1st British Airborne Division
Arnhem, September 1944
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The service number of each person is (when known) given after the date of commissioning. Most officers had only a wartime career, but when no indication is given about a Territorial Army commission or an emergency commission, the officer involved served as a Regular Army officer, with in most cases an active army career before and after the war. For explanations & abbreviations you can look at the help page.

Burton Henry 

B.H. Jackson B.H. Jackson
Only child of Capt. Reginald Andrew Jackson, RN (1890-1969), and Winifred Augusta Louisa  Larkins (1889-1959).
Married (1942) Phoebe Susannah Whitebread (23.08.1919 - 01.1992); one son, one daughter.
Residence: (1945) Cirencester.

Bishops Waltham, Droxford district, Hampshire
Wappenham, Northamptonshire
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 01.07.1939 [95473]
Lt. 01.01.1941
A/Capt. 12.12.1939-10.03.1940, 27.10.1942-27.10.1942
T/Capt. 28.10.1942-13.12.1943
WS/Capt. 14.12.1943
Capt. 01.07.1946
A/Maj. 14.09.1943-13.12.1943
T/Maj. 14.12.1943-02.11.1947, 10.04.1948-25.01.1949, 01.04.1951-30.06.1952
Maj. 01.07.1952
T/Lt.Col. 04.08.1960-05.04.1961
Lt.Col. 06.04.1961 (retd 08.11.1969)
Distinguished Flying Cross DFC 16.08.1945 NW Europe (Rhine crossing) [recommendation available upon request]
Mention in Despatches MID 22.03.1945 NW Europe
Silver Star (United States of America) SSM 14.11.1947 NW Europe [recommendation available upon request]
Education: Cheltenham College (09.1933-07.1937; 2b Middle-5b Military; Hazelwell House); Royal Military College, Sandhurst (1937-1939).
01.07.1939     commissioned, The East Surrey Regiment
1939 - 1945 served in France & Flanders 1939-1940, North Africa & Italy 1942-1944, NW Europe (Normandy, Arnhem, Rhine Crossing) 1944-1945:
1941     attached, Glider Pilot Regiment
22.12.1942 - 13.09.1943 Adjutant, ...
(09.1944)     Officer Commanding, E Squadron (No. 2 Wing), The Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem [wounded & evacuated])
04.02.1948     transferred, Royal Army Ordnance Corps
01.01.1963 - 08.06.1966 Assistant Director of Ordnance Services (Air), AACC, Southern Command
Christopher Compton Michael
C.C.M. James

C.C.M. James
Son (with three brothers and one sister) of William Warwick James, FRCS (1874-1965), and Ada Louisa Mary Froud (1873-1948), of Park Crescent, London W1.
Married 1st (23.12.1946, St Marylebone district, London) Muriel Macintosh Johnstone (29.09.1921 - 09.02.1964), daughter of John Johnstone (1892-1968), and Catherine Ritchie Gloag (1895-1974), of Perth; one son, one daughter.
Married 2nd.

St Marylebone district, London
Camden district, London
Lt. 29.05.1943 [279329]
WS/Capt. 29.05.1944
WS/Maj. 31.08.1946 (reld 1947)
T/Lt.Col. 31.08.1946-(04.1947)
Mention in Despatches MID 20.09.1945 Arnhem 09.44
Education: Marlborough College (05.1924-07.1927; Preshute House); Magdalene College, Cambridge University (1928-1935; MA; attained tripos in natural sciences); St Mary's Hospital (MRCS Eng , LRCP Lond 1940); PhD (Edin.) 1948; FRCS Ed. 1943.
29.05.1943     commissioned, Royal Army Medical Corps [emergency commission]
? - 20.03.1944 Military Hospital, Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
20.03.1944 - 25.09.1944 General Duties Surgeon, 181st Airlanding Field Ambulance (UK, Arnhem [captured])
25.09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 140305) in German captivity (Stalag VII-A, Moosburg an der Isar, Bayern; liberated from a POW camp at Freising, north of Munich)
Surgical registrar at Royal Cripples' Hospital, Birmingham, 1947-1950. Consultant orthopaedic surgeon & honorary lecturer, Newcastle University Group Hospitals, 1950-1976. Fellow Royal Society of Medicine, 1945. Fellow British Orthopaedic Association.
: medical works, such as Spinal dysraphism: spina bifida occulta (with L.P. Lassman; 1972); Spina bifida occulta : orthopaedic, radiological and neurosurgical aspects (with L.P. Lassman; 1981).
Literature: N. Cherry, Arnhem surgeon : the story of Captain Michael James of 181 Airlanding Field Ambulance RAMC, September 1944 (2010).
Edmund David
E.D. James
Son of Capt. Augustine Edmund Lee James (1874-1964), and Ella Maxton Browne (1889-1979), of Penally Abbey, Pembrokeshire.

West Derby district, Lancashire
(KIA) [age 26]
[Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, 6.D.19]
2nd Lt. 26.01.1939 [85626]
Lt. 01.01.1941
T/Capt. 20.03.1941
Mention in Despatches MID 24.08.1944 Italy
Education: Royal Military College, Sandhurst (1937-1938).
26.01.1939     commissioned, The South Wales Borderers
(09.1944)     attached 4th Parachute Brigade (Arnhem [killed in action])
Ernest Albert
E.A. James E.A. James
Son of ... James, and ... Anderson.
Married ((12?).1939, Hitchin district, Hertfordshire) Dorothy J. Olney ((06?).1914 - ); one daughter.
Residence: (1944) Hitchin, (post-war) Ealing.

Bournemouth, Christchurch district, Hampshire
Ickleford, Hertfordshire
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 17.10.1942 [249180]
WS/Lt. 17.04.1943 (reld > 04.1946, < 08.1946)
Hon. Lt. > 04.1946, < 08.1946
MC 20.04.1944 Italy 09-11.43 [recommendation available upon request]
Mention in Despatches MID 24.08.1944 Italy 09-11.43
Mention in Despatches MID 28.02.1946 Arnhem 09.44 [recommendation available upon request]
Education: Westbourne School; Bournemouth Municipal College.
Worked in department stores.
1940     enlisted, The Royal Warwickshire Regiment
17.10.1942     commissioned, The Royal Warwickshire Regiment [emergency commission]
02.02.1943     transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
      8th Parachute Battalion
(09.1944) - 25.09.1944 Officer Commanding, 4 Platoon (B Company), 3rd Parachute Battalion (Arnhem [captured & escaped 26.09.1944])
26.09.1944 - 30.03.1945 evaded capture with the assistance of the Dutch Underground Movement, rejoining British troops 31.03.1945
Worked for the Prudential until 1975.
Bruce Carstairs
B.C. Jeffrey
Second son of Rev. Thomas Jeffrey, MA, and Caroline Spy, of Edinburgh.

Kelvin district, Glasgow, Scotland
[age 27]
[Ramleh War Cemetery, Israel, 7.E.18]
Lt. 21.08.1943 [291381]
WS/Capt. 21.08.1944
Education: Royal High School of Edinburgh (...-1937; Prefect; RHS Exhibition; XI; XV); Edinburgh University (Medicine, 1941; MB, ChB).
1942     joined the Army
21.08.1943     commissioned, Royal Army Medical Corps [emergency commission]
08.1944 - 09.1944 Resuscitation Officer, 181st Airlanding Field Ambulance (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 52890) in German captivity (Stalag IX-C, Mühlhausen, Hessen)
1945 - 03.03.1946 attached 6th (10th Battalion The Royal Welch Fusiliers) Battalion, 6th Airborne Division (Palestine [died in a swimming incident])
Eric Ronald
E.R. Johnson
[not 100% sure]
2nd Lt.
29.03.1941 [180224]
29.09.1942 (reld > 04.1946)
Mention in Despatches MID

commissioned, The South Staffordshire Regiment [emergency commission]

Administration Officer (HQ Company), 10th Parachute Battalion (Arnhem)

transferred, Parachute Regiment - Army Air Corps
Ronald Owen
R.O. Johnson (Photo courtesy of Mr Bob Gerritsen)
Mother's maiden name Chapman ??
(12?).1921 ??
Orsett district, Essex ??
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 18.09.1943 [293236]
WS/Lt. 18.03.1944
Capt. ? (reld 01.07.1959)
Hon. Capt. 01.07.1959
Efficiency Medal (Territorial) EM 07.11.1947 -
18.09.1943     commissioned, The Essex Regiment [emergency commission]
20.12.1943     transferred, Glider Pilot Regiment - Army Air Corps (26.03.1946 notification cancelled)
(09.1944)     Section Commander, E Squadron (No. 2 Wing), The Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem)
15.10.1952 - 01.10.1954 Regular Army Reserve of Officers - Class I - The Essex Regiment [short service commission]
01.10.1954 - 01.07.1959 Regular Army Reserve of Officers - Class III
General manager, Hoover Co., Vienna (Austria).
A.F. Johnston
2nd Lt.



commissioned into the RAC / East Surrey Regiment ? [emergency commission]

Section Commander, E Squadron (No. 2 Wing), The Glider Pilot Regiment (Arnhem)
Arvian David
A.D. Jones (Photo courtesy of Mr Tim Jones) A.D. Jones
also known as:
Arvian David
Son (with four sisters and three brothers) of David Egwys Jones (1876-1944), and Moyra Jones (1880-1962).
Married 1st ((03?).1942, Bucklow district, Cheshire / Lancashire) Barbara Dean; one son.
Married 2nd Kathleen Mary ... (died 07.12.2012, aged 86); three sons.
Residence: (1944) Hale, Cheshire.
Ffestiniog district, Caernarvonshire / Merionethshire
Worthing, West Sussex
Cadet ?
2nd Lt. 20.09.1941 [207851]
WS/Lt. 06.08.1942 (reld 04.08.1951)
T/Capt. 08.12.1943-(04.1944),
Hon. Capt. 04.08.1951
Mention in Despatches MID 20.09.1945 Arnhem 09.44
Efficiency Medal (Territorial) EM 18.06.1996 -
Edcuation: Llandovery College, Oxford University (1937-1939; BA (Hons)).
20.09.1941     commissioned, Royal Regiment of Artillery [emergency commission]
(09.1944)     Battery Captain "A", 1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA (Arnhem [captured])
09.1944 - 04.1945 POW (No. 624) in German captivity (Oflag 79, Braunschweig, Niedersachsen)
Groundnut Scheme Tanganyika 1947. Bunyoro Agricultural Co., Uganda, 1950-1953. Chief Agricultural Development Officer, Uganda Department of Agriculture, 1953-1959. General Manager, Farm Machinery (Distributors) Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya, 1959-1967. Managing Director of Farm Machinery (Distributors) Ltd., 1967-...
John Graham
J.G. Jones

also known as:
Graham-Jones, John
Son of ... Jones, and ... Burrell.
Married Vivienne; two sons, one daughter.


Bridgend district, Glamorgan
(died after a fall)
Newport district, Glamorgan / Monmouthshire / Shropshire / Staffordshire
18.10.1941 [211739]
18.10.1942 (reld > 04.1946)
Education: qualified at St Mary's Hospital, London, 1941; FFOM, MFCM

commissioned, Royal Army Medical Corps [emergency commission]

Secion Commander, 181st Airlanding Field Ambulance (Sicily)
Regimental Medical Officer, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment (Arnhem [POW])
Occupational health physician in the steel industry south Wales, 1946-1977.

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