.1944-24.12.1944
T/Capt. 25.12.1944-31.03.1950
Capt. 01.04.1950
Maj. 04.07.1957, seniority 01.04.1957
Lt.Col. 01.12.1965, seniority 02.04.1965
Col. 31.12.1969, seniority 30.06.1969 (retd 30.06.1978)
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) OBE 01.01.1968 New Year 1968: Aden [recommendation available upon request]
      served in the ranks for 280 days
01.11.1942     commissioned, Royal Corps of Signals [emergency commission to 22.08.1947]
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, C Section (lines) (No. 1 Company), Divisional Signals, 1st Airborne Division (Arnhem [evacuated])
23.08.1947     permanent commission
26.04.1953 - 12.05.1955 Staff Officer, 3rd grade (SO3), HQ Northern Command
26.05.1955 - 05.03.1957 instructor, Army App. School
30.08.1962 - 07.08.1964 General Staff Officer, 2nd grade (GSO2), Canadian Army HQ
12.1965 - 08.1967 Commanding Officer, 15th Signal Regiment (Aden) (OBE)
H. Poole
2nd Lt. 29.03.1941 [180361]
WS/Lt. 29.09.1942
T/Capt. 15.06.1944
Member of the Order of the British Empire MBE ? ?
Efficiency Medal (Territorial) EM 04.03.1949 -
29.03.1941     commissioned, Reconnaissance Corps - Royal Armoured Corps[emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Squadron HQ (liaison to Divisional HQ), 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron (Arnhem)
Robert Laslett John
R.L.J. Pott (Photo courtesy of Mr H.J. Broer) R.L.J. Pott
R.L.J. Pott R.L.J. Pott

Married (16.07.1941, Holy Trinity Church, Murree) Diana Anna Frost [J.D. Frost's sister] (predeceased him); four sons.


Nethy Bridge, Inverness-shire, Scotland
2nd Lt. 01.07.1939 [95241]
Lt. 01.01.1941
A/Capt. 01.12.1941-28.02.1942
T/Capt. 01.03.1942-25.04.1943, 11.06.1943-10.09.1943, 11.09.1943-16.09.1943
WS/Capt. 17.09.1943
Capt. 01.07.1946
A/Maj. 17.06.1943-16.09.1943
T/Maj. 17.09.1943-24.06.1945, 11.01.1946-15.05.1948, 19.11.1948-28.03.1949, 01.01.1952-30.06.1952
Maj. 01.07.1952 (retd 15.04.1972)
Member of the Order of the British Empire MBE 13.06.1959 HM's birthday 1959: attached Trucial Oman Scouts
MC 13.01.1944 Italy 07-11.1943
01.07.1939     commissioned into The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster)
      served in India, Iraq & Western Desert (wounded)
1943     seconded to the Parachute Regiment (Palestine, Italy)
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, A Company, 156th Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [wounded, POW])
30.11.1950 - 07.11.1954 specially employed
01.10.1959     transferred, King's Own Border Regiment
R.L.J. Pott R.L.J. Pott
Geoffrey Stewart
G.S. Powell G.S. Powell (Photo courtesy of Mr H.J. Broer)
G.S. Powell G.S. Powell
Son of Owen Welch Powell, and Ada Jean King.
Married (07.07.1944) Anne Felicity Wadsworth; one son, one daughter.

Scarborough, Yorkshire
Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire
2nd Lt.
02.07.1939, seniority 25.12.1937 [69721]
23.11.1940-08.08.1941, 23.10.1941-02.05.1943
local Maj.
Bt. Lt.Col.
05.04.1960 (retd 04.07.1964)
Arnhem 09.1944
Mention in Despatches MID
1939-1945 Star; Africa Star; France and Germany Star; Defence Medal, War Medal; Ops. SE Asia (Java) Medal & Clasp; Ops. Malaya Medal & clasp; Ops. Cyprus Clasp
Education: Scarborough College; jssc, psc; BA, FRHistS

commissioned into the Green Howards (from the Territorial Army)

served with the 2nd Battalion at Ferozepore in the Punjab
Instructor, Poona

transferred to 151st Parachute Battalion
Adjutant, ...
Officer Commanding, C Company, 156th Parachute Battalion (Palestine, Tunisia, Arnhem [POW, escaped])
GSO2 (Intelligence), 23rd Indian Division
Brigade Major, 49th Indian Infantry Brigade (Malaya)
GSO2 (Operations), Northern Malaya
Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General (DAQMG), War Office
Officer Commanding, C Company, 2nd Battalion The Green Howards (Canal Zone, Cyprus)
GSO1, Planning Staff, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, War Office
Commanding Officer, 7th later 11th Battalion The King's African Rifles
Colonel General Staff, War Office
Brigade Colonel, Yorkshire Brigade
Civil servant (MI5, security policy & counter-espionage), London, 1964-1977. Opened the Campden Bookshop in Chipping Campden and was a cofounder of the Campden and District Archaeological and History Society.
: The Green Howards (the 19th Regiment of Foot) (Famous Regiments series, 1968); The Kandyan Wars : the British army in Ceylon, 1803-1818 (1973);
Men at Arnhem (under pseudonym Tom Angus) (1976); Suez, the double war (with Roy Fullick, 1979); The book of Campden : history in stone (1982); The devil's birthday : the bridges to Arnhem, 1944 (1985); Plumer : the soldiers' general : a biography of Field-Marshal Viscount Plumer of Messines (1990); The history of the Green Howrads (1992); Buller : a scapegoat? : a life of General Sir Redvers Buller 1839-1908 (1994).
Kenneth Walter
K.W. Powell
Nuneaton and Bedworth, Warwickshire
2nd Lt.
06.04.1943 [265379]

commissioned into The Royal Norfolk Regiment [emergency commission]

transferred to the Glider Pilot Regiment

Section Commander, B Squadron (No. 1 Wing), The Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem)
Philip Henry Herbert Hulton
P.H.H.H. Preston (© Imperial War Museum H 40958)
From Little Dunmow, Essex.
Only son (with one sister) of Lt.Col. Philip Henry Hulton Preston (1879-1963), Royal Artillery, and Dorothy May Jennings (1895-1980).
Married 1st (09.11.1940) Katherine Janet Broomhall (? - 14.11.1968), second daughter of Dr & Mrs Benjamin Charles Broomhall, of Redlynch, Salisbury and N China; one son, one daughter.
Married 2nd Jean Mary Turner, daughter of Harold Neale Turner.
Carlisle district, Cumberland
Teddington, Middlesex
2nd Lt. 30.08.1934
Lt. 30.11.1936 (reld 16.05.1939)
2nd Lt. 27.11.1939 [107190]
WS/Lt. 22.07.1940
Lt. 21.12.1946, seniority 11.12.1940
T/Capt. 22.07.1940
Capt. 21.12.1946, seniority 01.07.1946
21.12.1946, seniority 11.12.1945
WS/Maj. 23.01.1944
T/Lt.Col. 23.01.1944
Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE 29.03.1945 NW Europe 1944-45
Education: Wellington College (1928.2-1932.3); Royal Military College, Sandhurst (1933-1934).
30.08.1934     commissioned, Unattached List (for Indian Army)
1935 - 16.05.1939 commissioned, Indian Army (2nd Gurkha Rifles)
27.11.1939     commissioned into The South Lancashire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's Volunteers) [emergency commission]
04.03.1940 - ? Adjutant, The South Lancashire Regiment
23.10.1943 - (09.1944) Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster General, 1st Airborne Division (Arnhem)
21.12.1946     permanent commission
? - 11.12.1964 Regular Army Reserve of Officers [attained age limit]
Maurice William Dallow
M.W.D. Priest M.W.D. Priest
M.W.D. Priest
Son (with one sister) of William Henry Dallow Priest (1875-1946), and Florence Lucy Johns (1877-1939).
Married (01.10.1949, St Mary's Church Handsworth) José Yvonne Elsie Williams (13.10.1924 - 17.02.2021); two daughters.
Stourbridge, Worcestershire
South Somerset district, Somerset
2nd Lt.
29.06.1940 [138830]
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 16.08.1945 Rhine crossing 1945
Education: Stanley House School, Edgbaston (House Captain, School House).

commissioned, The Worcestershire Regiment [emergency commission]

transferred, Glider Pilot Regiment - Army Air Corps

Officer Commanding, 10 Flight (G Squadron, No. 1 Wing), The Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem)
John Richard
J.R. Procter
Son (with one sister) of John Procter (1894-), and Gertrude Langley (1893-1979).
Married (11.11.1945, Poole, Dorset) Jeanne Mary Saithey Hinton (21.07.1920 - 30.08.2014); two daughters, two sons.
Blackpool, Fylde, Lancashire
Winfrith Newburgh
2nd Lt.
17.05.1941 [189040]

commissioned, The Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (Royal Armoured Corps - Territorial Army) [emergency commission]

transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
Officer Commanding, 9 Platoon (D Company), 10th Parachute Battalion (Italy; Arnhem [wounded & captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 2131) in German captivity (Oflag IXA/H Burg Spangenberg)
John Reginald
J.R. Prout (Photo courtesy of Kate Hunt) J.R. Prout

Son of Alfred Peter Prout (1884-1959), and Mabel Elizabeth Stoyle (1890-1987).
Married ...; ... children.
Totnes, South Devon
2nd Lt. 01.03.1941 [176018]
WS/Lt. 01.09.1942
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St - -
Italy Star It St - -
France & Germany Star Fr&G St - -
War Medal 1939-1945 WM 39|45 - -
Education: Mill Hill School (1935-1939; School House, Weymouth).
06.1940 - 11.1940 Home Guard
01.03.1941     commissioned, The Devonshire Regiment [emergency commission]
      seconded, Glider Pilot Regiment - Army Air Corps:
20.08.1943 - 25.08.1943 North Africa
06.06.1944 - 08.06.1944 Normandy
(09.1944)     Section Commander, C Squadron (No. 2 Wing), The Glider Pilot Regiment - Army Air Corps (Arnhem)
10.10.1944 - 16.10.1944 Italy
John Ivor
J.I. Pryce
Son of ... Pryce, and ... Nash.
Married ((03?).1939, Brentford district, Middlesex) Joan Le Gros (1921? - (09?).1967); one son.
Brentford district, Middlesex
Bristol, Gloucestershire
2nd Lt. 15.03.1941 [177861]
WS/Lt. 15.09.1942
15.03.1941     commissioned, North Staffordshire Regiment [emergency commission]
01.08.1942     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1944)     Signals Officer (HQ Company), 3rd Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 550) in German captivity (Oflag XIIB, Mainz)
Accountant, Bristol, Gloucestershire.

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