1st British Airborne Division
Arnhem, September 1944
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The service number of each person is (when known) given after the date of commissioning. Most officers had only a wartime career, but when no indication is given about a Territorial Army commission or an emergency commission, the officer involved served as a Regular Army officer, with in most cases an active army career before and after the war. For explanations & abbreviations you can look at the help page.

Christopher Woodroffe
C.W. Ikin (Photo courtesy of Mrs Gill Crabtree, née Ikin) C.W. Ikin
Son of William Ikin, and Dorothy Mabel Woodroffe (1887-1973).
Married ((09?).1951, Battle district, Sussex) Ruth Molly Buffard (13.08.1925 - 05.2000), youngest daughter of the Rev. Frank Buffard, and Mrs Buffard, of Bexhill-on-Sea; one son, one daughter.
Wandsworth district, London

Hampstead Heath, Camden district, London
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 07.03.1942 [228501]
WS/Lt. 01.10.1942
T/Capt. 07.12.1943
Lt. TA 19.12.1947, seniority 20.06.1944
A/Capt. TA ?
Capt. TA 20.06.1948, seniority 19.12.1947
Maj. TA 15.07.1955
Territorial/Efficiency Decoration TD 18.03.1960 -
1939-1945 Star 39|45 St - -
France & Germany Star Fr&G St - -
Defence Medal Def M - -
Education: Mill Hill School (Belmont, 1931-1935; Collinson, 1935-1939).
1940 - 1941 served in the Home Guard
10.1941 - 03.1942 enlisted service (in the UK)
07.03.1942     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery [emergency commission]
03.1942 - 09.1944 served in the UK
09.1944 - 09.1944 No. 1 Forward Observation Unit RA [attached HQ RA, 1st Airborne Division] (Arnhem [POW])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 2129) in German captivity (Oflag IXA, Spangenburg)
[His experiences in captivity were limited to 7 months, in which he lost two stone. Food was very scarce when Red Cross supplies ran out, and prisoners were marched east to prevent rescue. German units tried to surrender, and eventually the Americans arrived, and came by air to Paris, rail to Le Havre, and air to England.]
04.1945 - 06.1945 served in the UK
06.1945 - 09.1945 served in Norway
19.12.1947 - 01.05.1961 served Territorial Army (1955-1959 880 Airborne Loc. Battery RA, TA)
01.05.1961 - ? served Territorial Army Reserve of Officers
Solicitor, 01.03.1949.
Published: Lewisham gunners : a centenary history of 291st (4th London) Field Regiment, R.A. (T.A.), formerly 2nd Kent R.G.A. (Volunteers) (1962; co-author & editor); A guide to Heath Street Chapel, Hampstead. (1967); Hampstead Heath Centenary, 1871-1971 (1971); The dress of the Royal Artillery (1971; editor); Hampstead Heath : how the Heath was saved for the public (1985); Hampstead Garden Suburb: dreams and realities (1990; with Brigid Grafton Reid).
Gerald Maurice
G.M. Infield G.M. Infield
G.M. Infield (Photo courtesy of Mr Bob Gerritsen) G.M. Infield (Photo courtesy of www.paradata.org.uk)

Son (with one twin sister and one brother) of Maj. Harry Infield, MC (1894-1970), and Ethel Henriette Phillips (1898-1981).
Married (27.11.1953, Paddington district, London) Ghislaine Susanne Freedman (1926 - ); three sons, two daughters.

Hampstead, Greater London
Sam Beare Hospice, Weybridge, Surrey
[ashes interred at Burvale Cemetary, Hersham, Surrey]
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 22.02.1941 [174451]
WS/Lt. 22.08.1942
T/Capt. 23.10.1945 (reld > 04.1946)

Commander-in-Chief's Certificate 04.03.1945

Education: Bryanston; King's College, Cambridge (1940; cricket, rugby and boxing; Hist. Cl. II (2), Pt. I 1947, Cl. II (2), Pt. II 1948; BA 1948, MA 1950).
22.02.1941     commissioned, The King's Royal Rifle Corps [emergency commission]
      served Middle East & North Africa
13.09.1943     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, 8 Platoon (C Company), 3rd Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 522) in German captivity (Oflag 79 near Braunschweig 27.10.1944-24.11.1944)
23.10.1945 - (04.)1946 Staff Captain, Directorate of Recruiting and Demobilization, The War Office
In business. Articled to solicitor 1948, qualified 1953. Partner in a firm at Tunbridge Wells. Removed from the Roll of Solicitors of The Law Society in 2004.
G.M. Infield (Photo courtesy of www.paradata.org.uk)
Barry Barnett

B.B. Ingram
Elder son (with one brother) of John Archie "Toot" Isaacs, later Ingram (1889-1977), and Mary Barney (1890-1970), of Hounslow, Middlesex.
Engaged (1944) Millicent Ross, only daughter of Mr & Mrs D.S. Ross, of London NW4.
Married ((06?).1947, Westminster district, London) Eileen M.L. Aitken (1923 - 03.06.2015); three daughters.

Kentish Town, Middlesex
South Surbiton, Kingston upon Thames district, Surrey
Cadet ? [6967708]
2nd Lt. 22.10.1939 [105018]
WS/Lt. 22.04.1941 (reld > 04.1946, < 08.1946)
T/Capt. 10.07.1943
Hon. Capt. > 04.1946, < 08.1946
Mention in Despatches MID 20.09.1945 Arnhem 09.1944
Efficiency Medal (Territorial) EM 13.12.1949 -
      Private, Artists Rifles (Cadet, 163rd Officer Cadet Training Unit)
22.10.1939     commissioned, The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) [emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, Mortar Group (HQ Company), 1st Battalion The Border Regiment (Arnhem [captured after four days of evasion])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 578) in German captivity (Oflag VII-B, Eichstätt, Bayern)
R. Ingram-Johnson
Son (with one brother and two sisters) of Rev. Rowland Theodore Ingram-Johnson (1877-1964), Clerk in Holy Orders, and Edith Gertrude Dawson (1895-1983).
Brother-in-law of Col. Patrick Rupert Richard De Burgh, OBE, Royal Artillery..
Married ((06?).1943, Leicester district, Leicestershire) Jean Maud Gundle (1922 - 2013); four daughters, one son.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Thames Valley, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Cadet ? [956314]
2nd Lt. 04.03.1944 [312150]
WS/Lt. 04.09.1944 (reld > 04.1946, < 08.1946)
Hon. Lt. > 04.1946, < 08.1946
Education: Frensham Heights School, Rowledge, Farnham, Surrey (1928-1937).
04.03.1944     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery [emergency commission]
      Officer Commanding, "D" Troop 1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA
(09.1944)     Battery HQ, 1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA [attached Divisional Troops] (Arnhem?)
According to his granddaughter he broke his leg in an accident in July 1944 and was in hospital for a long time. "He was during the Battle [of Arnhem] in the UK", so, possibly incorrectly shown in this section.
R. Irvine

Son of Robert and Lily Mary Irvine.
Husband of Janet Vida Mary Irvine.

1915 ?
(KIA) [age 29]
[Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, 3.D.13]
2nd Lt.
27.07.1940 [140040]

commissioned, The Gordon Highlanders [emergency commission]

transferred, Royal Regiment of Artillery

transferred, Glider Pilot Regiment - Royal Regiment of Artillery

Section Commander, B Squadron (No. 1 Wing), The Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem [killed in action])
the Reverend Henry James
H.J. Irwin

Son of James Thomas Irwin (1888-1920), and Sarah Ann Dennis (1894-1976), of Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
(KIA) [age 28]
[Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, 26.A.2]
Capt. = Chaplain to the Forces 4th Cl.
01.05.1943 [270523]
Education: University (BA).

commissioned, Royal Army Chaplains' Department [emergency commission] - Church of England

Chaplain, 11th Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [killed in action])

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